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Darsh (Editor in Chief & Editorial Director)


NicerAbode is the brainchild of Darsh. He is an avid reader and likes to research topics and get to the juicy details. He has several years of expertise in home-improvement projects and likes to keep his team ready for every obstacle. On his off-days, he takes his daughters to swimming classes.

Henry (Senior Creative Director)

Henry @

With years of experience as an editor, Henry has written for DIY Magazine and other online publications. He loves entertaining readers with his witty humor and clever anecdotes. Let’s hear it from the man himself:

“As a father of three, I have had a lot of experience with parenting and am happy to share my knowledge on a wide range of subjects. I also love DIY projects and find it fun to fix up old furniture or update a kitchen.“

Ishaan (Creative Director)


Ishaan is the creative head at NicerAbode. He is the one responsible for all the innovative home-improvement solutions that we bring to our readers. Apart from being the mastermind behind creative ideas, he is an avid gardening expert with years of experience in botanical projects. On off-days, he loves to spend his time in the garden nurturing different plant species.

Murugan (Senior Editor)


Murugan is our interior expert. With a master’s degree in interior designing years of experience working in various home-improvement projects, you will be delighted to admire his work. He puts all his expertise into providing the best solution for our readers and is also our chief reviewer for different home-based products. Whether it is a laptop table or a weatherstriping solution, he is the one responsible for testing these products. If it passes his test, it makes its way for publication.

Shrusti (Senior Home Editor)


While Ishaan is our interior expert, Shrusti works tirelessly to improve your kitchen. She is an enthusiastic professional with a taste in providing the best solution for all your kitchen-based problems. She is an avid reader and has a keen eye for all the latest kitchen trends. From kitchen improvements to bringing the best home-improvement tips, Shrusti is the heart of NicerAbode.

Sana (Assistant Editor, Audience & Social Growth)


Our youngest member defies age in terms of ideology about home-improvement tips. At just 21 years of age, she has accomplished a valued position in our team. Despite being an assistant editor in the team, her input is valuable for the team and is also NicerAbode’s social maniac. She binds the relationship with our valued readers and is open to any suggestions and queries. Energetic, compassionate, idealistic – Well! These are a few words to describe her.

Why Trust Us?

We value our readers, and so our goal is to provide genuine and impartial solutions. Our team follows two golden rules, and that is to provide accuracy and value-for-money solutions for our readers. Here is how we implement it in our tutorials and reviews.


Apart from evaluating the accuracy of our articles, we work closely with qualified experts to provide valuable information. We run several fact-checking protocols and go through a rigorous editing process to ensure that we get it right. Even after publishing, our editors keep a close eye on the published content and perform periodic fact-checks to ensure that the information remains fair, accurate, and up to date.

In addition to periodic fact-checks, our team consults home experts to analyze our published and future contents. We invite and encourage readers’ opinions on our different published contents to provide any additional corrections and suggestions.

NicerAbode welcomes every input and works on delivering the best home-improvement tips.


We know the value of hard-earned money, and we will never want our readers to spend their money on products that will offer minimum usage. Our team handpicks and tests every product before recommending it to our readers.

We put every product through various tests and ensure that we spend days with the product before recommending it. If a product scores low in our test, we move on to the following product, and the cycle continues until we land on a product that is worth your money.

Apart from testing the products ourselves, we invite professionals and home experts for product analysis and insights. Get this: If a product fails in any of these tests, rest assured, we never bother to check them back.

Our mission is to find value for your hard-earned money, and if our expert team is not satisfied, we are not satisfied.

Affiliate Disclosure

Yes! We do affiliate marketing, and we may earn commissions when our readers purchase products through our links. However, every product featured on goes through several tests from our editorial team and home experts. Our readers are our priority, and we will never recommend products that fall short in performance.

The product listed on our site goes through editorial checks and various fact-check protocols. Consumer satisfaction comes first, and our advertising relationships and affiliate deals come second.

Editorial Independence

We produce our content independently and run several fact-checks to adhere to accuracy, integrity, and quality. You may find sponsored posts on our site, but the final input comes from our editorial team without any material or partnership influence.


Our readers’ integrity and privacy are among our top priorities, and we will never compromise on these aspects. NicerAbode maintains a strict privacy policy so that our readers enjoy complete protection of their views.