Best Trolley Bags Price Below 2000 In India Reviewed 2022

Regardless of where you go, you’re going to need a reliable trolley bag. There are many trolley bags available in India under ₹2000. A good suitcase or trolley bag is your best friend. A piece of luggage carries all of your essentials hassle-free. They are also compact, lightweight, and easy to carry.

The wide range of colours, designs, and sizes of the trolley bags available in India makes it hard to pick the right one. If you have a trip planned and are finding it hard to know the best trolley bags under 2000, you are at the right place!

This article on the best trolley bags in India is curated to give you a nudge in the right direction to make the perfect purchase.

Compare The Best Trolley Bags Under 2000

ProductKamiliant by American TouristerAristocrat Nile Carry-On Bag Verage Tokyo Spinner LuggageSkybags Cardiff Polyester DuffleSkybags Cardiff Polyester 63.5 cms
CategoryCabin LuggageSoft Carry-OnHard LuggageTravel DuffleTravel Duffle
WarrantyThree years international warrantyFive-years manufacturer warrantyThree-year international warrantyThree-year warrantyThree-year warranty
MaterialPolypropylenePolyesterABS plasticPolyesterPolyester

Top 4 Best Trolley Bags Price Below 2000 Reviewed

It is crucial to choose the best trolley bag to make your travel convenient. Hence, we have listed the best ones at an affordable price so that you can pick the one most suited for you. Take a look below!

Kamiliant by American Tourister KAM Kiza – 55 cm

When thinking of the best trolley bags in India, you have to consider Kamiliant by American Tourister KAM Kiza. The bag is 55cm and 36 cms x 24.5 cms x 55 cms. It comes in black, red, and blue colours. 

It is made with highly durable polypropylene material and is among the best trolley bags under 2000. It has a hard case, is waterproof, scratch and wear-resistant, and strong enough for long trips.

The trolley bag is light and has a capacity of 35 litres. It has a three-digit fixed combination lock, 360° rotating wheels, and a multi-step trolley handle. Moreover, it is resistant to extreme summer temperatures (38-65°C). 

What we like and don’t like about Kamiliant by American Tourister Kam Kiza


  • Highly durable and stylish design
  • Three-digit fixed combination lock
  • Multi-step trolley handle
  • Three years international warranty


  • The manufacturing material is cheap
  • No laptop compartment

Aristocrat Nile Carry-On Bag – 54 cms

Aristocrat bags are one of the best trolley bags price below 2000 in India. They are made in India and compete with imported brands with their top-notch quality. This is among the best trolley bags in India if you are a frequent traveller. 

Aristocrat builds this bag with highly durable polyester. 

It has a capacity of 38 litres which is ample space for a trip. The dimensions of this bag are 37 cms x 24.5 cms x 54 cms which are standard for trolley bags. Nile bags come equipped with an “expander feature” for extra packing space. A great feature of Nile is that it comes with corner guards to prevent wear and tear. It also has a number lock. 

One of the best trolley bags under INR 2000 has a valid five-year warranty from the date of purchase. 

What we like and don’t like about Artistocrat Nile Carry-on Bag


  • Affordable
  • Durable
  • Easy to clean – washable 
  • Number lock for security


  • Zippers are not smooth
  • Complaints of poor handle quality

Verage Tokyo Carry-on Trolley – 56 cms

Verage Tokyo 56 cms Grey Cabin/Carry-on Trolley 4 Wheels Hard Suitcase Spinner Luggage

Verage has been in the luggage business for over 40 years and still has top-notch quality. These trolley bags are made of ABS plastic, making them durable and scratch-resistant. ABS plastic is also dent-resistant as it pops back into place. 

Its weight is as light as a feather with a 43 litres capacity and has dimensions of 44 cms x 29 cms x 57 cms. Thus, the suitcase is easy to carry. 

The Verage Tokyo carry-on also has a retractable telescopic handle and spinning wheels to adjust to your height and allow easy movement. 

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It has two spacious compartments to store all your essentials in an organized manner. A side-mounted lock provides needed security. The 360° rotating wheels allow for easy movement and deliver stability. 

It comes in black and space grey colours and has a collapsible handle and two wheels at the opposite end. The simple design is sure to catch your eye and make you stand out. It has a laptop compartment to make your business trips smoother.

What we like and don’t like about this bag


  • Collapsible handle and spinning wheels
  • Laptop compartment present
  • Three-year international warranty


  • It is slightly expensive.

Skybags Cardiff Polyester – 52 cms 

Before buying any bag, you need to ensure its durability. Therefore, when you’re looking to buy the best trolley bags price below 2000, you cannot miss the Skybags Cardiff Duffle. The bag has 39 litres of capacity and has dimensions of 53 cms x 28 cms x 30 cms. 

The bag also comes with a butterfly lock ensuring premium security. It is also compact, has a collapsible handle, and a sleek design. It also has a side closure compartment.

Skybags Cardiff trolley bag is the perfect cabin baggage having adjustable straps and efficient wheels. While the premium features offer significant comfort, the bag’s stitching is not functional. It can lose its shape in a few months or a year. 

The bag comes with a 3-year warranty in case you face any serious issues. 

What we like and don’t like about this duffle bag


  • Sleek and compact
  • It comes with a butterfly lock as well as a push-button handle
  • Affordable
  • Easy to clean
  • Durable


  • Poor stitching quality

Skybags Cardiff Polyester – 63.5 cms

Skybags Cardiff duffel bag is well-known for its quality and endurance. It is made with polyester and can endure extreme pressure without damaging items. It has 56.8 litres capacity and has dimensions of 63.5 cms x 35.5 cms x 34 cms. 

It has extra pockets for better organization, two wheels, and a push-button handle. It also has sturdy zippers and twin grab handles. The bag stoppers at the bottom help provide the bag with the stability it needs and prevents abrasions. The butterfly lock safeguards essentials. 

These best trolley bags under ₹2000 are available at a low price. Skybags Cardiff Duffle bags are the best products in this price range. The polyester material has high durability and lasts for an extended period. 

What we like and don’t like about this Skybags bag


  • Made of high-quality polyester
  • Has enough space to fit in 7-10kgs of items
  • Can handle extreme pressures
  • It has a shoulder strap


  • Not water resistant 
  • Not laptop compatible

How To Choose From The Best Trolley Bags Under 2000 In India

The first thing to do before even considering buying a bag is to make a packing list. It will help you narrow down the choice of luggage you need. 


The most often used luggage is a backpack. It is used in every stage of life, regardless of school or a professional environment. Therefore, the best bags under 1000 include backpacks. 

They help you organize your essentials to the bare minimum and come in various colours, sizes, and brands. Do your research on the best trolley bags price below 2000 before you buy one. 


You can find many suitcases under 2000 INR while searching for the best trolley bags. They come with and without a trolley. They are ideal for storing oversized items. If you want a suitcase, it is best to choose among the best bags under 2000. 

Travel Bags 

This bag is ideal for anyone who is an avid traveller. These best bags under 1000 are beneficial as you can carry a wide variety of items comfortably. If you’re a hiker or like camping and trekking, travel bags or rucksacks are ideal for you. 

Factors To Consider When Choosing The Best Trolley Bags Under ₹2000

If you’re a backpacker, you might prefer having straps or pouches for sleeping bags, tents, and hiking poles. 

It is ideal for picking the best duffel bags under 2000 with an easily accessible laptop and electronics compartment if you travel for business. You might also like having a compartment with straps to keep your clothes presentable. 

Your purpose and place of travel can also play a significant role in choosing your luggage. Regardless of what kind of trolley bags below 2000 price you choose, these are the factors you should consider:

  • Luggage size
  • Features of the luggage
  • Luggage durability
  • Safety features of the luggage
  • Luggage price


The size of your best duffle bags under ₹2000 is a vital aspect when browsing for luggage online. If you’re planning an international trip or an extended holiday, it would be best if you picked a large luggage bag. A large suitcase is over 70cms. 

However, carry-on luggage is ideal for a short trip. Carry-on luggage is placed in the overhead compartment of a plane. It does not exceed 56cms and 7kgs. 

Number Of Wheels

Trolley bags are usually available in two options – with a set of dual wheels or singular wheels. A bag might have a total of four or eight wheels. If you want a bag with four wheels, the wheels have to be of exceptional quality and support the weight. 

Based on the information above, it is natural for you to infer that premium-quality luggage has eight wheels or two sets of wheels on every corner. They provide the necessary support, carry the weight, and are effective on all surfaces.  

Hard Or Soft

The exterior of the best trolley bags can be either hard or soft. Hard luggage offers more protection and usually is a better shock absorber. Shocks or rough handling of baggage is inevitable during long journeys. They also provide security against theft. 

Hard luggage exteriors do not have any outer pockets. Therefore, there is no risk of items being slipped into your baggage without you knowing. However, the downside of owning the best trolley bags under 2000 with hard exteriors is that they have reduced space than a duffle. 

TSA Lock

TSA stands for Transportation Security Administration. When travelling to the USA, the TSA agent will check your baggage for harmful substances. A bag with a TSA lock means that only the owner and the TSA have access to the bag, smoothening the immigration process. 

However, if the trolley bags do not have a TSA lock and require inspection, the TSA agent will end up damaging your lock and luggage. The price of a trolley with a TSA lock is higher than one without one.


  1. What is the full size of a trolley bag?

    Trolley bags are divided into sizes based on the compartment inside the suitcase. This space is measured in litres. Cabin suitcases or bags have an average capacity of 20 litres, whereas a large suitcase can hold about 100 litres.
    The different sizes of the trolley bags are:
    1. Cabin-sized (19-22 inches)
    2. Mid-sized (23-26 inches)
    3. Large (27-30 inches)

  2. Which trolley bag is better – hard or soft?

    Soft-sided luggage is beneficial as it’s lighter and can fit in tight spaces like the overhead compartment on a plane. Their flexibility also means there’s extra space for clothing and other essentials. Soft-sided luggage is ideal for short trips. 
    The downside of owning cheap trolley bags that are soft-sided is that they are unsafe and can rip easily. 
    Owning hard-sided luggage means you’re choosing safety. Such bags are made of high-tech plastics that are wear and dent-resistant.
    They protect breakables and offer protection to essential items from theft. They are also easy to stack, making them ideal for cruise ships and long trips. 
    The disadvantage of having hard-sided suitcases is that they scuff and scratch easily. A limited number of bags have outside pockets.

  3. Which brand is best for trolley bags?

    There are many choices out there today. Regardless of what you pick, make sure you know what you’re looking for. The purpose of the trips and the items you bring will impact your luggage choices immensely.
    It would be best to look for effective design, warranty, and quality of materials, zippers, wheels, space, price, and handles.
    Skybags and American Tourister are the most reliable trolley bag brands.


Summing Up

In conclusion, always remember to buy the suitcase that suits your purpose and budget. The critical thing to consider when looking for travel bags is the quality. You can spend thousands on a suitcase and be unsatisfied with it. 

However, you could spend under ₹2000 on a suitcase and use it regularly for over ten years. While good bags under ₹1000 are available, they do not have the same quality as the bags mentioned in this article. Choose wisely and travel safe!

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