How Many Songs Is 2,4,8,16 GB Capable Of? (Chart + Guide)

A memory card can boost your storage and help you store media content in a portable form factor. For instance, you can carry your music anywhere you want or enjoy them on multiple devices. 

However, one burning question that arises in everyone’s mind is how many songs is 4GB able to store.

The 4GB of storage on your device is able to store around 1,000 songs. The estimates depend upon various factors, and your memory card may hold more or fewer audio files, depending on these factors. 

You can refer to this table to understand how many average 4-minute songs you can store in memory cards of different sizes. We will evaluate this value based on MP3s with a 4MB average size and 128 kHz encoding.

SizeAverage 4-minute MP3s

What Factors Affect The Number Of Songs That Can Be Stored?

Audio files are digital information, and the best term to describe this information is bitrate. It determines audio fidelity, meaning a higher bitrate will ensure better audio quality than an audio file with a lower bitrate.

Bitrate can also influence file size, and it can make your audio files large or small depending on the information stored in them. In short, bitrate plays a crucial role in determining the size and quality of an audio file.

song per gb guide

Compressed, lossless, and uncompressed audio files

Audio files are similar to image files. For instance, uncompressed images contain the highest information, such as clarity and quality, the same as audio files. An uncompressed audio file will have better results and the highest bitrate than compressed audio files.

Audio files have three forms – compressed, lossless, and uncompressed, and each of them has its advantages and disadvantages. These audio files have different bitrates, and so the information stored in them may differ in size and quality.

Let us learn more about these audio files below.

  1. Compressed files – These audio files are the most miniature file format that you can get. While compressed files sound similar to uncompressed files, they remove information that may not be entirely essential. These files also have the smallest bitrate and many streaming sites, such as Spotify and Apple Music, employ them. AAC and MP3s are some of the popular formats of compressed files.
  2. Lossless files – Lossless files are a different version of compressed files but without the exception of lost information. They provide the perfect solution for reducing the size and retaining quality, which is excellent if you have a 4GB or 8GB memory card. ALAC, FLAC, and WMA are the popular formats of lossless files.
  3. Uncompressed files – They contain the highest information and require more storage space. They include PCM, AIFF, and WAV and offer the best sound experience.

Do audio formats and bitrate affect the sound quality?

Audio formats can be of different types, and bitrate depends on which audio format you choose. For instance, many streaming services like Apple Music use MP3s, ranging from 96 to 320kbps. As the bitrate employed by these streaming services is around 96 to 160kbps, listeners can stream effectively.

Likewise, a higher bitrate also does not matter if you are using hardware not capable of playing high-fidelity audio. You will require a quality stereo system to experience these high and low frequencies. 

However, as this guide is about storing audio files on memory cards, we recommend using the MP3 format that ranges from 96 to 320kbps. 

Frequently Asked Questions

🎡 How many songs can 8GB iPod hold?

If the average size of a song is 4MB, you will be able to store up to 1800 songs in an 8GB iPod.

🎡 How many songs can 8GB iPod Nano hold?

You can store up to 1900 songs in an 8GB iPod nano.

🎡 How many songs can 8GB USB hold?

8GB USB drives can store up to 1800 songs, depending on their size and format.

🎡 How many songs can fit on 8GB MP3 player?

An 8GB MP3 player can store up to 2000 songs. However, this number may be more or less, depending on various factors.

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