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Does Ace Hardware Price Match With Amazon, Walmart + More

If you’ve been to hardware stores for some issue or the other, you have definitely heard about Ace hardware. It is a hardware retailers’ cooperative based in Illinois in the United States.

Ace hardware specializes in hardware products, including paints, home improvement products, and tools. With around 5000 stores around the world, Ace hardware is the second-largest dealer-owned cooperative in the United States and continues to grow every day.

With a solid consumer base and a wide range of product stocks to choose from, Ace has become a trusted brand name. They also offer a host of services like key cutting and duplication, car maintenance, etc. They also have a community-centric approach to their merchandise selection, which makes them preferable.

Ace usually has affordable prices; however, many people look for price matching while shopping. Ace hardware stores are not all independently owned; however, many stores are willing to offer price matching. Price matching depends on the specific store you may refer to and if the manager offers price matching for the products.

Does Ace Hardware Price Match Other Stores

Ace hardware is a retail cooperative- meaning its only shareholders are its store owners. It is a unique business model where the franchises do not have to pay a royalty to the corporation. They also get to own a portion of the profits that the corporation earns every year.

Ace’s business model is based on the actual stores having a greater say in their policies than the corporation. This means that you will not be able to find price matching in all Ace Hardware stores; however, some specific stores may offer a price match.

Some Ace hardware stores may offer a price match regarding identical products with their competitors. The only caveat is that it has to completely match the product at their store in terms of brand, quality, size etc. Ace, however, does offer price matching on its own items- both online and in stores.

However, in terms of a blanket price match policy that covers all their stores- there is none. The table below shows the stores that Ace Hardware might price match with; however, it does not refer to all Ace Hardware stores.

Store NameWill Ace Hardware Price Match
True ValueYes
Home DepotYes


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What Is The Process To Avail Price Matching At Ace Hardware

When you find a product that is identical and priced lower at a competitor store, some participating Ace hardware stores will happily price match the product.

It has to be similar in brand, quality, and other features; at the same time, you also have to inquire with the manager if the item is valid for a price match.

You will need to bring proof of the item, either a phone screenshot or a printout of their website, and the store manager will need to verify that with the competitor store. No price matching is done without live proof. After verifying, the store should offer you a reduced price for a better deal.

Does Ace Hardware Price Match?
Does Ace Hardware Price Match?

What Are The Caveats In Availing A Price Match From Ace Hardware

There are a few caveats in availing a price match from Ace Hardware stores. Though some stores might readily offer price matching, they also don’t always do so.

Some Ace stores do not offer price matching, while those that offer have a few caveats. They do not include all their products for price matching; items that are low on stock will be kept out of this criteria.

Similarly, items offered at sales, clearances, special discounts, or public holiday offers like Thanksgiving or Easter do not fall under the price-matching criteria. Ace definitely will not provide a price match for any kind of damaged items.

Can I Price Match After Purchase

Participating Ace hardware stores do offer a price after purchase of an item. It is then called price adjustment.

The proper procedure is to return the item to the specified store within a specific time window (say 30 days, for example) to be eligible for a price match. Check with the store manager for more information and verification.

After the item is verified, you might get a refund amount depending on the product. Again, the store manager has the final day in cases of price adjustment too.

In case of an item bought from Ace online, you have to visit their customer service portal or hotline and provide all the purchase details within 30 days. After approval from a supervisor, they should refund you the difference.

Other Things You Should Know About Price Matching at Ace Hardware

Does Ace Hardware Price Match Online

Ace hardware doesn’t offer price matching in all its stores, but they do offer price matching online. They also offer price adjustments online, depending on the product.

Does Ace Hardware Price Match Amazon

Ace hardware does not price match big giants like Amazon; however, they do price match their own items- both in stores and online.

Does Ace Hardware Price Match Lowes And Walmart

Ace hardware offers price matching on its own products, along with price adjustments. Also, Ace doesn’t have a blanket policy about price matching with competitors; however, some stores might be willing to do so. You will need to check with your local store to get it confirmed.

What Is Price Matching

Price matching literally refers to the practice of comparing prices in a competitive market. In today’s age of multiple retail and online stores to choose from, it becomes crucial to compare the prices of products so that you don’t get charged too high.

Especially in the e-commerce industry, price matching is an increasingly growing term with consumers. Since you and I wish to be served with affordable quality products, we hop from site to site and shop to shop to be the judge of that.

Companies have taken advantage of this, now offering price matching and having built their price matching policies. This helps gain loyalty from their customers and also sell their products better.

TL;DR – Does Ace Hardware Price Match

Price matching is one of the most significant advantages retail giants have adopted. Ace hardware, being one of the largest retail cooperatives, doesn’t have a universal policy on the same.

For Ace, it is the franchises that hold the most power and have the final say in the operations of their store. A few stores are happy to offer price matching- though the items have to be identical, and you have to give proof of the prices.

After a quick verification, you should be suitable for a refund or even a price adjustment if you have already bought your item.