5 Disadvantages Of Chimney In Kitchen You Should Know About

Kitchen Chimneys are gaining popularity in India, as people start to realize that fumes are not suitable for health. This is especially true for those who have sinus problems, such as asthma or sinus issues. Chimneys are installed near the kitchen and release smoke out of the house instead of trapping it inside.
While one may think an appliance such as a kitchen chimney only has advantages, prospective buyers should also be aware of some disadvantages of chimney in kitchen.

1. Kitchen Chimney and Chimney Filters Are Hard To Clean

One of the disadvantages of a chimney in the kitchen is that it can be hard to clean. Chimneys Filters usually have a tiny gap, which means that it can be hard to wipe the entire surface.

While efficient for trapping exhaust fumes, this design can make cleaning filters a bit tricky as one may not know what they’re looking at or wiping out.

2. Kitchen Chimneys Occupy Space

Another disadvantage of kitchen chimneys is that these appliances take up space in your kitchen. If you are wondering that all appliances occupy space, then you would be correct.

But kitchen chimneys are different. For effective operation of the chimney, the chimney must be placed no more than 6ft away from the gas stove. This position may lead to uneasiness since there is always an appliance hovering over your head while you cook.

3. Kitchen Chimneys Make A Lot Of Noise

Kitchen chimneys work by exhausting gases from the stove. This function needs some suction motor. Depending on the make and model of the chimney, you may have to put up with a constant buzzing sound whenever someone cooks with your stove.

4. Chimney Installation Is Tricky

People usually install a chimney without taking into account how wide it needs to be. This oversight often leads to issues where there isn’t enough room for the chimney. An expert should install a chimney so they can make sure they are installing it in the right way and with the correct measurements.

5. Kitchen Chimneys Are Ugly (Sometimes)

If your kitchen isn’t designed with a chimney in mind, be prepared for ugly ducting sprawling across your kitchen. In such cases, kitchen chimney installation leaves your kitchen unsightly.

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