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Are Soy Candles Safe for Cats? Are They Toxic?

Have you ever lit up a scented candle in your room, only to discover your cat coughing a few minutes later? Or worse, trying to knock down the burning candle straight off the table?

I don’t know about you, but it seems that cats are NOT friendly toward scented candles. Especially if the candle is burning in a closed room. It doesn’t really take long for our furry pals to start coughing or hissing at the darn thing.

That’s a telltale sign that the candle you’re using is toxic and harmful to your cat.

Most scented candles are fine, depending on the materials used. But there are some variations of scented candles that use paraffin, which could potentially cause some long-term damage to your cat.

Can Scented Candles Cause Seizures in Your Cat?

They absolutely can, and I learned this myself the hard way.

Scented candles are really nice to have around. They keep the room fresh and fragrant, which keeps my mood pleasant and calm.

I have been using scented candles for ages now, and I’ve never had any problems whatsoever. That is until I became a cat parent.

I didn’t notice anything strange initially, but I observed that my cat (Whom I named Peanut) didn’t seem to like my favourite brand of scented candles.

Things were fine for the most part during the days because that’s when I would keep all my windows open for ventilation. However, nighttime was a whole different story.

I had to shut all the windows at night because of the cold. So the smell from the candle would really get overwhelming eventually. That’s when I would see Peanut hiss and screech at the darn candle.

He would even climb all the way up to the table just to try and knock it down. Silly Cat, I would think to myself as I would simply place the candle somewhere out of his reach.

I only realised my horrible mistake a few days later when Peanut was suddenly hit with a seizure. Thankfully, I managed to rush him to the vet on time, and nothing serious or traumatic came from that experience.

I only learnt what caused the episode after the vet told me about the harmful effects of candles made with paraffin and essential oils.

Essential oils can be really harmful to the respiratory system in felines and canines. It can also cause lethal damage to the liver, resulting in seizures and even death in the worst cases.

I was stupefied. Needless to say, I don’t use candles made from paraffin or essential oils anymore.

And by the way, the harmful effects of paraffin wax aren’t limited to cats and dogs. Research shows even human beings, are susceptible to its effects.

So it would really be in our best interest to avoid using candles made from these toxic materials.

are soy candles safe for cats
are soy candles safe for cats

Are Soy Candles Toxic to Cats?

So now that we’re aware of the ill effects of paraffin wax, the natural thing to do is look for an alternative.

So far, the only viable alternative to paraffin candles which is safe for both your cat and yourself, is organic wax candles. This includes candles made of beeswax or coconut wax.

So that leaves us with the question of the hour, are soy candles bad for cats?

Absolutely not; it’s the opposite. They are totally safe for your cat to inhale. But why is that?

Soy candles are also organic by nature and do not burn using any essential oils or paraffin. They don’t spread the air with harmful chemicals when they’re burned. Instead, all emissions that come out of soy candles are 100 % safe and clean.

So the next time someone asks the question, ‘ Are soy candles safe for cats?’, you tell them yes, it absolutely is.

Other Waxes That Are Safe for Cats

Any kind of wax that doesn’t release harmful pollutants and chemicals into the air is generally safe for cats and other pets.

These can be organically made wax such as vegetable-based wax, Beeswax, and soy wax. These alternatives are safer for the feline respiratory system and shouldn’t cause any negative effects when inhaled by your furry friend.

Another thing to note is that candles made from organic materials typically tend to burn and last longer compared to Paraffin wax candles. Now that’s something to think about.

Other Questions You May Have About Wax and Cats

Are Soy Wax Melts Safe for Cats?

It’s safe for your cat if it is a natural soy wax melt that doesn’t contain any dyes or paraffin.

Are Soy Blends Candles Safe for Cats?

Soy blend candles are safe for cats as long as they do not use any paraffin or essential oils.

Are Coconut Wax Candles Safe for Cats?

Coconut wax candles are organic and do not contain any paraffin or other harmful chemicals. It is absolutely safe to burn coconut wax candles around your cat.

Are Beeswax Candles Safe for Cats?

Beeswax candles are organic and don’t contain any harmful chemicals like paraffin. They are considered safe to use near your cat or other pets.

Are Soy Candles with Essential Oils Safe for Cats?

The verdict is a 50-50 split on this one. While Soy candles do not contain any harmful chemicals, they can cause harm to your cats if they are used too much.

Inhaling a small dose of the scent from these types of candles might not be harmful; however, if inhaled in large chunks, it can definitely cause some damage to your cat’s respiratory system and liver.

Are Scented Soy Candles Safe for Cats?

If the candle does not contain any paraffin, it should be safe for your cat to inhale.

TL;DR – Are Soy Candles Safe for Cats

Despite often being tenacious, cats are actually very fragile creatures when it comes to health and overall wellbeing. This is something that first-time cat owners (like me) are often unaware of.

That’s why it’s up to us, the cat parents, to take any kind of preventive measure to ensure their well-being.

As for whether or not Soy candles are safe, don’t worry; they are absolutely safe indeed.