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Explained – Are Soy Candles Bad For Dogs

Scented candles, anyone? They smell fantastic, and they have benefits such as lowering blood pressure, stress, and many more glorious effects on our mental and physical health. Who can resist a lovely and calming ambiance together with a wonderful smell?

However, as much as we crave the benefits and the fantastic aroma, scented candles and dogs have a long history of debate on whether lead wick, paraffin wax, or synthetic oil are harmful to our babies.

I guess it is. Although unclear, it is said that scented candles do have the potential to cause even us human beings harm. Since the chemicals from paraffin wax and synthetic fragrance come from petrochemicals, which have a lot of side effects, they are released into the air when they are lit.

As full-time pawrents, it is our responsibility to keep in check or be knowledgeable about what is safe and what is not for our pets. Since dogs cannot speak, it is in our best interest to make sure nothing we do brings them harm.

In this article, we take you on our in-depth research on whether soy candles are safe for dogs and everything you need to know on scented candles vs. our dogs.

Are Soy Candles Toxic to Dogs

While scented candles may give fantastic aromas, they have the potential to harm your dog or you. It is best to avoid them since it is very uncertain.

On the other hand, soy candles are safe since it is made with natural soy wax blend and always stick with wicks made of 100 percent organic cotton for a long-lasting and safe burn.

Since non-GMO soy wax contains nothing artificial, it is always a better alternative than scented candles that uses paraffin wax and other chemicals. As such, with the additional protection, soy wax also helps keep your home smelling nice.

So, are soy candles bad for dogs? Without a doubt, the answer is No.

On a side note, dogs have sensitive noses, so there are chances of the scent irritating their nose, and the possibility of eating the candle thinking it’s a snack might be a problem for you. 

Apart from the danger of an upset stomach, your dog will be okay, but we advise you to follow and practice safe candle-burning procedures to avoid any discomfort your dog might come at a risk to.

Can Scented Candles Cause Seizures in Dogs

Watching our furry friends experience seizures will never be a good sight, nor is it good for our hearts. It’s terrifying, and most of us in that situation are unsure about what we should do to help them.

Multiple reasons might cause a dog to experience a seizure, and we think scented candles are a part of it. There are plenty of harmful substances to dogs, maybe all over the house or outside in our backyard. 

The less common triggers for seizures in dogs would be perfumes, loud music, anxiety, and scented candles. But it is not safe to rule out the possibility of scented candles harming your furry friend, who is known to have seizures. 

It would be best if you always ruled out all possibilities by consulting with your vet before deciding on the cause that is triggering your furry friend’s seizures and dealing with it accordingly.

are soy candles safe for dogs

Other Waxes That Are Safe for Dogs

Sticking to scented candles after realizing that there might be possible health deteriorating factors present in them for you and your dogs will forever be the wrong approach. With pets come responsibilities, and we have to always put them first. So what are the best alternatives other than scented candles?

Beeswax Candles

Are Beeswax candles safe for dogs? Absolutely, not only for your dogs but for you as well. One hundred percent Beeswax candles might be a great alternative to any synthetic candles. 

The natural component in Beeswax candles has tons of benefits. They burn longer, work great in pulling toxins from the air, create a cleaner environment for you and your dog, and have calming effects without any side effects.

Also, Beeswax candles do not come with added colorings or fragrances, and all Beeswax candles come with pure organic hemp wicks.

Coconut Wax Candles

Are Coconut wax candles safe for dogs? Coconut wax candles come soot-free making them environmentally friendly. Coconut wax is made from a process known as hydrogenation which is the transformation of coconut oil into the wax.

The candle wax of the Coconut candles is odorless so that it might be a better alternative for your dog and his sensitive nose.

Soy Candles 

Non-GMO Soy candles are safe for you and your pets since they are 100 percent organic but are soy candles with essential oils safe for dogs? It is not scientifically proven that essential oils are harmful to dogs, but some dogs may be sensitive to their smell. 

Sticking to Non-GMO organic Soy candles is safer for you and your dogs.

Other Things You Should Know About Candles and Dogs

Are Soy Wax Melts Safe for Dogs?

If you have a Non-GMO 100 percent organic Soy candles, they may not be toxic, but always make sure your dogs do not consume any and all candles or wax melts.

Are Scented Soy Candles Safe for Dogs?

Soy candles are made naturally and organically from vegetable oil (soybeans), so they do not need chemicals to scent them, unlike candles with paraffin which are toxic to us and dogs.


Keeping your dog’s health as your priority is always expected as a pawrent. Even though there is simply no evidence that leads to this theory, it is always better to be safe than sorry.

Since the chemicals present in paraffin and the likes are harmful not only for your dogs but also for you, sticking with less toxic and 100 percent organic candles is a better choice if you must have one. 

Always consult your vet before you rule out any possibilities if you feel like your dog is at risk.