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Are Wax Melts Safe for Cats? You’d Think So

Anyone owning a pet would love using wax melts for fragrance. Wax melts are small pieces of wax that can be melted in a warmer. It makes your room fresh and welcoming.

Maintaining an aroma-filled room will make you and your guests feel fresh. But have you ever doubted if wax melts were safe for you? Or, if you own a cat, are wax melts safe for cats?

We might like the fresh smell in our room, but we should also consider if it is suitable for our cats. Let us look at the effects of wax melts and how safe they are for our cats.

At A Glance: Are Wax Melts Safe For Cats? A Brand Comparison

BrandSafe for Cats?
Just Makes ScentsYes
Yankee CandleYes
Pet HouseYes

Are Wax Melts Toxic for Cats?

Yes, wax melts are toxic and may not be safe for your cats. Wax melts make use of a sweet smelling chemical called Benzene, which is known to cause respiratory problems not only in cats , but also in humans. A curious cat might also lick or ingest the wax melt, which poses further health risks.

Benzene and other chemicals present in wax melt may cause breathing or respiratory issues – sometimes even triggering an asthma attach in your cat.

Your cat might also be allergic to allergens present in wax melts. You can always find allergens present in the product packing and avoid buying anything that may cause an allergy to you and your cat.

You should be cautious about what type of wax melts you are using so that it does not prove harmful to your cats. I recommend using natural wax, like soy wax, to prevent chemical poisoning.

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Is a Wax Warmer or Burner Safe for Cats?

Wax warmers can be both safe and unsafe for cats. Why?

A wax warmer is flameless and emits no smoke, so it can be considered safe for cats because there’s no harmful fumes to inhale. But some wax melts contain chemicals, and when you burn them on a wax burner, they might harm your cat’s health.

So inherently a wax warmer is not unsafe, but it also depends on the quality of the wax melt you use with it.

Also, if your wax warmer is electric and has no flame, it might be safer for your cats since there are fewer chances of a burn if they accidentally knock over it. Some wax warmers are also touch-friendly, and they work by heating up just enough to melt the wax and not too hot to burn your cats or your skin.

Are Soy Wax Melts Safe for Cats?

Waxes made of soy wax are quite toxin-free and are safe for your pets. Soy wax is free from dyes, paraffin, and other harmful contents.

If possible, you should try using wax melts without paraffin as it can be detrimental to you and your cat.

Soy waxes are natural and safe for the environment as well. While using any wax melt, even if it’s organic, make sure to use it in a place with good ventilation.

are wax melts safe for cats
are wax melts safe for cats

Are Yankee Candle Wax Melts Safe for Cats?

Some Yankee candles are made up of soy wax, while others are made of paraffin. But the paraffin used here is a refined form of paraffin and thus is non-toxic.

Even though they are toxins-free, they burn with a flame since they are candles and thus may be dangerous if your cat sits beside them. Therefore if you use a Yankee candle or any other candle, you should place it where your cat cannot reach.

Also, make sure the Yankee candle you chose does not contain essential oils as it might harm your cat’s health.

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Which Wax Melts Are Safe for Cats?

Soy, beeswax, or veggie-based waxes are considered very safe if you own a cat. Since they are organic, they do not contain toxins and are much safer for your cat, and they also burn much longer than other waxes.

One thing you should know about cats is their sensitivity to smell. Hence, if you want to use a wax melt, go for something that has less fragrance for your cat’s sake.

Are Wax Melts with Essential Oils Safe for Cats?

Essential oils like eucalyptus, peppermint, tea tress, etc., are harmful to your cats. But it might not be a big problem if used in a wax warmer. But anyhow, you better not take the chance and instead use organic wax melts.

As naughty and playful as a cat can get, there will be a danger if the oils come in contact with its skin. If you, however, still like using essential oils, opt for safer oils like jasmine, rose, or lavender oils.

Are Lavender Wax Melts Safe for Cats?

Lavender is an essential oil used in wax melts, and it can be pretty safe for your cats. But Lavender as a plant contains a small amount of linalool which can prove toxic for cats. However, if used in a wax warmer, it can be quite safe.

Are Peppermint Wax Melts Safe for Cats?

Peppermint wax melts are toxic for your cats and should be avoided. They can cause skin problems to your cats and will be harmful to their health if consumed by mistake. So it is always safer to refrain from using wax melts that contain peppermint.

Are Eucalyptus Wax Melts Safe for Cats?

Wax melts which contain eucalyptus oils can be harmful depending on their concentration. It is, however, sensitive to cats and might cause illnesses like vomiting or diarrhea if consumed by mistake.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Better Home and Gardens Wax Melts Safe for Cats?

Better Home and Garden wax melts are usually made from paraffin wax. This means they will cause respiratory problems in you and your cat.

Are Febreze Wax Melts Safe for Cats?

Febreze candles or wax melts are not harmful to be used at home, even if you have a cat. Be careful that your cat does not make direct contact with the candle wax since they might be sensitive to it.

Are Scentsy Wax Melts Safe for Cats?

The Scentsy wax melts contain paraffin and thus might be dangerous for your cats. They do use refined paraffin, but it cannot be a guarantee that it is safe for your cat.

Are Walmart Wax Melts Safe for Cats?

Walmart offers a variety of wax melts from many brands. The dangers of wax melt on your cat depending on the kind of wax is used. Avoid anything that is made from paraffin wax or refined paraffin wax. Avoid essential oil based paraffin wax.

If you don’t want to compromise your cat’s health, go for a pet-friendly product.

Are Pet House Wax Melts Safe for Cats?

As the name suggests, the Pet House wax melts are all pet-friendly and safe even for your cat. The products do not contain paraffin or fragrances and thus are safe for your cat.

Are Glade Wax Melts Safe for Cats?

They might not be very harmful, but they also cannot be termed non-toxic, especially for your cats. Glade products mostly contain paraffin and fragrances and might be unsafe for cats.

Wrapping Up: Are Wax Melts Safe For Cats

In conclusion, we can say that wax melts are somewhat harmful to cats even if it is made of organic ingredients because cats are sensitive animals. It would be nice if you knew what your cat is sensitive to before buying a wax melt.

Although some wax melts are made from organic ingredients, they should still be used with care. It would help if you always used a wax burner in an open room with lots of air to pass.

Also, don’t use wax burners daily, but once a week will be enough. You can safely use wax burners and enjoy the aroma with proper precautions.