Can Party Hats Be Recycled? (+Epic Reuse Ideas)

If you consider disposing of your party hats, you may be thinking: can party hats be recycled?

Party hats are typically made at home using recyclable materials, so recycling shouldn’t be a problem. Party Hats are generally made using paper, plastic bags or bottles, tarp, fabric, yarn, or other recyclable items. 

Nonetheless, the good part is that you can always get creative and reuse them in several ways. 

We have some helpful tips for you, and we will provide you with party hats recycling/reuse ideas in this article to help clear your doubts.

How to Recycle or Reuse Party Hats?

Instead of stashing them away in your house to collect dust or mold, the best thing you can do is recycle, or dispose them. Besides, you can customize and reuse them as a piece to complete your Halloween costumes.

Or, as an alternative, you can go for different party hats repurpose ideas by adding beads, buttons, or other embellishments to give them a unique and trendy look.

Also, you can donate to schools, theatres, thrift stores, and drama clubs so your worn party hats end up in a new home.  

What Do You Do with Old Hats?

Are you concerned about what to do with your old hats?

First off, you can reuse most old hats rather than recycle them. Here’s some nifty ideas:

  • Save and reuse them to dress up your kids at plays, or use them to complement your Halloween outfit.
  • Keep and reuse them for Christmas when you and your kids build a Snowman.
  • Sell your chic and lovely old hats on eBay, Craiglist, or similar sites that accept used goods. 
  • Alternatively, donate your old hats to thrift shops, so they find some repurpose and end up with a new owner and home. 
  • Gather all your family’s old hats, from your husband’s baseball caps to your kids’ crochet hats or your fancy sun hats, and put them up for sale at your upcoming garage sale in your area. 
  • Or, browse online for some party hats repurpose ideas, and get creative by customizing your old hats and give them a stylish touch. Attach some ribbons, buttons, or fancy pins for a more feminine look. Or, go for a manly look such as cowboy hats or military caps. 

Customizing your old hats will make them stand out and attractive. Wait and see if your old hats catch the eyes of your neighborhood youngsters to wear for their following drama exhibits at school.  

You will be glad that your unused and unwanted old hats have found some use elsewhere. 


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Are Paper Party Hats Recyclable?

So, maybe you had bought or made paper party hats for your kid or colleague’s birthday party, and now you’re wondering, can party hats be recycled? 

Assuming that you made those party hats using recyclable materials, we can undoubtedly say that you can recycle them if they come with fewer or no non-recyclable items like glitter, foil, and beads.

But, before you recycle them, take off any embellishments or straps.

can party hats be recycled
can party hats be recycled

How to Recycle Hard Party Hats?

Surprising as it may seem, most hard hats are easy to recycle compared with other caps. 

Almost all hard hats are made using grade 2 plastic, making them comparatively easy to recycle. You can take them to a facility or any other recycler that accepts such plastic. 

About two years ago, the Associated General Contractors of America have conducted hard hat recycling occasions to team up with America Recycles Day. 

Can Mortarboard Hats Be Recycled?

A mortarboard refers to the tasseled, flat-top hat you wear at your high school/college graduation ceremony. And, now that it’s over and you have no use for it, you might probably want to dispose of it or like to recycle it. 

We have good news for you: you can recycle mortar boards via the Greener Grads program. This program takes reusable graduation hats and gowns and gives them for rental to anyone who doesn’t find the need to buy their graduation outfit. 

How to Make Recyclable Party Hats at Home

It is fun and easy to make creative and customized DIY party hats at home. However, ensure to use recyclable/reusable materials. You can get some of the fun party hat ideas online. Once it’s done, head to the store for supplies. 

Or, you can check out the following sites and purchase according to your needs:

Still, if you consider buying party hats made of recyclable materials, visit Tarp Hats. 

Wrapping Up Can Party Hats Be Recycled

So, can party hats be recycled? Yes! We hope our article here has helped you find the answer to your question.

And as we’ve discussed in this article, the options are endless!

You can use some of our party hats recycling/reuse ideas and party hats repurpose ideas the next time you think of recycling or reusing your old party hats.

Besides, the excellent part about party hats is that they are recyclable and eco-friendly and don’t contribute to environmental pollution.