8 Stores Where You Can Buy Swimsuits

Swimwear is an essential poolside or beach excellence that catches millions of impressions online each month. However, with a sea of alluring swimsuits floating on the internet, choosing one can be tricky, especially if you have no experience.

To help you in your quest, we have listed some of the best brands that offer swimwear in the industry. This list includes veterans and emerging brands that will leave you speechless with their elaborate bikinis to impeccable one-piece designs.

So before you drown in a sea of swimsuits, let’s get started.

Store NameDo They Sell Swimsuits?
TJ MaxxYes
Victoria SecretYes
Old NavyYes
Family DollarNo
Burlington Coat FactoryYes
Dollar GeneralNo
Hot TopicYes

Ross Stores

Ross Stores have been serving Americans since 1982 with its impressive line of fashion, home, and lifestyle products. This departmental store ensures organized, fun, and effortless shopping experience for its customers.

Quality – Ross Stores offer the latest styles from some of the best brands in the business. They negotiate with manufacturers to provide the best deals to their customers.

Cost – Ross Stores believes in delivering quality products at affordable prices. You will not witness any fancy decorations or fixtures in their stores, allowing them to make their products affordable.

Does Ross sell swimsuits? Yes. The store offers a wide range of fashion, home, and lifestyle products, including swimsuits.

TJ Maxx

TJ Maxx is one of the leading fashion and apparel retailers worldwide. The company has over 4,500 stores in 9 countries and 4 e-commerce websites.

Quality – TJ Maxx offers a wide range of high-quality fashion products at affordable prices. You can also get designer merchandise at lower prices, making them one of the best fashion retailers in the world.

Cost – Since TJ Maxx runs on a flexible business model, you can get fashion products from different countries at attractive prices. Additionally, their stores seek the correct categories with changing fashion trends, ensuring the latest products for their customers.

Variety – So does TJ Maxx sell swimsuits? You can get a wide variety of fashion products, including dresses, shoes, shirts, and swimsuits. Apart from fashion products, you can also get office supplies, kitchenware, and other home improvement items.


Marshalls is one of the leading off-price departmental stores owned by TJX Companies. It offers a wide range of high-quality products at affordable prices, including footwear, clothing, furniture, and bedding.

Quality – Marshalls offer high-quality products at attractive prices. This off-price retailer relies on a combination of price, brand, fashion, and quality.

Cost – Although Marshalls don’t run sales, promotions, or coupons, you can find exciting merchandise at affordable prices.

Does Marshalls sell swimsuits? Yes, they do! Marshalls offer various clothing products, including swimwear.

Victoria’s Secret

Victoria’s Secret is a reputed brand dealing in beauty, lingerie, and fashion accessories. The brand has been providing high-quality and trendy fashion products for many years.

Quality – Victoria’s Secret offers fashion products of top-notch quality worldwide. Whether you buy sleepwear, undergarments, or alluring lingerie, you will never get any compromise in style and quality.

Cost – Victoria’s Secret is a designer brand, and you can expect their prices to be higher than other brands on this list. However, the value that this brand offers will make you stand out in the crowd.

Does Victoria Secret sell swimsuits? Victoria’s Secret offers a wide range of fashion products, including swimsuits.

Old Navy

Old Navy is a part of Gap Inc and offers a wide range of products, including women’s clothing, sleepwear, shoes, and other fashion accessories.

Quality – Since Old Navy is a branch of Gap Inc, you can expect high-quality products from the brand. All their products go through various quality checks before landing at the online and offline stores.

Cost – Old Navy products come with an affordable price tag. Since the brand believes in customer satisfaction, they offer products at attractive prices. You can also reap benefits by shopping during their clearance sales or collecting reward points.

So does Old Navy sell swimsuits? Yes, they do! Old Navy offers an extensive line-up of swimsuits for standard and plus sizes.


Goodwill is an e-commerce auction site that allows users to list and auction different items, including apparel, collectibles, jewelry, and electronics.

Quality – Since Goodwill is an e-commerce auction site, you may sometimes get used or degraded products. However, the site ensures that the products listed on their website pass their quality check.

Cost – Goodwill’s website works like eBay, where you have to bid for the listed items. The bidding process can make or break a deal, so you cannot ascertain the exact cost.

Variety – Since Goodwill is an auction site, you can find new products daily. However, you may face difficulties finding your preferred product if no one lists it on the site.

So does Goodwill sell swimsuits? Yes, Goodwill lists and auctions swimsuits.

Hot Topic

Hot Topic is a company offering band-related accessories and apparel. You can find other merchandise and fashion accessories in their 600+ stores spread across the US.

Quality – Hot Topic rolled out in 1990 with a mission to deliver high-quality apparel to music enthusiasts. This passion grew with time, and you can find evidence of it in all of their present products.

Cost – Hot Topic sells most of its products at reasonable prices. However, you can use their promotional schemes like clearance sales to bag extra discounts on their products.

So does Hot Topic sell swimsuits? Yes, Hot Topic sells a plethora of products, including swimsuits.

Burlington Coat Factory

Burlington is one of the largest off-price retailers in the US, with over 730 stores. You can find fantastic deals at their stores on various brands throughout the year.

Quality – Burlington believes in offering complete satisfaction to its customers, so they offer high-quality products at affordable prices.

Cost – Since Burlington is an off-price retailer, you can expect prices to be at par with other rivals. Additionally, they run promotional events and other discount schemes to help their customer save money.

Does Burlington Coat Factory sell swimsuits? Yes. Burlington offers a wide range of products, including home essentials, apparel, dresses, shoes, baby items, beauty products, and swimsuits.


Target has been a merchandise retailer operating since 1962. The company has stores in all US states. They offer high-quality products at affordable prices, making them ideal for many customers.

Quality – Since Target promises to deliver high-quality products, you can expect top-notch offerings from the store. Whether you purchase groceries, toys, or women’s essentials, this store will never disappoint.

Cost – Target follows its tagline of expecting more and paying less, so all their products feature an affordable price tag.

Variety – You can find a wide range of products, including home items, electronics, furniture, beauty products, and swimsuits.

Does Target sell swimsuits year round? Yes, Target sells swimsuits throughout the year.

Family Dollar

NOTE: Family Dollar doesn’t sell swimsuits anymore

Family Dollar is one of America’s fastest-growing retailers. They offer a wide range of products, including household items, food essentials, apparel, and home fashion.

Quality – Family Dollars run well-organized stores that offer quality products to their customers. Whether you buy food essentials or fashion products, Family Dollar will never disappoint you.

Cost – Family Dollar is a budget-oriented store, and most of its products are below $10. Additionally, they have stores in many rural areas and small towns, making them an ideal retailer for everyone.

Variety – The store offers a wide range of products, including fashion, beauty, and health products. However, you won’t find any designer merchandise in their stores.

So does Family Dollar sell swimsuits? No, they don’t sell swimsuits in their stores.


Does Cato sell swimsuits? No, Cato does not have swimsuits in their stores.

Cato is a family-owned business that offers high-quality fashion products at low prices. The business has more than 1000 stores across America offering trendy styles for all shapes and sizes.

Quality – Cato believes in providing everyone with the look they deserve, so providing high-quality products is their top-notch priority. Whether you buy accessories, shoes, or jewelry, you have no quality issues with them.

Cost – Cato offers high-quality fashion products and accessories at lower prices. In short, there is something for everyone. You can also take advantage of promotional schemes like clearance sales to grab deals at affordable prices.

Variety – Cato offers many fashion products, including dresses, plus-sizes clothing, jewelry, shoes, and accessories.


NOTE: Maurices do not sell swimsuits.

Maurices is a reputed fashion and lifestyle store with branches spread across the United States. The store runs various discounts and schemes with their in-house credit card or staking reward points.

Quality – Maurices offers high-quality fashion and lifestyle products to their customers. Whether you buy boots, sweatshirts, jeans, or tees, you will never be disappointed with their product quality.

Cost – The store offers some of the best brands at attractive prices. Additionally, they run promotional and discount schemes, such as clearance sales, to help you save more. You can also collect reward points or use Maurices’ credit card to get more discounts.

Variety – Maurices offer many fashion and lifestyle products, including jeans, shoes, accessories, and plus-sizes clothing.

So does Maurices sell swimsuits? Although you can find intimates and sleepwear in their stores, they do not sell swimsuits.

Dollar General

Does Dollar General sell swimsuits? No, they don’t sell swimsuits. However, you can find swimwear for kids during seasonal sales.

Dollar General is a discount retailer that offers merchandise from different manufacturers. You can also buy their brand selections at affordable prices.

Quality – Dollar General stands for quality and convenience at attractive prices. Whether you purchase summer or winter wear, you will have no issues regarding their quality and comfort.

Cost – Since Dollar General ensures that they offer the best prices to their customers, most of their products are below $10. They also operate small neighborhood stores to make things convenient for their customers.

Variety – Dollar General offers a wide range of products, including seasonal items, consumable items, apparel, and home products.


NOTE: CVS does not sell swimsuits at their stores

CVS or Customer Value Stores is an American pharmacy chain offering a wide range of health and wellness products. They started operation in 1969 at Lowell, Massachusetts.

Quality – Since CVS stands to provide high-quality health products and services at affordable prices, you can expect attractive pricing for their offerings.

Variety – CVS offers a range of health and wellness products, including long-term care, preventative services, and care management.

list of stores that sell swimsuits

What Stores Have Bathing Suits Year Round?

Although many stores reshuffle their products according to seasons, you can find bathing suits at stores like Target, Macy’s, and Wal-Mart.

Although finding the swimsuit can be challenging, it can become effortless if you know where to start. We hope our list will help you decide better while choosing your next flawless fit.