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194 Fun Questions to Ask Your Partner

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Whether you are preparing for date night, a road trip, or you just want some fun questions to ask, we’ve got your back with this list of 194 questions that you can ask.

Not only does this list provide a fun question to ask your partner, but they help you get to know your partner and spend some quality time with them. You can get over a decade worth of knowledge in just a couple of hours with these questions!

Some of these questions are light hearted while others are deep questions, but you can pick the questions that work for you!

If you can’t wait to ask your partner these questions, get started!

Fun Games to Play With Questions on Date Night

Before you read the questions to ask, we’re going to review some of the games that you can play with these questions. These fun questions can be used in a variety of games on date night or on a long car ride.

Or, you can simply use them as fun questions to ask with your friend! Regardless of how you plan to use them, check out some of our fun games that you can play and ask your partner to put a fun twist on these relationship questions!

Two Truths and a Lie

These questions can give you lots of ideas for the game Two Truths and a Lie. You can pick three of the questions and give 2 honest answers and 1 lie. The other person has to guess which is the lie!

Drink If You Don’t Answer

A fun drinking game around these questions is Drink If You Don’t Answer. This one is pretty self-explanatory! If someone refuses to answer what could be an embarrassing question, they must drink!

21 Fun Questions

Need a good way to encourage involvement and break the ice? Play 21 questions. Each person gets to pick 21 questions to ask the other person and they must answer truthfully.

This or That

Does the question ‘What’s your favorite book?’ spark a debate between you two? If so, you can play This or That. This game is simple and just involves asking if they prefer one thing or the other.

A good example would be: “Lord of the Rings or Harry Potter?” or “Baseball or Football?”

Never Have I Ever

Does one of these questions spark a memory? If so, you can play Never Have I Ever! The person that has done the thing has to take a drink! This is a fun way to loosen up and have fun!

Date Night Truth or Dare

Truth or dare is a great game to play with these questions. For ‘Truths’, you can use one of the questions on the list. For ‘Dares’, use your imagination!

fun games to play with question on date night

194 Fun Questions to Ask Your Partner on Date Night!

  1. They’re holding a roast in your honor. Who is headlining the roast?
  2. Have you ever been caught in the act telling an embarrassing or white lie?
  3. If you could drive any car, what car would you choose?
  4. What is the best book you’ve ever read?
  5. What’s the best type of party to go to?
  6. What magazine would you like to be on the cover of?
  7. You get to invent a new Olympic event. What would it be?
  8. When home alone, do you shut the bathroom door when in use?
  9. Who was your favorite teacher from high school?
  10. Who is your favorite person to give a hug to?
  11. Your worst idea of a punishment would be touching _______ for 1 hour straight?
  12. Do you think there’s an afterlife?
  13. What attributes from your parents do you see in yourself?
  14. If you won the lottery how would you use the money?
  15. Would you rather be a painter, composer, or dancer?
  16. If you could have any superpower in the world, which would you pick?
  17. What is one thing in life you thought you’d love, but you ended up not liking it?
  18. Choose someone to read you a bedtime story tonight. Who would you pick?
  19. Would you choose to be a super hero or his/her love interest?
  20. Do you believe in aliens or ghosts?
  21. What is your favorite memory from your childhood?
  22. What person in your life do you wish you were closer with?
  23. You get to ban one chore from your life forever. Which one would it be?
  24. If you could be an expert in one subject, which one would you choose?
  25. Which fictional character would you choose to marry if you had to?
  26. What fictional place do you wish was real?
  27. If you could sit in the front row to any performance, which one would you choose?
  28. What is the funniest prank you’ve ever pulled on someone?
  29. You have to only watch one TV series for the next 10 years. Which one do you pick?
  30. Which of these items would you like to give up for a month? Beer or your iPhone?
  31. How did your last job compare to the worst job you’ve ever done?
  32. What’s your favorite memory of your pet?
  33. What physical trait do you admire about yourself?
  34. Who would you want to work for out of all of the historical figures?
  35. You get to transport yourself to one decade in history. Which one?
  36. Money is no object for the next 24 hours. What would you buy?
  37. Who is the best superhero?
  38. What’s a fear that you’ve overcome or want to overcome?
  39. What’s your favorite game to play?
  40. Are you more afraid of snakes or spiders?
  41. Which holiday is your favorite?
  42. What’s something that you’ve always wanted to do but haven’t worked up the courage yet?
  43. Would you rather live without chocolate or coffee?
  44. What’s a talent you would like to have?
  45. What’s the biggest deception you’ve ever gotten away with?
  46. What is your favorite tradition in your family?
  47. What style of art is your favorite?
  48. What’s your spirit animal?
  49. How would you pass the time in prison if you were sentenced to life in prison?
  50. What’s your least favorite month?
  51. Which athlete would you choose to be your own personal trainer?
  52. What’s the most significant award you’ve ever won?
  53. What would you like to learn how to build?
  54. What has been your favorite age so far?
  55. What outdoor activity do you want to try but are too scared so far?
  56. What’s something that you enjoy in secret?
  57. What was your least favorite subject in high school?
  58. Which past or present US history would you like to meet?
  59. What was your favorite childhood vacation?
  60. Who would you like to have dinner with?
  61. What is one historical event you wish you’d seen live and in person?
  62. Do you want to travel to space someday?
  63. What is something you want to see in real life some day?
  64. Have you ever stolen something?
  65. What is your favorite smell?
  66. What talent are you jealous of that other people have?
  67. What was your favorite toy when you were a kid?
  68. What grosses you out?
  69. Which game show would you most want to be on?
  70. If you could have tickets to any sports event, which one would you go to?
  71. Where would you go with a one-week all-expenses-paid vacation?
  72. What superpower is the worst?
  73. Who was your first kiss and at what age?
  74. If you could pick anything for a career what would you choose?
  75. Where were you born?
  76. Would you like to be famous or not famous?
  77. What’s a time that you totally changed your mind about an opinion?
  78. What was your favorite college course?
  79. Would you rather fly first class every time or have a limo drive you everywhere?
  80. What chef would you like to have cook a meal for you?
  81. Would you work for a non-profit some day?
  82. What’s your biggest fear?
  83. What’s your favorite smell?
  84. What hobby would be fun to do with someone else?
  85. What’s your favorite breed of dog?
  86. Chinese or Italian food?
  87. When’s the last time you cried?
  88. What was your favorite TV show as a child?
  89. What’s your favorite flower?
  90. If you had to remove one thing from your bucket list, which would it be?
  91. If you could wipe out an event from history, which one would it be?
  92. Who would you pick to be stranded on a desert island with?
  93. How did your parents meet?
  94. What funny misunderstanding did you have as a kid?
  95. Boat, plane, train, or car. How do you prefer to travel?
  96. What culture interests you the most?
  97. What’s your favorite game show?
  98. What’s the world’s biggest problem?
  99. What tattoo would you get?
  100. For your last meal, what would you choose?
  101. What famous person would you want to shadow for a day?
  102. Who would you be most excited to get a letter from?
  103. What’s your favorite beverage?
  104. What would you do with unlimited money?
  105. What is the most boring thing ever?
  106. Which body part do you want to be robotic?
  107. If you could be a professional athlete, which sport would you choose?
  108. What did you want to be when you were growing up?
  109. At what age did you find out about Santa?
  110. What is something you think is overrated?
  111. If you could learn to build/construct one thing well, what would you choose?
  112. Do you prefer the beach or mountains?
  113. What irrational fear do you have?
  114. What’s your favorite movie of all time?
  115. Are you named after anyone?
  116. What is totally underrated?
  117. What is your favorite memory together?
  118. What do you hope your legacy is?
  119. Do you have a bucket list?
  120. What is something you are grateful for?
  121. If you could change something about the way you were raised, what would you change?
  122. Are you your own worst critic?
  123. What is one invention you wish would get invented already?
  124. Tell me about the best boss you ever had.
  125. Which season is best?
  126. What smell, sound, or taste is nostalgic for you?
  127. Who do you pick to be your life coach?
  128. Which language do you wish you could speak?
  129. What would you change your name to if you had to?
  130. Which cartoon characters would you wear on your underwear if you had to?
  131. If you could be a curator of a museum, what type of museum would you choose?
  132. Which musician would you like to have play a song at your birthday party?
  133. What does the perfect day look like?
  134. What does everyone else think is normal that you think is crazy?
  135. What TV show was your absolute favorite when you were a kid?
  136. What item do you use on a daily basis that will probably be completely obsolete and forgotten about in 50 years?
  137. Which scares you more–skydiving or bungee jumping?
  138. What is something that every person should keep on them at all times?
  139. What is the most embarrassing moment of your childhood or growing up?
  140. Do you prefer the company of dogs or cats?
  141. What kind of tree is your absolute favorite kind?
  142. What’s your least favorite exercise? Your favorite?
  143. Would you rather live in a mansion but rarely see your family or a shack and always be around your family?
  144. What’s your most ambitious goal for the next 5 years in your professional or personal life?
  145. If you could be the owner of the world’s largest collection of anything, what item would you choose?
  146. Do you feel like you’re getting older? What are the signs?
  147. If you were deported from this country but could go to any other country, which country would you choose?
  148. If you could choose anyone to be your nextdoor neighbor, who would you choose and why?
  149. What do you hope your life looks like 10 years from now?
  150. What would you change your last name to?
  151. What world wonder is on your bucket list?
  152. If you could visit any site of historical significance in the world, which one would you choose?
  153. What late night show would you choose to be interviewed on?
  154. Which historical site or landmark would you like to visit?
  155. What accomplishment would you like to talk about?
  156. Who was your first crush?
  157. What’s the longest you’ve ever stayed awake?
  158. What type of drink do you have the most in a day?
  159. What’s a song that always cheers you up?
  160. What’s your biggest pet peeve?
  161. What’s the best thing you’ve seen at a circus?
  162. How many items are on your bucket list? How many have you finished?
  163. What was the worst movie you’ve ever seen or heard of?
  164. What realization did you come to as an adult that changed your perception of something from childhood?
  165. What food do you want to cook like Gordon Ramsey?
  166. What would be the worst superpower to have?
  167. Which celebrity would you rather have as your best friend if you ever met?
  168. What should you change your name to, if you had the chance?
  169. What’s one thing you think could make our relationship stronger?
  170. Who was your first celebrity crush?
  171. What’s your favorite nickname for yourself?
  172. What seemingly boring activity is on your bucket list?
  173. What’s one thing you look for in a new relationship?
  174. What’s the dumbest thing you’ve ever done?
  175. What is your love language?
  176. What would you spend one million dollars on if you only had 24 hours to spend it?
  177. What’s your idea of a perfect date?
  178. What are your guilty pleasures?
  179. What do you consider to be your greatest talent?
  180. Do you have any deal breakers in a relationship?
  181. If you could go on a year long vacation, where would you go?
  182. What is your first memory?
  183. What is your weirdest habit?
  184. What’s your favorite thing to do on date nights?
  185. What is your favorite song?
  186. Would you rather receive a million dollars or earn it?
  187. What is your secret talent?
  188. If you could eat one meal for the rest of your life, what would it be?
  189. What is your favorite meal to have when you go home to visit?
  190. When people ask for a good story, what is your go-to?
  191. When’s the last time you laughed so hard you cried?
  192. What are some red flags in a relationship or friendship?
  193. What was your favorite class in elementary school?
  194. What’s the best thing about your job?
fun questions to ask your partner
fun questions to ask your partner
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