11 Household Things That Are 10 Inches Long

Let’s clear the stats first – 10 inches equals 0.8333 feet or 25.4 centimeters.

We often find ourselves in situations where we have to measure things without using standard measuring equipment. While getting accurate assumptions for specific measurements can be tricky, many everyday items can help our cause.

This article will explore our homes and give a list of common/household items that are 10 inches long.

So without further ado, let’s get started.

11 Things That Are 10 Inches Long

things that are 10 inches long
Things that Are 10 Inches Long

1. Boner Knife

If you own a knife set, you probably have a boner knife sitting on your kitchen shelf, which is excellent for removing poultry or fish bones.

Although boner knives come in different sizes, the most commonly used boner knife size is 22 cm or around 10 inches. In short, boner knives are a perfect everyday item to determine what 10 inches look like.

2. Footwear

Footwear is an essential part of our everyday life, which means you may probably be wearing one while reading this article. For instance, if you wear a US size 8.5, your footwear measures around 10.125 inches, and likewise, UK size 8 or Euro size 41 share similar dimensions.


Although it may not be ideal to look down on your feet for measurement, it can give you a vague idea of what 10 inches look like.

3. Golf tees

Golf tees aid golfers in producing precision shots. While you can get golf tees with different lengths, a standard golf tee measures 2.1 inches tall. You can place 5 golf tees in a straight line to determine the length of 10 inches.

golf tees

4. Notebooks and Papers

In the US, a standard-sized notebook or paper measures 11×8.5 inches. Since a paper’s length is closer to 10 inches, you can determine what 10 inches look like. Visualize 1 inch shorter from the top or bottom to get your magical figure.

5. Apple iPad Pro

Electronic devices have standard dimensions, and one of the most accurate ways to visualize 10 inches is by looking at an iPad pro. The iPad Pro comes with a 9.8-inch height, almost identical to 10 inches.

In short, you can use an iPad Pro to determine the length of 10 inches. Other electronic devices also feature identical iPad Pro dimensions, expanding your alternate choices.

6. Paper Clips

A standard paper clip measures around 1 or 2 inches and is readily available in most homes. You can place 10 1-inch paper clips in a straight line to get an idea about what 10 inches look like. Likewise, you will require 5 paper clips to measure 10 inches if you have the larger variant.

7. Water Bottles

Although water bottles come in different sizes, a 10-inch container is commonly used due to their versatility and convenience. Companies produce bottles with précised dimensions, so using them to compare measurements will deliver accurate results.

Likewise, you can also use a 1-liter bottle to visualize 10 inches, as 1-liter bottles often feature a height of 11.2 inches.

water bottles

8. Pencils

Every home has pencils for multiple reasons, and while they can help you get creative, you can also employ their duties to measure sizes. For instance, the average height of a pencil is 7.5 inches, but you can also get 10-inch pencils with most pencil sets.


So an average-sized pencil is three/fourth of 10 inches, and all you have to do is visualize 2.5 inches more from the top or bottom.

9. Shin Guard

If you are into football, you probably have a shin guard in your home. Although shin guards come in different sizes, many prefer 10-inch shin guards to get more protection.

Since sports equipment features precise dimensions, you will get an accurate measurement of what 10 inches look like.

10. Quarter coins

An American quarter coin has a 1-inch diameter, perfect for comparing sizes. Since quarter coins are readily available in every home, you can place 10 quarter coins in a straight line to determine what 10 inches look like.

Likewise, quarter coins can also help you determine or give a conversion of 10 inches to other common units.

11. Adjustable wrench

An adjustable wrench helps you operate bolts of different sizes and allows you to reach delicate areas. Although adjustable wrenches are available in different sizes, a 10-inch wrench is standard in many houses due to its versatility and efficiency.

You can use a 10-inch wrench to compare other items taller or shorter than 10 inches. In short, a 10-inch wrench is a perfect household item to determine what 10 inches look like.

What Everyday Things Are 10 Inches?

Every home contains household items in various sizes. While there are standard dimensions for every item, many brands prefer producing different sizes to increase productivity.

For instance, 10 inches is a preferable size for companies, and you can find everyday items like boner knives, sports equipment, or electronic devices using this dimension as standard.

What Does 10 Inches Look Like?

If you consider general measurements, 10 inches is about half the size of a two-liter water bottle, two/thirds of a bowling pin’s height, two/fifths of a woman’s footstep, and one/third of a man’s footstep.

Final Thoughts

Although measuring things without appropriate tools can be challenging, you can make accurate assumptions if you know similar-sized objects. Our list contains 11 things that are 10 inches long either entirely or after some altercations, and we hope it has cleared your doubt about what 10 inches look like.


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