11 Household Things That Are 7 Inches Long

Determining the size of an item seems easier with a measuring tape or a ruler tape but difficult without them. And there would be times when you need to figure out sizes while out for shopping and other activities.

So, how will you determine the size of an item without a tape or a ruler? Perhaps we can be of some help as we list 11 things that are 7 inches long, and fairly common and popular in a household setting.

That way, you can figure out the size of an item when you don’t have a tape or a ruler with you.

Did you know?

7 inches equal 177.8 mm, or 17.78 cm.

Continue reading this article as we list popular items that are seven inches long, and give you an insight into the conversions along the way.

Household Things That Are 7 Inches Long

household things that are 7 inches long
Household things that are 7 inches long

You’d be surprised to know that multiple items are seven inches long, or incredibly close to it.

So, even without a measuring tape, you can estimate the size by looking at these things.

If you’re wondering what everyday things are 7 inches, please check the list below:


We know that some of you might raise your eyebrows after seeing this fruit on the list. Undeniably, a banana is available in different shapes and sizes. But do you know that a banana’s decent or regular size length is 7 inches? If you still have doubt, get a regular-sized banana from your nearest supermarket and measure it with tape or a ruler.

Two credit cards

A credit card’s standard size is 3.75 inches or 10 cm, and its width is 2.125 inches or 5cm. If you put two cards together in a row, they will come up to 17 cm or 6.675 inches long. It’s not exactly 7 inches, but closer, and that will give you an idea about the size.

credit cards

Seven Paper Clips

Paper clips are common stationery items we have come across at the office, school or house. So, do you know what the size of a paper clip is? The answer is 1 inch long or 3cm. If we do some calculations, putting seven paper clips in a straight line will be 7 inches long.


The next common item that is 7 inches long is a pencil. It’s an essential stationery item used for coloring, drawing and writing. Note that the pencil measures 7 inches before sharpening and when it’s new.


Two Crayons

If you have kids or children, you’re probably aware of what a crayon is. It’s a pigmented wax used for coloring and drawing, popular among children and the like. The standard length is 8 cm or 3.25 inches, and if you add two crayons together in a row, it will measure 7 inches.

iPad Mini

You can also use the iPad mini as an excellent reference as it measures 7 inches. The Ipad mini is a fifth-generation device launched in 2019 by Apple. So, next time you can use this device to compare things closer to 7 inches.

ipad mini


Scissors are used for multiple purposes, including office, kitchen and more. Additionally, it comes in different lengths, which are measured in inches.

A short scissor range is between 4-5 inches, while larger ones can range up to 8 or 20 cm inches. But a regular scissor will measure 7 inches. You can use this common item for reference if you’re stuck with measurement.


Four Golf Balls

If you’re a golf enthusiast, then you’d know the size of a golf ball. The standard size of a golf ball is 1.68 inches or 4cm, and it shouldn’t be smaller than that. Now, if you put four golf balls together in a row, it will come close to a length of 7 inches. You can verify it yourself by putting these balls in line and measuring them with a tape or ruler.

golf balls

Five Toothpicks

Another common item that you usually see in a kitchen is a toothpick. It is thin and is available in different types, including wood, metal and plastic. The toothpick is found in various sizes, but the regular length is 1.96 inches or 5 cm. Putting five toothpicks in a line will measure up to 7 inches or 25 cm long.

Butter Knife

A butter knife is used as a spreader, and you will see this in most households. It is smaller than a dinner knife and available in varying sizes between 5-7 inches long. You can use this knife as a reference for length comparison as it will be closer to 7 inches.

butter knife

Ten Dimes

The United States 10 cent coin is referred to as a dime, and it measures 0.705 inches, and the thickness is 1.35mm. If you put ten dimes in a row and measure them, it will come to a length of 7 inches or 17.78 cm. So, if you have ten dimes, verify them by putting them in a row and measuring them with a ruler or a measuring tape. Don’t get surprised by the result.

Wrapping Up

So, these are some of the common items that are 7 inches long. If someone asks you, what does 7 inches look like, you can mention these popular items with gusto. We are sure that some people might be amazed by the answers. Additionally, we hope that it will be helpful to you next time you’re struggling with a size comparison.