11 Household Things That Are 8 Inches Long

Our home comprises many everyday items. While some things are dearer to us, others can go ignored even if they are essential. But have you ever tried measuring them?

Well, maybe! Measuring things without a ruler or tape can be tricky, but we always tend to assume or compare them with similar-sized items. While assumptions can sort measuring issues, comparing with other items provides accurate results.

Today, we will venture into our homes to give a list of common/household items that are 8 inches long, ditching guesswork for similar-length items forever.

So without further ado, let’s dive deep.

Things That Are 8 Inches Long

things that are 8 inches long

Kitchen Knife

A Kitchen knife is an essential everyday product, and nothing is more evident than an 8-inch Chef’s knife. This knife is perfect for dicing, chopping, and slicing and provides thicker cuts due to its heavier construction.

Although you can get other kitchen knives in the market, the 8-inch option is most desirable and shared among the masses. In short, it is the most available option when you want to compare similar-sized items.

Mouse Pad

Another common everyday item sitting in almost every home is a computer mouse pad. Mousepads protect your table and mouse from scratching each other while improving the cursor and scrolling movement.

Although different sizes are available for purchase, an 8-inch mouse pad is a commonly used size, making it an ideal alternative to compare other items.

mouse pad


If you are a DIY enthusiast, you will most probably have an 8-inch adjustable wrench resting in your toolbox. Additionally, this tool is handy for other everyday projects, including plumbing or vehicle maintenance.

However, adjustable wrenches come in different sizes, meaning you might have a bigger-sized variant in your home. Likewise, car owners can also find fixed 8-inch wrench supplied with their vehicle.

Baking Pan

Baking pans allow you to bake cakes at home and are common in most kitchens. You can get baking pans made of silicone, glass, ceramic, and metals based on your requirements.

Although you can get baking pans in different sizes, an 8-inch cake pan is one of the most commonly used options. You can also prepare desserts and casseroles using a baking pan.


Who doesn’t love bananas! This tropical fruit improves digestive health, aids weight loss, and is antioxidant-rich, making it popular in many homes. Besides consuming raw, you can also use bananas to complement cakes, desserts, or other cuisines.


While bananas come in different sizes, most of them fall under the 8-inch bracket, making this topical delight an ideal candidate to compare similar-sized items.

(Obligatory Banana for Scale Reference)


Tablets are an integral part of our electronic life as many people consider them for personal or official work. Although tablets vary in size, an 8-inch tablet is a typical affair due to its compact size and versatility.

For instance, the iPad Mini is one of the most popular tablets in the Apple lineup as it offers the power of its bigger siblings in a compact and lightweight form factor.


The diameter of quarter coins is one inch, meaning you can stack up 8 quarter coins together to get 8 inches. While it might not be as practical as other options in this list, lining quarter coins on a flat surface will solve your measuring problem in an instant.


Pencils are a common commodity in every home, especially with children at home. While pencils come in different shapes and sizes, the most commonly used size is 8 inches.

You can pick an unused pencil and lay it flat on a table to determine and give a conversion of 8 inches to other common items.

Golf Tees

If you’ve ever played or watched golf, you probably have seen golf tees. This tiny equipment raises the golf ball and assists players to make a perfect impact.

Besides assisting players, golf tees can help you visualize measurement. For instance, you can stack 4 golf tees on a flat surface to determine how long is 8 inches.

Paper Clips

Paper clips come in two variations – small and large. While standard paper clips are 1-inch long, larger ones have 2-inch length. In short, you can line up 8 standard-sized paper clips to get an 8-inch length.

Likewise, if you have larger paper clips, stacking up four of them will solve your measuring problem.

Business Envelope

One of the most effective ways to determine sizes without rulers or tapes is business envelopes. Since most business envelopes have a length of 8 inches, you can use them to estimate measurements of similar-sized items.

Additionally, business envelopes are always available in your home, making them perfect for determining what 8 inches look like.

What Everyday Things Are 8 Inches?

Eight inches is the standard size for most household items. For instance, an 8-inch adjustable wrench allows you to reach delicate areas otherwise not possible with larger wrenches. Additionally, you can adjust the wrench to work on different-sized nuts without compromising practicality.

What Does 8 Inches Look Like?

Technically, 8 inches translates to 0.666 ft or 20.32 cm, a standard parameter for most everyday items. Although it might be tricky to visualize 8 inches through assumptions, comparing similar-sized items can solve your problem.

For instance, 5 AAA batteries lined up on a flat surface will give you 8 inches.

Wrapping Up

So how long are 8 inches? Hopefully, our article has provided enough answers and everyday objects to answer this question. While nothing beats the accurate results of a conventional ruler or measuring tape, you can compare everyday household items to get the solution.


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