11 Household Things That Are 9 Inches Long

Measuring items using a standard ruler or measuring tape is effortless, as you can have the measurements within seconds. But what if you don’t have a tape or ruler?

You may have never encountered this problem, but chances are you will face it someday. So knowing about everyday household items that measure similar or closer to 9 inches is a must for everyone.

Thankfully, this article will give a list of common/household items that are 9 inches long.

Things That Are 9 Inches Long

things that are 9 inches long
Things that are 9 inches long

1. Lunch Plates

If you are looking for a household item to help you visualize 9 inches, your kitchen is the perfect place to start. Lunch plates often have a standard 9-inch diameter, as it is the perfect dimension to serve food.

Likewise, square plates also run 9 x 9 inches for the standard size. However, if you have larger plates with 12 inches diameter, check the inner circle as it tends to measure 9 inches most of the time.

2. Quarters

An American 25 cent coin measures 1 inch in diameter. While many find coins annoying due to their bulky and rattling nature, they can help you in more ways than you can imagine.

For instance, placing 9 quarter coins in a straight line will accurately measure 9 inches. Additionally, quarter coins can also give a conversion of 9 inches to other common units.

3. Water Bottle

Bottles are an essential household item in every home used to store water or other liquids. Although bottles are available in different shapes and sizes, the 9-inch bottle is one of the standard sizes after a 1-liter bottle.

Even if you don’t have a 9-inch bottle, get a 500ml water bottle, which is 8 inches tall and place a small paper clip on top of the bottle. Standard paper clips are 1 inch long, meaning a 500ml water bottle coupled with a small paper clip will give you an accurate 9-inch reading.

4. Crayons

Besides filling colors to your kid’s concepts, crayons can help you visualize 9 inches more precisely. Since most crayons are 3 inches long, you can use them to determine what nine inches will look like, and all you have to do is place three crayons in a straight line to get the magical number.

5. Shoes

Although shoes don’t have an exact 9-inch measurement, they can give you a vague idea about the measurement. For instance, if you are in the United States, the standard US size 6 shoe translates to 9.25 inches. If you have someone in your family wearing this size, you can determine what 9-inch looks like.

Likewise, a UK size 5.5 and Euro size 39 are also 9.25 inches longer. However, shoe sizes may vary for different manufacturers, but most carry identical dimensions.

6. Square Couch Pillows

Square couch pillows are common to many homes are undoubtedly one of the most accessible household items to measure 9 inches. While most homes opt for the 18×18-inch pillows, the 9×9-inch variant is also a popular decorative couch pillow.

If you have the smaller variant, determining 9 inches is straightforward. However, if you have an 18×18-inch pillow, imagine a centerline, and you will probably have a vague idea of what 9 inches look like.

7. Dolls

Dolls are available in different shapes and sizes and are common in many homes. However, most companies follow universal measurements to produce their dolls. For instance, most large-sized dolls are 18 inches tall, while shorter dolls measure 8 to 9 inches. You can also get dolls that are 10 inches tall.

So how do you get the magical figure? Well, if you have a 9-inch doll, the equation is straightforward. This condition also works for large-sized dolls as all you have to imagine is a center partition. Likewise, 8 or 10-inch dolls are 1 inch shorter or taller than 9 inches, helping you make accurate estimates.

8. Dollar Bill

Although dollar bills are not ideal for estimating 9 inches, we included them on this list since everyone has access to a dollar bill. A US dollar bill is 6.14 inches long, two-thirds of 9 inches.

Place two dollar bills on a table and fold one from the center. You will probably know how long 9 inches are If you get it right.


9. Paper clips

The concept of using paper clips is similar to quarter coins and can give you an accurate measurement of 9 inches. Since smaller paper clips have a universal 1-inch dimension, you can place 9 paper clips in a straight line to determine what 9 inches look like.

10. Steak Knife

If you have a knife set in your kitchen, you probably have a steak knife included in the package.

Steak knives are one of the best household items that can provide accurate 9-inch measurement, as they are 22 cm long, which translates to 9 inches.

11. Paper

Most notebooks and paper sheets used in the United States have 8.5-inch widths. You can use this dimension to estimate 9 inches as it is only half-inch shorter. The longer 11-inch side can also help you determine 9 inches if you can visualize two inches less from the top or bottom.

What Everyday Things Are 9 Inches?

Nine inches are a universal standard for many household items readily available in our homes. For instance, a steak knife is a perfect item to depict what 9 inches look like. Likewise, our list contains 11 things that are 9 inches long, but you can find more if you venture deep.

What Does 9 Inches Look Like?

If you consider universal measurements, 9 inches are three/fourth of a standard ruler, half the size of a decorative square pillow, or one/third of a typical bike tire.

The measurement depends on which item you pick and how little or more you visualize.

Wrap up

Estimating 9 inches without a ruler or measurement tape can be tricky, but you can get an accurate assumption if you know which household items to compare. Hopefully, our article has provided enough resources to help you determine what 9 inches look like.


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