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(Too Damn High) Average Cost of Daycare in North Carolina in 2022

It is hard for most families with double income to find a proper daycare for their infants. Daycare is of primary importance in households with small children and no one to look for them.

In this article, I have compiled together the average cost for daycare in North Carolina. Scroll along, and you might find some interesting facts about daycare and its costs.

Is Daycare More Expensive Than College Tuition in NC?

With the rising prices in daycare, it has become impossible to find a facility with reasonable prices. In North Carolina, the average college tuition costs around US$7,000, and meanwhile, the cost of daycare centers is up to US$ 9,480 annually.

So now the concern is whether the facility is as promising as the price demands. It is not a good idea to profit from someone else’s money without giving back a proper service. So, you should be very cautious while deciding on a daycare center; have a thorough observation of the place before you admit your child to their care.

Is Home Daycare Cheaper in NC?

If you are on the lookout for an affordable and reliable daycare center, knowing how the cost compares to other states is essential.

In the US, Massachusetts has the highest cost of daycare at an annual cost of US$ 20,913. On the other hand, Mississippi ranks the lowest, at a yearly cost of US$ 5,436, and North Carolina stands at US$ 9,480.

After comparing the costs of daycare centers in North Carolina with other states, we can conclude that it ranks somewhere around the middle of the list. 

average cost of daycare in North Carolina

How Has the Average Cost in NC Changed Over The Years?

This table below will show you how the daycare prices have changed over the past few years:

YearAverage Cost (annually)

What is The City-wise Comparison of Daycare Costs in NC?

Though the average annual daycare cost is US$ 9,480 in NC, you might notice slight differences based on the city you live in. Below is a list of the average daycare costs:

CityAverage Cost (annually)
High Point$5,688

Cost of Childcare a Week in NC

The average weekly cost of childcare in NC is $200.

Cost Daycare in Charlotte

Charlotte has 406 daycare centers with an average monthly cost of $533. Annually, it costs US$ 6,396.

Cost of Daycare in Raleigh

Two hundred eighteen daycare centers in Raleigh with a monthly average cost of $1054. The annual cost is US$ 12,648.

Cost of Daycare in High Point

In High Point, daycare centers have an average monthly cost of $474. Annually, it costs US$ 5,688. There are 61 daycare centers in High Point, and 43 accept newborns and infants under 12 months.

Cost of Daycare in Greensboro

In Greensboro, there are presently 205 daycare centers. The average monthly cost of daycare is US$ 436, and that makes it a total of $5232 annually. 

Cost of Daycare in Fayetteville

Fayetteville has 192 daycare centers, and their monthly cost is $614, which amounts to US$ 7,368 annually. One hundred thirty-eight of them provide daycare to infants below 12 months of age.

Cost of Daycare in Asheville

With 51 daycare centers in the city, the monthly average cost of daycare in Asheville is US$ 869, and it amounts to $10,428 in a year.


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Why is Daycare Expensive in NC?

There are many reasons why daycare has become so expensive. North Carolina, in particular, is not one state where daycare prices are reasonable. Below are some of the reasons I find to be contributing to the increasing costs:

  1. Daycare centers with convenient locations call for a high price. This is because the facility has to pay a lot more rent or expense a significant sum on the land at such sites.
  2. Insurance for child daycare services is difficult to get and hence, costs quite a bit.
  3. Marketing costs are another important area of expense that daycare centers have. They need to constantly improve their infrastructure and keep updated with the latest facilities to be at par with the competitors. Also, advertising and maintaining an active online presence takes a lot of money.
  4. Most caregivers are given several children to look after, increasing their workload. This is one reason why they demand a high fee.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) About Daycare in North Carolina

How Many Daycare Centers Are Available in North Carolina?

There are 5,956 daycare centers in North Carolina.

What Is the Average Annual Cost of Daycare in North Carolina?

The average annual daycare costs $9,480.

Which State Has the Highest Daycare Costs in The Us?

As of 2022, Massachusetts has the highest daycare costs, and the price is US$ 20,913 annually.

Why Is Daycare More Expensive than The Average College Tuition in NC?

Unlike college students who can take care of themselves, child daycare requires special care such as child-friendly infrastructure, expert caregivers, and a suitable environment.
All these make the facility expensive.

Wrapping Up Our Post on Average Cost of Daycare in North Carolina

I hope that you have found the article informative. You can now go to any daycare center with a basic idea of their costs.

Before you visit any daycare center, it is essential that you have a general idea of the facility and average costs. That way, you’ll have a concept of how much daycare providers are likely to charge you.