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Bali vs Graber: The Better Option

Having the perfect window treatment is not only aesthetically pleasing, but it comes with a plethora of benefits. Benefits like protection against harsh sunlight, making it comfortable inside, or protection against the cold.

Since the blinds and curtains act as insulation, making it cozy and warm during winters and offer many other functionalities. So choosing the right window treatment solution should be another priority for you.

But even though it sounds easy, there are so many available options on the market to choose from, making it a hassle to go through each and all of the window treatment solutions out there and all the functionalities they offer. And we only want the best for our perfect homes.

Today, Graber and Bali are the two most well-known brands in the window treatment market. They offer the best premium solutions for your window treatment, but which of these brands should you go for?

In this article, we keep you on track in choosing the best window treatment solution for your home by battling it out between these two premium brands and everything you need to know about Bali vs. Graber.

Comparison Between Graber And Bali

The MarketBali is retail-oriented, so its window treatment solutions are readily available across stores.The Graber premium brand runs only through a dealership, making them a dealer-oriented brand.
The products are not easily accessible but the buying process is more straightforward since you deal with the dealer directly.
ProductsThe shades at Bali come in a wide variety. You can choose from Roman, solar, layered, sheer, cellular, pleated, and natural shades, and they come in a wide range of colors, fabrics, and textures.At Graber, the shades come in roller, sheer, layered, sliding panel, pleated, solar shades, and the list go on, and it is all available for both interior and exterior.
InstallationBali gives the freedom to install your smart window blind, saving you money from installation service charges.

For non tech-savvy customers, the brand also offers installation services that they charge differently.
Graber brand does not give you the freedom to install your window blind, and they cost more but offer one of the best installation services provided by the company itself through a dealer.
AutomationBali motors utilize a Z-wave tech that lets them connect and be compatible with any home automation devices that operate on z-wave.

Bali is partnered with NEXIA, SmartThings, and wink. You can also connect Bali with Amazon Alexa or Google Home using proper equipment.
As with Bali, Graber motors also utilize a Z-wave tech and have the same features as Bali, but Graber is officially partnered with Amazon Alexa and Google Home.
PriceBali offers a broader price range and excellent customer service, and it is cheaper than Graber.With Graber, the price tag goes higher than your similar average brands. Since they offer professional installation services and come with appealing guarantees in case of defects in the products, which make it worth the price.

Is Bali the Same as Graber? 

In the world of window treatment solutions, both these brands,

Bali and Graber are well known for their premium products and the best functionalities they offer.

Since they come from a single-parent company, the similarities between these two brands often come head to head when choosing the right solution for your homes. Like the energy-saving features they both offer and the extensive warranties they come with, etc.

The single parent company is an enthusiastically praised company known as Spring Windows Fashions, which John N. Graber founded in 1939. The year after Graber’s death, they labeled the company’s name as Graber Industries Inc. and sold off their products to Consolidated Food Crop, based in Chicago, in 1969.

The company is now flourishing under new ownership by Clearlake Capital Group, L.P. 

bali vs graber
bali vs graber

Are Bali Blinds Any Good?

Our short answer would be a big yes. Originally known as the

Badger Drapery Crane, Bali blinds has come a long way in satisfying customers with their wholesome innovative designs and various colors to suit their customer’s aesthetics.

We can all agree that Bali blinds offer great style with first-class functionalities. Their incredible innovations like the DiamondCell Light Filtering Honeycomb Shades are what you would call flexible.

With over 60 color options and a motorized lift that can easily connect to your mobile device or any home automation services, and with the softest fabric, they offer insulation and gently let’s filtered light into your beautiful rooms.

Are Graber Blinds Any Good?

Graber blinds may well be the most premium brand you can opt for, for its price. With various products they offer, Graber blinds also come with their own unique colors, and what’s best is that you can customize the blinds with colors just the way you like them to fit in any decor you have in mind.

Their popular traditional wood blinds may as well be the most favored product from the brand, and take it from us; you can have your peace of mind since Graber blinds offer a superior warranty for their customers, and the quality of their products is second to none.

Is Graber as Good as Hunter Douglas?

Graber and Hunter Douglas both offer excellent quality and premium products. Graber is quite affordable compared to Hunter Douglas.

Are Bali and Levolor the Same Company? Who Owns Bali Blinds?

No, Levolor is owned by Hunter Douglas, while Springs Window Fashions own Bali blinds.

Wrapping up

Both of these brands offer some of the best quality products today, and they belong to the same parent-company, Springs Window Fashions. Bali provides a broader price range, while Graber offers more premium prices in which professional installation comes as a service. 

The availability of the two brands comes into play while choosing as well, Bali is more retail-oriented, while Graber blinds are only bought through dealers.

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