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(Answered) What’s Better – Bar Keepers Friend or Comet?

There are many varieties of cleaning products in the market today. Each one of them claims to deliver the top results at what it does best, that is, cleaning.

Comet and Bar Keepers Friends (BKF) are, no doubt, among the most efficient of these cleaning agents. However, there has been an ongoing debate on which one will come on top in the case of Bar Keepers Friend vs Comet. And that’s what we’re here for; to analyze the difference between Bar Keepers Friend vs Comet.

In this article on the Comet vs Bar Keepers Friend, let’s look at individual components of each agent to understand the differences, and what types of surfaces they work best on.

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TL;DR: Use Bar Keepers Friend. It is a superior alternative to Comet since it relies on oxalic acid instead of bleach. But make sure you don’t leave BKF on too long to avoid irreversible damage.

Bar Keepers Friend vs Comet – At A Glance

CriteriaBar Keepers FriendComet
Cleaning CompoundOxalic AcidBleach
Effective On Hard Water Stains?YesNo

The Secret Power of Detergents

The positive reputation of BKF is visible from all the videos and photos that people post on various online forums such as Reddit. As far as cleaning agents go, among the main factors is the level of detergency present in it.

As compared to Comet, Bar Keeper’s cleaning agents make use of top-grade detergents. “Wetting agents” and “surfactants” are the other names given to them by chemists.

It assists scrubbers and oxalic acid in reaching their most optimal efficiencies. Bar Keepers Friends achieves that by penetrating through grime, oils, greases, and soils.

BKF also assists in easy and quick rinsing by helping “float away” dissolved or loosened soils.


One must practice diligence when they make use of abrasives. It’s among the most vital factor that puts BKF apart from all other cleaning products.

BKF offers its customers soft and powder cleansers. Through its efficiency, you can clean with no scratches on wood surfaces or even stove tops. That is due to the mild abrasives or micro-scrubbers that provide gentle cleansing. Also, Bar Keepers Friend does not make use of any fillers.

But, one can witness damaged finishes on using cleaning agents such as Comet for a long time. It also causes scratches on shiny surfaces of silver and aluminum. Comet can even damage brass faucets, granite in bathrooms and kitchen islands.

Oxalic Acid

Ever wondered what the “secret sauce” of Bar Keepers Friend is? No, it’s not at all bleach; rather, it’s oxalic acid.

It’s the key factor that sets apart Bar Keepers Friend from various other products like Comet. When someone asks us “Is Bar Keepers Friend the same as Comet?” Nope, not at all.

Oxalic acid does not cause any harm to nature and it is safe for human use. But that’s only if one uses it as per instructions.

One interesting feature about Oxalic acid is that it’s derived from natural sources. Asparagus, spinach, rhubarb, and other such dark green leafy veggies are rich sources of Oxalic acid. Besides, that’s how it came to be of use as a key component for Bar Keeper’s products.

You can remove any rust stains, calcium build-up, and lime by making use of BKF. It gets rid of oxidation films and tarnish and lifts stains by functioning at a micro-level.


In simple, clear terms, Bar Keepers Friend doesn’t make use of bleach. But rather is an acid-based cleaner. In comparison, Comet employs bleach for cleaning purposes.

Fumes coming out of bleach can be very detrimental for patients with asthma. The same holds true for people with other respiratory illnesses. Furthermore, cleaning agents with bleach in it can cause great damages to stainless steel. Over time, bleach product chips down its integrity.

In contrast, the usage of Bar Keepers Friends polishes such surfaces. Also, it helps in maintaining the integrity of the stainless steel.

Numerous manufacturers even endorse BKF for such purposes. No wonder many barkeepers make use of BKF.

Comparing Toxicity Levels Between Bar Keepers Friend and Comet

Bar Keeper’s Friend employs Oxalic acid for the purposes of cleaning. It is a naturally occurring chemical derived from veggies such as spinach and rhubarb. Due to that, it isn’t toxic for human usage.

On the other hand, cyanuric acid or bleach can prove to be toxic and hence fatal for people with asthma.

Usage of bleach can damage the skin over time. Other than that, it irritates the skin.

While, during casual usage, BKF isn’t harmful to the skin. You can employ BKF on surfaces for serving and food preparation. It also boasts an NSF registration.

bar keepers friend vs comet

Who Cleans Hard Water Stains The Best

When it comes to clearing hard water stains, bleach just doesn’t make the cut. That equally applies to toilet bowls and glass cleaners. It also includes lemon juice, vinegar, and baking soda.

But when it comes to the Bar Keepers Friend, it’s capable of efficiently removing hard water stains. Be it bathroom surfaces, toilets, sinks, or glass shower doors; you can bet that BKF will get the job done.

BKF ensures sparkling and fresh surfaces by getting rid of grime, rust, soap scum, and mineral deposits apart from hard water stains.

Comparing Cost Difference Between Bar Keepers Friend vs Comet

You can avail yourself of a bottle of BKF at around $7-$8. The bottle contains 21 ounces of powdered cleaner.

With regards to Comet, it costs about $9-$10 for the same amount.

Common Questions That I Get Asked

Are Comet and BKF The Same?

No, Comet is completely different from BKF.

The key difference lies in the main cleaning ingredient. Bar Keepers Friend relies on Oxalic Acid, while Comet relies on bleach.