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5 Best Steamers For Cough and Cold Money Could Buy

With the monsoons right at our door, allergies and respiratory issues like sinus and cough and cold tend to rise up.

An age-old remedy followed in the Indian subcontinent is to boil water and inhale its steam. The hot steam eases the sinuses, and helps unblock nasal passages for near-instant relief.

Most people today use an electric sinus steamer because it is convenient to use, and it maintains a constant temperature of steam to avoid burns.

However, local markets in India are flooded with cheap electric steamers, usually imported from China. They do not use medical grade plastic, and cut corners in the electric circuitry.

We have rounded up the 5 best steamers for cough and cold available today that are manufactured with a high standard. We hope you enjoy our research!

Our Recommendations For Steamers In India

Dr. Morepen VP06Great value for moneyCheck Latest Price
HealthSense FS 550UV lamp for hygieneCheck Latest Price
HealthGenie VaporizerTwo speeds controlsCheck Latest Price
Newnnik V108Automatic shut downCheck Latest Price
Dr Trust SteamerTowel warmerCheck Latest Price

Choosing the best sinus steamer in India can be tricky because being able to shop online provides access to a plethora of choices. Some of them are better than others, yet all of them will promise you the world.

Based on value for money, reputation, and reviews from previous buyers, here are some of the best steamers for cough and cold:

1. Dr. Morepen VP06 Breathe Free Vaporizer

dr morepen vp 06
image source:

Dr. Morepen’s steam machine is advertised to provide relief from cold and other similar affections. Apart from the classic cold, it will work wonders against sinusitis, bronchitis, stuffy nose, and associated headaches, asthma, throat irritations, hay fever, and laryngitis.

Dr. Morepen water steamer can be used as a facial sauna. It takes a few seconds to turn the water into fine steam. While you can use normal tap water, it might be better to stick to bottled water because it does not have as many chemicals. Even better, beauty experts recommend distilled water, which is healthier and easily available in most stores. Using clean water that is free from minerals will help prolong the life of the steam machine.

Dr. Morepen’s vaporizer is built with plastic. It is a hard type of plastic that will not easily break if you accidentally drop it. A plastic body is more durable than glass and is more cost effective. But it comes with a catch – the plastic body has an unpleasant odour for the first few hours of usage. But there is a simple workaround for this issue. Rinse the inhaler machine thoroughly under running water, and let it dry around for a day or two. Thereafter, clean it with lukewarm water a few times before the initial use.

Using this inhaler for cold is incredibly easy. Fill the bottom container with water. Avoid water from borewells! Make sure the steam machine should not be plugged in. Once the unit is full of water, plug it in and turn it on. Wait for a minute or two for thick water vapours to form.

Given the small size of Dr Morepen’s facial steamer, you will only have enough water for a quick session of about five to ten minutes. You do not need more than that to open pores and unclog them. Should you require a longer session, simply refill and go on again. Given the plastic design, you should not use it continuously for more than one or two sessions.

There is not too much to do in terms of maintenance for Dr Morepen steamer. When done with steam inhalation, empty the remaining water and clean the container. It is always recommended to air dry the water container to avoid unpleasant smell. You should also give it a quick clean before each use, just to make sure there is no dust trapped inside it.

This steamer is a basic unit, and I highly recommend it as a budget friendly option. Facial steamers at this price point is a good value for money. However, due to its plastic body design, we would not award Dr. Morepen VP06 as the best steamer for sinus.


  • Excellent value for money
  • Gets the job done – no random bells and whistles
  • Can resist shocks due to its plastic design
  • Takes a minute or two to start steaming
  • Useful for health related issues too


  • No on and off button, meaning you will need to plug and unplug it accordingly

2. HealthSense Nano-Cure FS 550 Medical Facial Steamer

healthsense nano cure fs 550
image source: healthsense

HealthSense’s water steamer is designed to look and feel professional. Featuring a glossy pink and white appearance, it is small and compact – only 14x20x26 centimetres. It weighs just under 850 grams, so it can go anywhere. You can use it at home or in your office if you have a long break and need a soothing experience to refresh yourself.

Health Sense steamer has an intuitive appearance and design. It has a small and convenient handle to be moved around, but also a direct button to turn on and off – located on the front side of the device. You can figure out how to use it without even going through the manual – intuitive to fill up and use out of the box.

Health Sense vaporizer cab be used both as facial steamer and a steamer for cough and cold. People with respiratory issues will find this steam inhaler very useful for sinus congestions or cold and cough. You can use it to tackle affections like rhinitis, allergies, or sinusitis. It is great against sinus and nasal congestions – more often associated with the classic cold, bronchitis, or flu.

HealthSense steamer can provide incredible fine mist that can penetrate your skin and nose to provide much needed hydration. The “nano steam” is extremely fine and can barely be felt on the face. You will experience a soothing feeling without the slight discomfort associated with mist heating the skin. Health Sense steamer produced mist where the ions are negatively charged. As a direct consequence, the absorption is deeper and faster. In fact, HealthSense claims that the absorption is 10x higher than other steamers for face.

Whether you use the steam machine for a couple of minutes (only to remove some stubborn make-up) or more (against nasal congestion), you will experience the same level of consistency in the mist. The steam is consistent throughout the whole operation. It will not lose its intensity as the water levels drop, but it will keep going at the same rate until the last moment.

When you buy this Health Sense steam machine, the package also a bunch of cotton pads. I find it incredibly handy addon. You can use these cotton pads to remove makeup after steaming your face. You can also pour some essential oils or serums onto these cotton pads, and then apply it on your face.

While you can fill the steam machine up with any type of water, I would personally recommend distilled water or bottled water. If those are not available, you can use tap water. Health Sense’s steamer routes all water through a UV lamp, so all germs in the water will be taken care of.

HealthSense steamer has a ceramic PTC heating element. It will take about half a minute to heat up. It makes no difference how much water you have in the container. Once in, the machine will start blowing steam within seconds. Feel free to add some essential oils too.


  • Heats up within 30 or 40 seconds
  • All steam goes through a modern UV lamp for better hygiene
  • Consistent flow or steam throughout the whole session
  • Does not sprinkle drops of water like other steamers
  • Comes with multiple cotton pads


  • Cable is extremely short, so you need to be close to an outlet

3. HealthGenie Steam Sauna Vaporizer

Healthgenie Steam Sauna Vaporizer Facial Steamer And Steam Inhaler For Cold And Cough
image source:

HealthGenie’s steamer impressed us with its simplicity and effectiveness. This steam inhaler is compact and portable. It is a value for money electric steamer, so it does not have any fancy features, bells, and whistles. It does exactly what it is supposed to do – you can use it as a face steamer, or a steamer for cough and cold.

HealthGenie’s steamer will work wonders for cold and flu. This facial steamer doubles up as a inhaler for cold, and will help you tackle nasal congestion and sinus headaches. The vaporizer will help you breathe without too much effort.

Unlike cheap steamers for face available in local shops, HealthGenie’s steam machine never sprinkles any hot water on your face. There will be no leaks either. The steamer weights less than 750 grams in weight and can be shoved into a cupboard for storage. Another feature about HealthGenie steamer is that is is very quiet during its operation.

The cord for Health Genie facial steamer is long, which is always a plus. The cord length is just over a metre.

The water container is pretty spacious too. Once turned on, you can have up to 15 minutes of consistent steam over your face.

HealthGenie’s best facial steamer excels at one feature – speed control. You have two different speeds. Most machines come with one only, which could be inconvenient – some people want more intensity, while others may feel overwhelmed. With two speeds, you can adjust the steam level based on your personal needs. You will have 15 minutes of consistency if you actually run the machine at the lowest speed.


  • Two different speeds
  • Two masks included in the package
  • Easy to use without too much hassle
  • Suitable for children as well
  • Good cord length


  • Facial mask is easy to shake off its position, so try to maintain the same position throughout the session

4. Newnik V108 Facial Vaporizer

Newnnik V108 Facial Vaporizer
image source: Newnik Lifecare

You just cannot go wrong with Newnik’s steam vaporizer. It has incredible value for money. It comes with a simplistic design and no bells and whistles. It does what it is advertised to do, and it does it fairly well – a consistent flow of steam and no hot sprinkles all over your face.

Newnnik’s steam machine allows a high degree of customization. The vaporizer brings in a fine mist that is so light you will barely feel on the face. Once powered on, the steam machine is equipped with a power indicator that tells you when you are ready to go. There are two modes for steam power – low or high. Most steam machines come with a single setting, which may not be suitable for everyone. I was impressed by this feature of Newnik’s nasal steamer

The steam machine also has an exhale outlet, as well as a safety feature to automatically shut off when not in use. The steam machine also comes with a nasal mask when you purchase it.

This water steamer is suitable for all ages. It’s moist steam relieves the symptoms of flu and cold, such as congested airways. It will open the sinus passages and can help against bronchitis and other respiratory issues too.

For skincare purposes, Newnik steamer for face will open pores within a minute or so. While some of the impurities on your skin will disappear naturally, others may require a soft massage to cleanse the skin. Not only will your skin feel rejuvenated, it would also add a bit of colour to your skin thanks to better blood circulation.

Newnik face steamer comes with a metal based water container. Less plastic is always a plus point. Metal container allows for water to heat up more effectively and maintain its temperature throughout the whole steaming session. You are free to use aromas or essential oils.

To use the steamer, simply fill the container with water. Plug it in, and you can then turn it at the right intensity. Go for the first level and see how it feels like – you can change the intensity later on. With a capacity of 50 millilitres, the steam machine will provide consistent steam for at least 17 minutes on the low intensity.


  • Durable and well put together
  • More settings for the steam intensity
  • Metallic water container
  • Consistent operation
  • Automatic shut down function to prevent dry heating


  • Steam could get quite hot when on the second level

5. Dr Trust USA Nano Ionic Facial Steamer

Dr Trust steamer - best steamer for face in India
image source:

Dr Trust’s steamer comes with just the right features to customize your experience and give you a soothing cleanse whenever you need it. Personally, I liked Dr Trust’s steam machine better than Health Sense steamer because of its towel warming feature.

Dr Trust water vaporizer can be used as a steamer for cold and cough. The steam machine comes with nano atomization technology which is helpful in relieving sinus congestion. It is also helpful to deal with sinus headaches.

It can also be used as a steamer for face. When using this facial steam, most of the pores will clean out. You may need a light massage to get rid of the stubborn dirt. Once you are done, throw some serum on and moisturise the face – voilà!

This steam machine from Dr Trust takes it to another level because it has a separate chamber that will heat your towel. The towel warming chamber allows steaming the face with a towel. This procedure boosts the blood circulation and revitalises the face. I use this warm towel on my face after a clean shave, it feels like heaven!

Dr Trust steamer only measures 20x16x31 centimetres and barely weighs a kilogram. The water tank has 225 millilitres capacity. That is enough for a 15 minute session.

The steam vaporizer is very easy to use. Simply fill the container, plug it in and turn it on. The so-called “control panel” is just a button. Turn it for the required setting and let it work. You have four options – off, warm towel, facial steamer, and humidifier. It is intuitive and can be used out of the box.

You can add more stuff into the container. Essential oils would also supplement your skin and bring in some extra nutrients, not to mention the relaxing aromas. Believe it or not, some people throw in veggies or herbs – things that could provide lots of benefits when heated up and infused into steam. All in all, no matter which option you choose, the machine is silent and can be used anywhere.


  • Large container for water or essential oils
  • Excellent consistency and high intensity
  • Warm towel feature
  • Can be used as a humidifier too
  • Portable and lightweight


  • Plastic smell in the beginning, but it goes away after a few uses

After thoroughly reviewing the steamer available in Indian market, I would award Dr Trust’s steamer as the best steamer in India.

It is durable, value for money, and has features that are more than just a gimmick.

What To Look For In A Sinus Steamer

Choosing the best steamer for cold and cough implies following a few simple rules.

Overall functionality

Different steam inhalers serve different purposes, so you need to consider your actual needs for. Initially, these devices were designed to help clear airways. These days, they are more common in skin health and beauty procedures. The good news is that many devices serve both purposes.

Steam generation

Different machines generate steam in different ways. For example, some units come with automated systems. They will simply run when you plug them in or turn them on – there are no other settings. They are inexpensive and usually provide good value for money. Some people would rather have a steamer with an adjustable flow – not to mention the volume. If you are picky about your needs, you will need one of those.


The size also depends on your preferences. You may want a steamer to use at home only, without too much hassle. Maybe you want to keep it by your make-up table. You should also consider the size and weight if you need to move it around. If you travel a lot, chances are you will require a small and compact unit.

Ease of use

You do not want a steam vaporizer that implies using the manual of instructions whenever you need it. Instead, it should be intuitive and feature one or a few buttons only. There are more types of devices out there, but the good news is that most brands will try to keep things simple. Some of them run on batteries, while others will require power. Some others allow adjustments. No matter what features you need, make sure you can easily use them.

Build and budget

Most people overlook this aspect, but it is extremely important. If your steamer gives up on you after a few months, you have wasted your money. Instead, you want quality materials. Plastic can be a good material, too – just make sure the steamer is well put together and based on solid plastic. A high-end steamer can cost up to 10 times more than a cheap one.

On the same note, your available budget is not to be overlooked either. Try to get the best personal steam inhaler you can afford.

Safety standards

Never ignore the health and safety features coming with the best steamer for cold and cough because they can prevent accidents and even extend the lifespan of your unit. Steam inhalers deal with very hot water, meaning you do not want it sprinkling around on your face. Some others will also shut down by themselves if they are dry heating – just a safety measure.

Having temperature control is a great idea, but expect to pay more for such a feature.


In terms of extras, aromatherapy is probably the most important thing to keep in mind. Particular essential oils could be helpful in providing nutrients to your skin. Some others are great for cleansing, not to mention a few alternatives that could open up your airways in a more efficient manner. Dual chambers will work wonders because you can use essential oils too – yet many modern devices allow using all liquids in the same chamber.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Is steam safe?

    Steam is safe at certain temperatures. Steam coming from boiling liquids can be quite dangerous at short distances and can cause burning. Most steamers on the market fail to reach such temperatures for health and safety, so you will most likely feel like in a sauna – start with a relatively high distance and use your hand to determine a safe distance for your face. Generally speaking, steaming implies using warm steam, rather than hot steam. Even if you use a towel for it, make sure it is warm and not hot.

  2. What essential oils are good for sinuses?

    Essential oils can work wonders on your sinuses. Peppermint is probably the most popular one because it has a stingy aroma that will certainly penetrate the airways. It might feel a bit strong, though. Eucalyptus oil, tea tree oil, oregano oil and Clary sage are effective too in clearing your airways.


As a short final conclusion, choosing the a steamer is not that difficult if you know what you are after. Your primary needs will dictate the final decision. The above-mentioned steamers are great for both medical and beauty purposes, so they are quite versatile. Then, some of them are more suitable for those who shop on a budget, while others are well featured and provide more solutions in terms of customization.

Whether you want value for money or any feature you can think of, the good news is you do have options. When considering features, make sure you choose the ones that you truly need – rather than bells and whistles that might be cool to have. At the end of the day, if you are not picky, you might as well do with a basic steamer. The more sophisticated ones provide more options, though, as well as extra durability – value for money.