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Wakefit vs Sleepyhead – Which Mattress is The Best In 2022?

Wakefit vs Sleepyhead mattress – which mattress brand is better?

Both Wakefit and Sleepyhead provide an unbeatable quality of products. Their mattresses are built with high quality materials. They offer the utmost comfort and softness, allowing you to have a good night’s sleep.

The only noticeable difference between Wakefit and Sleepyhead is that the Wakefit mattresses use cool foam while Sleepyhead mattresses use responsive foam.

Considering that there is a noticeable cost difference, we would recommend to opt for Wakefit mattresses. With a generous 100 day free trial, there is ample of time to check it out for yourselves.

It is worth noting that Wakefit crafts each mattress with a particular audience in mind.

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When we come home from a tiring day, we crave sound sleep. No one would like to keep tossing on the bed, changing sides, and waking up early with backaches. Back pains are irritating and affect our mood. To get rid of all sleep problems, you must invest in a good quality mattress. A mattress with the right firmness and comfort is essential for getting a good night’s sleep.

Types of Mattresses OfferedOrthopaedic and dual comfortSleepyhead Original, Sleepyhead Sense, Sleepyhead Flip
DesignSimple3-layered foam structure
Color OptionsWhite and GrayWhite
Back SupportFirm, allows spine to be straightMedium Firm, but still provides back support
Sizes5”, 6”, and 8”6” and 8”
Trial Period?Yes, 100 daysYes, 100 days
Best Suited ForOrthopaedic issuesBack Pain

However, it is overwhelming to choose the right kind of mattress in the market. There are varieties of mattress brands available. As a result, it becomes difficult for homeowners to choose the best quality mattress out of all. If you are looking to buying a high quality mattress, consider Wakefit and Sleepyhead. They are the two most popular mattress brands in India. If you are trying to figure out which is the best mattress between Wakefit vs Sleepyhead, check our expert comparison below. We have discussed the pros and cons of Wakefit and Sleepyhead brands.

which is the best mattress brand wakefit vs sleepyhead

What is Wakefit?

Wakefit is presently the most popular mattress brand in India, followed closely by Sleepyhead and SleepyCat. People have found Wakefit mattresses to be valuable and satisfying. You would find countless praises online for Wakefit mattresses. Quora and Amazon have amazing reviews for Wakefit mattresses, so it is a trusted brand.
Wakefit mattresses are not just satisfying, but also affordable. Many folks these days work with an incorrect posture, which causes back pain. While maintaining correct posture using laptop tables definitely helps, people have also reported reduced pain with the modern Wakefit mattresses.
Wakefit delivers two different mattresses to address different sleep concerns – orthopedic mattresses and dual foam mattresses.

What is Sleepyhead?

Sleepyhead is another top-notch mattress manufacturing brand in India. Its demand has soared in recent times. Its unique design and comfort have made Sleepyhead the most in-demand mattress.
Sleepyhead mattresses come with a cooling gel layer that absorbs heat during summers. When you compare Wakefit with Sleepyhead, the winner is Sleepyhead mattresses because they are more comfortable during summers.
Its gel foam technology also ensures that a person’s weight gets evenly distributed over the bed. As a result, when you wake up, you don’t feel any kind of backache or pain.

Comparison of Wakefit vs Sleepyhead Mattress

Buying a mattress is a long-term investment. Investing in a high-quality brand is always the best option. Besides getting quality comfort and sleep, you can avail a long-term warranty. Are you wondering which brand to choose between Sleepyhead and Wakefit? Let’s see which mattress is best Wakefit Or Sleepyhead.

Below are a few points of comparison between Wakefit and Sleepyhead. This would get you a good idea about which one to choose between Wakefit vs Sleepyhead.

What are the Pros and Cons of Wakefit Mattresses?

is wakefit mattress good for back pain
Wakefit Orthopedic Mattress. Image Source


  1. High durability

Wakefit has the best quality memory foam mattresses. One of the main reasons for the high popularity of Wakefit mattresses is their high durability. In addition, sleeping in Wakefit mattresses would give you a peaceful, sound sleep for a long time.

  1. Pressure Relief

Are you suffering from orthopedic issues? Wakefit has a specially designed orthopedic mattress to cater to your needs. Using the most innovative technology available, Wakefit provides the best quality back support to sleepers. It also provides relief to the pressure points. The Wakefit orthopedic mattress successfully adapts to your body weight, distributing it evenly across a large area. Thus you feel like floating when in bed. The mattress provides the exact kind of sleeping experience that you would love.

  1. 100-Day Trial

Customers of Wakefit can enjoy the 100-day free trial. This offer makes Wakefit a superb option to consider. If you don’t think the mattress is suitable for your body’s needs, you can ask for a complete refund of your payment. In addition, the brand allows you to test the fineness of the mattress for 100 days. The return policy is also hassle-free.


  1. The Wakefit mattresses tend to sink when used for a long time. This causes the spine to deform. Lots of people have started to experience back pains after using Wakefit mattresses for a long time. You need to flip the mattress every few months to avoid this.
  2. The customer support of Wakefit isn’t upto the mark. The staff declined to lodge any complaint when asked for a replacement or refund of their payments in exchange for the mattress.
  3. Wakefit mattresses are not suitable for kids.

What are the Pros and Cons of Sleepyhead Mattresses?

which mattress is best wakefit or sleepyhead
Sleepyhead Sense Mattress. Image Source


  1. Orthopedic Support and Comfort

Comfort is the foremost criterion when purchasing a mattress. Both Wakefit and Sleepyhead mattresses ensure that customers get maximum comfort while sleeping. The Sleepyhead mattresses are backed by two additional layers of support foam. This gives enough support and comfort to orthopedic patients. The lowest layer has grooves that render stability to the mattress. It also lets the mattress breathe, thus ensuring its longevity. This mattress is perfectly suitable for any type of body and sleep needs.

  1. Top-quality materials

Which is better when it comes to build quality – Wakefit or Sleepyhead ?Both brands use quality materials for manufacturing memory foam mattresses. Sleepyhead, for instance, uses cooling foam for manufacturing mattresses. This allows the mattress to absorb heat in summer times, allowing people to sleep on the bed peacefully. You would be surprised to know that this is the same technology used in NASA for astronauts.

  1. Bonus Benefits

Sleepyhead mattresses come with additional benefits. Besides providing customers with a trial period of 100 days, they also offer excellent customer support. Even the staff ensures the fastest delivery of Sleepyhead mattresses. If you are ordering a mattress from the official site of Sleepyhead, you will get it delivered to your place within 24 hours.


  1. The memory foam has a weak layer, while the other layers aren’t of excellent quality.
  2. After being used for a long time, the mattress forms depressions, soft or hard. This causes extreme discomfort to people.

Which mattress is more cost effective between Wakefit and Sleepyhead?

By now, you know that both brands offer top-quality mattresses that are highly comfortable and firm. If you are willing to check out the prices, we have you covered.

When you compare the price of a mattress from Wakefit, you would find that Wakefit mattresses are much cheaper than Sleepyhead mattresses.

How is Wakefit mattress so cheap usually boggles customer’s mind, but it is worth noting that it has no bearing on the quality of the mattress.

Wakefit’s entry level mattress is Dual Comfort Mattress which are cheaper than Wakefit’s memory foam mattresses.

Sleepyhead’s entry level mattress is Sleepyhead Original, while Sleepyhead Sense mattress is the premium mattress.

Which Mattress Brand Provides Better Customer Support?

To find out which mattress is best Wakefit or Sleepyhead, we need to evaluate the customer support provided by both brands. 

Wakefit has worse customer service than Sleepyhead. You would find many complaints from customers on Quora and Amazon about Wakefit not honoring their return policy.

On the other hand, Sleepyhead offers better customer support. On placing a return request, the customer support team contacts you within 48 hours. The pick-up is arranged by them. Once the product is returned successfully, a message is sent to the customer for confirmation. The refund is then made within 3 to 5 working days.

Which Mattress Brand Has Better Durability?

An important factor while buying mattresses is their durability. Needless to say, one must buy a mattress of top quality. High-density foam mattresses manufactured by Wakefit are the best to consider. They ensure better longevity of the mattress. This is why Wakefit mattresses last longer than mattresses of other brands. Besides that, they are cost-effective and offer a long-term warranty on their products.

Are Wakefit or Sleepyhead mattresses suitable for all age groups?

Wakefit mattresses are suitable for babies. They are 100% hypoallergenic, which means that it would protect your baby’s sensitive skin against allergies. Wakefit’s mattresses are available in different dimensions. So choose the one that’s big enough for your baby.

It is important to note that incorrect sized mattresses may lead to suffocation for the baby

Sleepyhead mattresses are lightweight and incredibly soft. They offer a safe, cozy, and nontoxic environment for kids to sleep in. If you have a baby who’s between 0 to 8 months, consider buying the Sleepyhead deluxe. If the baby has grown a little, you can use the Sleepyhead grand mattresses in that case.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which mattress offers the best firmness between Wakefit and Sleepyhead?

Sleepyhead mattresses offer most firmness. Sleepyhead mattresses prevent your body from sinking, thus saving you from irritating backaches.

Which brand out of Wakefit and Sleepyhead is more cost-effective?

Wakefit is definitely the most budget friendly memory foam mattress available.