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21 Places Where Can I Print Something for Free

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Various tech gurus have been predicting the growth of paperless offices and the death of the printed page. Technology and the internet have made it easier to store documents online, offering easy accessibility.

Undeniably, there is a decline in the usage of copy machine or printers to print out documents. But it’s very much in demand as now most printers are equipped with modern technology including wi-fi features.

The paperless trend might be popular, but one cannot disregard the importance of a printer and its usage. And if you’re wondering, “where can I print something for free?” Keep reading!

Where Can I Print Documents and Photos for Cheap?

Here is a comparison table you can check out to print documents and photos at affordable prices in different places.

If you don’t like to get into details, this table will give you a highlight of each place and the services they offer.

PlacesPhotosDocumentsPostersPassport PhotosDoes it print off an iPhone?
AmazonYesNoYesNo Yes
Rite AidYesNoNoNoYes
Best BuyNoSome stores may allow it.NoNoNo
Dollar GeneralNoIt depends on the storesNoNoNo
Sam’s ClubYesYesYesNoYes
K MartYesNoYesYesYes
Where can I print something for free

Various stores print documents and photos at reasonable prices. The cost may vary depending on the stores and the quality you opt for.

Here is a list of places offering various printing services at affordable prices:


FedEx, formerly known as Kinkos, is a US-based retail chain that offers print and copy services. Whether it’s photos or documents, get them printed at reasonable prices.

Apart from printing documents and photos, you can print passport photos, brochures, posters, canvas prints, etc. Furthermore, one can opt for different photo papers, including glossy, shiny, matte, etc.

You can print in black and white or full-coloured photos. The retail chain also allows you to print digital documents from your phone, tablet, and cloud.

Additionally, ordering copies online is available. You can either pick them up from your nearest FedEx store or deliver them to your address.


Another place where you can print photos or documents at a reasonable price is the UPS store. It’s a US-based retail chain with over 4,400 locations spread across the country.

The store provides multiple services, including copying, printing posters, documents, etc. It also allows you to copy in full colour or black and white.

Since it has a chain of stores across the country, accessibility is easy. Thus, allowing you to print documents or posters at the store near your area.

You can opt for digital printing by uploading documents online and delivering them to your home. Note that the cost may vary for different print types.

Therefore, we recommend checking the official site to get detailed information. You should also note that printing photos and passport photos are not available in this store.


You might have probably heard of Staples, which sells office supplies and other related products. It’s an American office retail chain offering print and copy services in some of its stores.

So, if you have a Staple store near your area, you copy or print your documents from there. A simple black and white print will cost you $0.17 per page. The amount will vary depending on the paper type, size, etc.

You can also customize posters or banners and print them in this store. If the store isn’t available near your area, you can do it online and get them delivered to your address. Unfortunately, it doesn’t have passport photo and photo print services.

Where can I print something for free
Where can I print something for free


Most of you might know Costco as a retail store known for selling almost everything at reasonable prices. But do you know that it also deals with printing services? Perhaps, next time you can visit your nearest local store to get your documents printed at a low price.

Apart from printing documents, it also prints photos, posters and banners. You can also get it done online and visit the store to get them.

Various photo prints are available, including canvas print, cluster canvas, 3-panel split, etc. They are available at affordable prices but may vary according to size.

Here is the link to the official site if you’re interested in getting one.


Walgreens is an American-based company well-known for its series of pharmacy store chains. Apart from selling medicines and other items, it also provides printing services.

You can pay a visit to your local Walgreens store to print your documents or photos. There is also an option to do it online if there isn’t a store near your area. You can photocopy posters, banners, documents, etc.

Furthermore, you can get two passport photos made from Walgreens for $15.99. It offers various printing services, and the price may vary depending on the paper type, size and quality. You can click this link if you plan to do it online.


The answer is yes if you’re wondering whether Target offers a photo print service. You can head over to Target photo to print photos, and it is available in different finishes, including Lustre, Matte and Metallic.

Besides the photo, you can print passport photos, canvas, phone cases, and more. Head over to the nearest local Target photo centre to print pictures. You can choose a size that you prefer, and the cost may vary accordingly.

The starting price of professional quality will cost you 25 cents. Even better, discover a promo code on their official website to save more money.


Another fantastic place to get the photos print is Walmart. You can print calendars, posters, passport photos, canvas and more at a reasonable cost. It is available in different finishes and sizes.

A regular print 4×6 will cost you around 12 cents, and a 4×9 photo card will cost approximately 39 cents. Look for the featured deal as it offers discounts on some prints at exciting prices.

An online option is also available, thus allowing you to upload documents from your phone or tablet. You can either deliver them to your address or pick them up from your local store.


Through Amazon prime photos, you can customize and print pictures. It allows you to upload photos, personalize them and get the print. Lustre, Glossy and Matte paper are available for standard prints.

A 4×6 standard lustre print will cost around 30 cents. The prices will vary depending on the paper type and size. Moreover, if you’re an Amazon Prime member, delivery is free.


Besides beauty supplies, health and prescriptions, CVS offers different printing services. It can copy your project documents in full coloured or black and white.

A single-sided black and white copy will cost you 19 cents, and a double-sided comes cost around 38 cents. Double-sided coloured copies will cost 99 cents, while black and white will cost $1.98.

CVS also has KODAK kiosks to print photos or get them scanned. You can opt for the online process or visit one near your area. Photo prints cost between $0.39 to $13.99 per picture.

The price varies depending on the paper types, sizes and prints. Various print types are available in these stores, including posters, canvas, photo enlargements and more.


Michaels might be a bit costlier than other stores, but it offers quality pictures. It also deals with customized frames and personalizes your photos.

You can opt for various photo printing services, including passport photos, canvas prints, photo mugs, etc. The price will vary for the types of service you choose.

Printing a passport photo will cost you $12.99, including four photos with a glossy finish. You can visit in-stores to print or opt for their online service.

Rite Aid

Rite Aid is primarily known for its chain of drug stores spread across the country. And for printing photos, head over to Rite Aid Photo. It offers multiple photos printing services, including canvas print, photo books, photo prints and more.

You can opt for a matte or glossy finish for photo prints. A 4×6 glossy standard print will cost 25 cents, and a 5×7 print will come around 69 cents per photo. Check their deal section to get offers and to save money.

Best Buy

Best Buy is an American-based electronic retail chain known for selling various consumer electronic products, including printers, television, etc.

It doesn’t provide photo printing services. These stores only sell products, but some stores might allow you to print documents for free. You can check out your local stores to see if they offer this service or not.

Dollar General

Dollar General is a retail chain known for selling various products under a roof. All the items are available at reasonable prices.

It doesn’t offer photo printing services, but you can purchase photo frames at an affordable cost. Some stores may allow you to print documents for free or may charge you some cents.

Sam’s Club

Sam’s Club Photo offers multiple photos printing services, including posters, canvas prints, postcards and more. It also allows you to copy and print documents at a reasonable price.

Making a poster would cost you $8.86 per unit. You can opt for a portrait or a landscape fit which is available in different sizes (16×20,18×24,24×26).

Online service is available where you can upload photos and get the print. You can pick up the photos from the local store or deliver them to your house.


Kroger is an American-based retail chain known for selling a variety of products under a roof. However, it currently doesn’t provide photo printing services.

It’s been reported that the retail chain is planning to embark on this route. And it has collaborated with Print Mates to open five kiosks in its Atlanta stores. It’s not into full-fledged printing services currently.


Meijer is a popular convenience store selling a variety of products ranging from electronics to grocery. It also offers a photo printing service through Meijer Photo.

You can print photos, photo cards, gifts, posters, photo books and more. Meijer Photo allows you to print photos in various sizes ranging from 4×4 to 20×30.

A 4×4 photo will cost around 25 cents per print, while a 5×7 picture will come up to $ 1.47. Visit and check for weekly deals and coupons to save money on printing costs.


Vistaprint offers multiple printing services, including posters, brochures, postcards and more. It’s a place that provides a variety of photo printing services.

For making a poster, eight size options are available and are both in vertical and horizontal format. It’s available in five paper stocks: semi-gloss, mounted, premium matte, outdoor and glossy.

The price starts at $3.99 per unit for a quantity. Watch out for the promo code or coupons to get discounts or exciting offers to save money.


Head over to KMart Photo centre powered by Kodak Moments to get fine photo prints. From posters to photo prints, it offers ample options and choices.

Two sets of 3×4 mini print will cost you 10 cents. A metallic poster(11×14) is available for $15, and a regular poster (10×15) will come up for $10.

You can also opt for an online service by uploading the photos and getting them delivered. Or, you can visit the local store to pick them up.


Now you can print photos that have been uploaded in your Google Photos up to ten images. It’s been reported that the tech giant is planning to get Al-based photo printing with a delivery service.

If you’re using Google Photos, you can print out ten images, and the fees will be $7 per month. It also allows you to choose finishes, i.e., matte and glossy. It’s available in various sizes (4×6,5×7,8×10).

Besides that, Google allows you to print and pick photos from CVS, Walgreens and Walmart.


By connecting it with your iPhone or MacBook, you can print photos and documents immediately if you have a printer at home. However, it doesn’t offer printing and delivery services like Google.

You can print from retail stores like Walmart, Walgreens, and CVS through your iPhone or iPad. So, if you have documents or photos to print, visit the nearest local store or opt for delivery services.


Sainsbury is the biggest retail chain in the United Kingdom, selling various items, including books, mobile phones, food and more. It also offers photo printing services, including photo prints, passport photos, and ID photos.

You can get passport photos from Sainsbury’s passport photo booth, and the price may vary between £5 and £7. Use the store locator service from their official website to locate the nearest passport photo booth in your area.

Where Can I Print Documents and Photos for Free

Nothing comes for free, and for printing out photos and documents, too, you need to shell out some cents. But if you’re lucky, some retail stores or public places might let you print or copy documents free of cost.

Here is a list of places that may allow you to print out documents or photos for free:

Asking a Friend or Family

If you have friends or relatives with printers at home, ask for their favours or request them to let you print. As a sign of courtesy, take your own paper if you have a lot of copies to print out.


You can print free copies at your workplace if there is a copy machine or printer. But before you start printing, ask your boss or supervisor first out of courtesy. If you’re printing out only a few copies, they will agree.

College and University Campus

Being a student comes with multiple benefits, including free copy printouts. Most colleges and universities allow students to print out copies free of cost. So, if you’re a student, utilize this benefit and save money.


Most business establishments have a copy machine in their offices. So, if you’re an employee, take permission from your manager or superior and get your documents printed. And if you’re a guest, the staff will likely agree and allow you to print out copies.

These are some of the places where you can get to print documents for free. You probably have to shell out some cash for printing photos as coloured inks are expensive.

Some of the cheapest places to print or copy your documents are as follow:

Local Library

Most libraries are equipped with a copy machine, and your local library will likely have it too. If you’re a member, you may be able to print it out for free. But for guests, they may charge you a tiny amount, lower than the stores.

Go to the Library of Congress website and search the local library near your area. Additionally, you can Google it by using the right keyword. For instance, if you’re from Boston, type “local libraries in the Boston area’’. It will help you find the one that you are looking for.

Community Centers

Most of the community centres, including local recreation centres and meeting halls, are operated by NGOs or the government. And they have copy machines available for public use and charge less.

So, check out if your local community centre has a copy machine and whether you can use it or not.

Office Depot

Office Depot is a place where you can print documents super cheap. It has merged with Office Maxx and allows you to print both black and white and coloured copies.

A black and white copy will cost you 9 cents per page, while 42 cents for colour copies. You can go to the store to print your documents or do it online. For online, upload the document online to print and get them delivered.

If you like to visit the nearest store in your area, find it through their store’s locator.

These are some of the places where you can print documents at the cheapest rate. So, these places would be worth visiting if you like to save money on printouts.

Note that these places don’t provide photo printing services. Additionally, some of the places might only allow you to do black and white copies. It would be better to make a proper enquiry before heading out.

How Much Do Photos Cost to Print

The price may vary depending on the stores and the type you want. Usually, a simple black and white will cost between 2 cents to 25 cents. And a full-coloured photo will cost between 30 cents to 75 cents.

Where to Print Documents Near Me

You can simply use Google to search for stores that prints documents near your area. Use the right keyword like “copy service near me. You can also use the store locator of the store’s official site to locate places near your area.

Where Is the Cheapest Place to Print Photos

Some of the cheapest places to print photos are Costco, Walgreens, CVS, Target and Walmart. Note that there is variation in prices depending on the sizes, paper types, etc.

Wrapping Up

Hopefully, this article was helpful and answered your queries about printing documents from different places. As you can see, various places provide photo print and copy services.

Some places offer these services super cheap, while some for free. So, next time when you have documents or photos to print, check out these places. Use a store locator or Google to locate printing places near your area.

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