Who owns Home Depot and Lowes? Find Out Now

Who owns Home Depot and Lowes? Many who suppose that they are the same often ask this question. Well, we got you, and we’re here to enlighten you.  

First off, Home Depot and Lowe’s are two separate American companies that rival in the home improvement and hardware sectors and are publicly owned by a team of shareholders today. 

Shareholders own both the corporations, and a Board of Directors and their respective CEOs manage the affairs. Neither Home Depot nor Lowe’s is privately owned, as shareholders can buy their shares through the American Stock Market. 

Craig Menear is presently the Chairman and the Chief Executive Officer of Home Depot and has held office since 2014. In comparison, Marvin R. Ellison has been the current President and the CEO of Lowe’s since 2018. 

Keep on scrolling down as we look at their similarities and differences and answer some of the frequently asked questions (FAQs). 

Does Home Depot Own Lowe’s?

Home Depot and Lowe’s are two different companies, so, no, Home Depot does not own Lowe’s. 

Home Depot has no direct relation with Lowe’s, and different shareholders publicly own these giant traders.

The only connection between Home Depot and Lowe’s is that they deal in home improvement and hardware products and services and are, therefore, major business rivals as they target the same group of clients.

Who Owns Home Depot?

Now, who owns Home Depot? 

Let’s have a look at the details below:

  • Institutional shareholders have ownership of 72.36%, insiders share 0.07%, while the rest of Home Depot, Inc is owned by the public. 
  • Vanguard Group Inc is the chief institutional owner of the Home Depot, Inc owning the industry’s overall share outstanding of 9.02%.
  • Vanguard Total Stock Mkt Idx Inv is the leading owner of the Home Depot, Inc mutual fund and owns 2.92% of the corporation’s total share outstanding.

Who Owns Lowes?

Several shareholders own Lowe’s, where each owner gets a percentage of shares held in the corporation. 

  • Vanguard Group, Inc holds the maximum percentage of stakes with 8.30% in Lowe’s among the many shareholders.
  • S SgA Funds Management, Inc. owns a 4.54% stake of the total share held in the company. 

who owns home depot and lowes
who owns home depot and lowes

Are Home Depot and Lowe’s Affiliated?

Home Depot and Lowe’s are not affiliated, and they are big leading companies that operate separately and are not associated with each other. 

And although these two public trading home improvement industries have no links to each other, they both have extensive subsidiaries under them.

Does Walmart Own Lowes or Home Depot?

As of 2022, Walmart does not own Lowe’s or Home Depot or their subsidiaries. Walmart is a different industry and owns other brands but has never had any proprietary rights over these two giant industries.

Home Depot and Lowe’s are two different public trading companies that run in the hardware retail and home improvement sector and trade the same products and services. At the same time, Walmart sells various grocery products and many other items at a discount.  

Bear in mind that Home Depot separately operates under high-level control where its board members represent its stakeholders and take charge of making critical decisions. And so, Walmart has no ownership over Home Depot.

Likewise, Lowes Inc. is a public-owned company with shareholders owning a part of the company’s shares. Lowe’s operates independently, and Walmart does not own any shares in the company.

Why Are Lowe’s and Home Depot Next to Each Other?

Considering that Lowe’s and Home Depot are big companies, they are legally bound to abide by strict city location rules to setting up their stores

They are both massive corporations, and they need bigger spaces and better locations in any metropolis that would be profitable. However, they face limited options to obtain the area they need in towns. 

Thus, after carefully evaluating the most profitable locations to set up their stores, Home Depot and Lowe’s inadvertently settle on similar areas in the cities.  

 So, why are Lowe’s and Home Depot next to each other? They may wish to set up their warehouses in different locations, but the city laws don’t offer them much choice in deciding their preferred sites. Hence, they end up next to each other.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Are the owners of Lowes and Home Depot related?

If the rumors about the owners of Lowe’s and Home Depot being ex-spouses are accurate, we could say they are related. As the tale goes, they got divorced, and the jilted ex-wife started the Lowe’s store to compete with her ex-husband, the owner of Home Depot and get even. 

But at this point, this is just a legend that the Internet spawned, and no, the owners of Lowes and Home Depot are not related.

Are the Owners of Lowes and Home Depot Married?

The owners of Lowes and Home Depot are no longer married. According to internet sources, the two home improvement owners publicly announced that they are parting their ways due to marriage differences.  

Are Home Depot and Lowes owned by a divorced couple?

Rumor has it that Home Depot and Lowe’s owners are ex-spouses, married for thirty-three years before they divorced. 
Stories go around that the divorced wife started the Lowe’s string of home improvement stores to get even and rival her ex-husband’s business. 

But, the truth here is that Lowe’s began as a small hardware store in 1946 in North Wilkesboro, North Carolina, by James Lowe and his brother-in-law, Carl Buchan, while Home Depot was created in Atlanta, Georgia, in 1978 by Bernard Marcus and Arthur Blank and publicly launched in 1981.

Is Lowe’s and Home Depot owned by the same company?

Both Lowe’s and Home Depot are not owned by the same company but are publicly owned by a group of bodies. 
You can find the shares of Lowe’s and Home Depot available on the American Stock Market, so if you want to purchase stocks in either of these two big companies, you can avail of them anytime. 

Is Lowe’s and Home Depot owned by the same person?

The same person owns neither Lowe’s nor Home Depot. As mentioned above, they are public-owned industries where several shareholders possess a percentage of the shares in the company. 
Both the companies have their respective Board of Directors, who manages and undertakes the many vital decisions of running their personal affairs. 

Wrapping Up Who Owns Home Depot and Lowes

To sum up, Home Depot and Lowe’s are leading home improvement and hardware traders with many similarities yet distinct. We can say for sure that they are not the same.

We have discussed a few of the differences between these two gigantic companies in this blog post, and we believe you have pointed out and understood them. 

We hope this article helps clear your doubts, and the next time you find yourself wondering who owns Home Depot and Lowe’s, you will not confuse one with the other anymore. 

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