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Brizo vs Delta: Which Brand Should I Go For?

Brizo and Delta are brands known for simplistic but aesthetically designed fittings for bathrooms and the kitchen. They are pretty well-known for manufacturing high-quality products.

Now, some of you might be wondering which brand is better? If so, read on as we delve into the article to know more about these brands and their products. We will compare Brizo vs Delta for kitchen faucets, bathroom faucets and more. Make sure you don’t skip the comparison tables we have lined up for you!

Are Brizo and Delta the Same

Before we weigh upon which brand is better, perhaps you should know a bit about the background of these brands.

You’d be surprised to know that Brizo and Delta are related. Brizo is one of the luxury brands of Delta Faucet company. This company is wholly owned by Masco Corporation and is one of its subsidiaries.

While Brizo manufactures luxury bathroom/kitchen fittings, Delta caters to the mainstream market. Both are brands functioning under the umbrella of Delta Faucet company.

They manufacture sanitary fittings and faucets but cater to different audiences. Delta is budget-friendly, while Brizo leans toward luxury making its products costlier.

Delta vs Brizo

As mentioned, these brands fall under the same company but cater to different audiences.

Brizo will be an excellent choice if you prefer sleek and sophisticated fittings for your home. They have a series of collections and designs you can opt for.

Delta is mainstream and has a varied collection of kitchen faucets, showers, etc. It is more budget-friendly, but the quality is top-notch.

Brizo Luxe Gold vs Delta Champagne Bronze

Brizo and Delta are known for their varied collections offering different designs of bathroom and kitchen fittings. Furthermore, it provides multiple finish types allowing you to choose one that suits your kitchen or bathroom.

Brizo has great variants, including Luxe Gold, when it comes to finishes. This finish is costlier than other variants, and it’s a lighter shade of gold. Delta’s Champagne Bronze finish is a bit darker, polished, and pricier than other finishes of this brand.

Both have excellent resistance against corrosion and have a good durability factor. Additionally, it’s easy to clean and maintain.

Brizo vs Delta For Kitchen Faucet

Brizo and Delta have impressive collections of kitchen faucets that you can opt for. Brizo has a series of collections for those ready to splurge, including a collaboration with Jason Wu, an acclaimed fashion designer.

When it comes to the features of the products, they may vary. While both brands offer smart touch technology, Brizo’s kitchen faucets come with voice technology, electronic valve, etc.

Delta has kitchen faucets that have volume control. Both brands offer the same hole count for installation options ranging between one to four.

Check out some of the differences between these two brand’s product items:

Kitchen FaucetsBrizoDelta
It’s pretty expensive, and the price may vary depending on the finish.It’s cheaper than Brizo.
Brizo offers ten finish options.Delta offers seven finish options.
Ease of Install
It’s a simple process, but you may need assistance if you’re new.Hassle-free but might need professional help if you’re new.
Ease of Maintenance
It’s easy to clean and maintain.The maintenance level is pretty simple and easy.
Brizo’s kitchen faucets are top-notch and last for a long time.Delta’s kitchen faucets are well-designed with a good durability factor.
Delta or Brizo for kitchen faucets?

Brizo vs Delta For Bathroom Faucet

Brizo has some fantastic and sleek designs when it comes to bathroom faucets. It has a sophisticated yet minimalistic look that makes the bathroom spacious and clean.

Delta has varied collections of bathroom faucets in multiple finishes, including matte black, stainless, chrome, etc.

Here are some of the highlighted differences in bathroom faucets between these two brands:

Bathroom FaucetBrizoDelta
The prices are pretty reasonable for a standard finish.Delta faucets may cost higher for some finishes.
It offers various finish types to opt for.Finish types are limited in Delta bathroom faucets.
Ease of Install
The installation process is pretty simple and is flexible with the holes.It’s easy to install and has a good flexibility factor.
Ease of Maintenance
Most of Brizo’s bathroom faucets are easy to clean and maintain.The cleaning process is simple, and most products have high corrosion resistance.
The products from Brizo last long and offer a warranty too.Delta’s bathrooms have excellent longevity, and it also comes with a warranty period.
Brizo or Delta for Bathroom Faucets?

brizo vs delta
brizo vs delta

Other Things You Should Know About Brizo and Delta

Are Brizo and Delta Shower Valves the Same

The functionality may be more or less similar, but the design varies. So, the shower valves of these brands are not the same.

Is Brizo a Luxury Brand

Brizo is one of the subsidiaries of Delta Faucet company catering to a specific audience that loves to splurge. So, yes, it’s a luxury brand.

Are Brizo and Delta Interchangeable

It depends on the features of a specific item. Delta parts are mostly exchangeable, but they may vary.

TL;DR -Brizo vs Delta

Hopefully, this article has helped you understand the differences between these two brands and their products. Both brands manufacture high-quality fittings along with innovative designs. The only significant difference is cost, as Brizo is costlier than Delta. So, choose one that suits your budget and requirements.