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Brizo vs Kohler – Which Brand Should I Go For?

Faucets are an integral part of our home, especially for our beloved kitchen and bathroom spaces. Whether you prefer luxurious elegance or traditional design, you can get faucets in different shapes and sizes.

However, choosing a faucet can sometimes become tricky, especially when you have hundreds of brands claiming to be the best. Thankfully, need-based analysis can simplify your faucet selection, leaving us with two of the best brands – Brizo and Kohler.

But which brand is better? In this Brizo vs Kohler comparison article, we will compare these brands side by side and help you identify the best product for your bathroom and kitchen services.

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Brizo vs Kohler – Comparison Table

BrandFaucet typeCostFinishEase of installationEase of maintenanceDurability
Kohler K-780-VSKitchen faucet$300 to $400Stainless steel, bronze, and chrome4 stars4.3 starsHigh
Brizo 63020LF-SSKitchen faucet$500 to $600Stainless steel4.2 stars4.5 starsExcellent with lifetime warranty
Kohler Devonshire K-394-4-CPBathroom faucetAround $300Polished metal4.3 stars4.5 starsExcellent with ceramic disc valves
Brizo BalizaBathroom faucetAround $350Polished metal4.2 stars4.3 starsExcellent (Watersense certified)

Kohler vs Brizo – Differences

Both Kohler and Brizo produce high-quality faucets featuring premium materials and excellent durability. While Kohler tends to price its products to cater to a wide range of customers, Brizo’s products are more expensive than Kohler’s.

Here are the primary differences between Kohler and Brizo.


Kohler has been in the faucet industry for over 100 years and offers some of the popular plumbing fixtures and accessories. The brand offers faucets in different designs for bathroom and kitchen needs using high-quality materials like brass and steel.

In short, if you want a good-looking, durable faucet for your home, Kohler is undoubtedly worth considering.

On the other hand, Brizo is new in the faucet industry but has gained popularity with its luxurious and elegant designs. Brizo caters to the needs of buyers who want to experience luxury in their homes.


Although Kohler may be more expensive than other brands, most of its products have average pricing, making them accessible to a wide range of users. However, you will have to employ an experienced plumber for the installation, which will escalate the overall cost.

On the other hand, Brizo is an expensive brand and not for everyone. However, the use of high-quality materials and advanced technology like smart-touch functionality justifies the price tag.


Kohler offers many functions to adjust the flow rate, spray arm, and stream. However, the brand misses on advanced features to keep costs down.

On the contrary, Brizo employs innovative functionalities like smart-touch features and magnedock technology to offer additional functions. However, these additional functions make Brizo faucets more expensive than other products.

Brizo Or Kohler For Bathroom Faucet?

Kohler and Brizo manufacture bathroom faucets using state-of-the-art technology and high-quality materials. However, Kohler offers inexpensive solutions, while Brizo faucets can be expensive.

For instance, the Kohler Devonshire K-394-4-CP bathroom faucet features durable construction with four color options. Despite having an inexpensive price tag, this bathroom faucet offers excellent handle controls and an easy-to-maintain design, making it a perfect choice for every home.

On the other hand, the Brizo Baliza sports an elegant design that speaks volumes about its luxurious fit and finishes. This bathroom faucet comes with a ceramic cartridge that enhances its durability, while multiple valve options make it convenient for everyday use.

However, the Brizo Baliza is not cheap, and you have to buy the handle valves separately. So pricing is the differentiating factor between these two brands, and users will have to choose based on their preferences.

Brizo vs Kohler

Kohler or Brizo for Kitchen Faucet?

Kohler and Brizo can’t be separated on product quality as both brands offer high-quality kitchen faucets. The only differentiating factors remain the price and additional features, where Brizo takes the lead.

For instance, the Brizo 63020LF-SS is an expensive faucet but elevates your kitchen space to a whole new level. The stainless steel body aids maintenance as you can wipe out stains with minimal effort.

Furthermore, the rotatable hose allows you to work 360°, making it one of the most flexible kitchen faucets.

Although the Kohler K-780-VS matches the Brizo 63020LF-SS’s construction standards, it misses out on features like a 360° hose. However, you get a convenience button, allowing you to control the faucet’s water flow.

Likewise, the Kohler K-780-VS is cheaper than the Brizo 63020LF-SS and undoubtedly worth considering for your kitchen.

Is Kohler a Good Brand

Kohler has a long history of producing high-quality products since 1873. The company is a leading producer in various categories, including faucets and plumbing fixtures.

Although Kohler offers cheaper products than most brands, the brand ensures that its product quality is top-notch and available with multiple features.

According to the latest statistics, 28.8% of US citizens use Kohler bathroom accessories and fixtures as the brand produces high-quality and hand-painted products.

But is Kohler high end? Although some Kohler faucets cost over $400, most of its products sit on the average price point, making them affordable for most homes. Furthermore, you can also get additional discounts while shopping at various online and offline stores.

Is Brizo a Good Brand

Brizo is a luxury product line from the Delta Faucet Company that started operating in the 1990s. The company manufactures eco-friendly products that are elegant and elevate your kitchen and bathroom space to a whole new level.

Besides offering unmatched elegance and aesthetics, many plumbers consider Brizo faucets as one of the easiest to repair and service faucet lines. However, Brizo is an expensive brand, making it an unlikely option for budget-oriented users.

Other Questions You May Have About Brizo or Kohler

Are Brizo and Delta Finishes the Same

Since Brizo is a luxury sub-brand of Delta, you can assume they offer identical finishes. However, some finishes might differ as Brizo uses premium spraying techniques on its products.

Is Brizo a Kohler Brand

Brizo is a sub-brand of Delta Faucet Company and has no relation with Kohler.

Is Brizo High End

Since Brizo represents the luxury line of products from Delta, you can assume that most of its products have higher price tags.

Are Kohler and Brizo Interchangeable

Brizo and Kohler employ different mechanical parts in their faucets, so Kohler and Brizo are not interchangeable.

Final Thoughts

Kohler and Brizo are among the most used faucets, ensuring that there is something for everyone. However, their price difference undoubtedly creates a barrier, where budget-oriented users prefer Kohler, while Brizo appeals to homeowners who prefer class and elegance.

In short, it would be best to understand your needs before making a purchase.