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Does Burlington Sell Squishmallows? Cost, Restock Dates, +more

Yes, Burlington sells squishmallows in their stores, but not usually on their website. They do sometimes take a long time to restock, but you also sometimes find very hard-to-get squishmallows at Burlington

If you prefer to shop retail most of the time, you’ve heard about Burlington. They are an American off-price department store retailer that stocks up for your every need.

Squishmallows- the newest craze among 10-30-year-olds, is also a huge seller at Burlington. They are squishy plush toys that are warm and comforting and extremely squashable. If you have a kid or consider yourself one, no matter your age, you’d love Squishmallows!

The best part about Squishmallows is that no matter how much you crush or squash them, it does not affect their actual shape. These toys were first manufactured in 2017 by Kellytoys and became popular via the Internet.

The cute thing about Squishmallows is that they are stuffed with marshmallow-like polyester fiber on the inside. Hence- ‘Squishmallow’!

Does Burlington Sell Squishmallows Online In 2022? Do They Deliver?

Burlington allows online shopping via its website and has a variety of selections relating to apparel and other things. They also offer timed deals on specific items frequently, and you can also shop for kids wear from their website.

During the global pandemic, Burlington temporarily shut down online shopping and deliveries to their consumers. This year, they resumed it for their customers; however, squishmallows aren’t currently available on Burlington’s website.

Burlington, of course, has a section dedicated to kids and babies, and toys are an integral part of this section. You can check out their store aisles to get a squishmallow for yourself. However, there is always hope that Burlington will stock the newest collection of Squishmallows in the future, so keep your fingers crossed!

Wondering Where Else You Can Buy Squishmallows?

CVS || Walmart || Aldi

GameStop || Hallmark || Kroger

Meijer || Target || Michaels

Costco || Walgreens

Does Burlington Sell Christmas Or Halloween-Themed Squishmallows?

Squishmallows, like other toy products, also come in themes during the festive season and for certain special holidays.

Kellytoys makes it a point to manufacture Christmas-themed squishmallows during the holiday season. They also release squishmallows themed after Easter and Disney characters, along with ‘Night Before Christmas’ and Halloween.

Burlington also stocks up on these character-themed limited squishmallows for their consumers when they are released. The popular Christmas-themed squishmallows are Reindeer Ruby, Santa Nick, Elf Elliot, etc. Check out those special edition squishmallows as soon as you can get your hands on them!

does burlington sell squishmallows
does burlington sell squishmallows?

Other Things To Know About Burlington and Squishmallows

What Are the Sizes and Prices of The Squishmallows Available at Burlington?

Like any other retailer, Burlington also has different prices for different squishmallows depending on their sizes and their rarity. Often, they might also put up special deals or discount offers for special days or during a specific season.

Does Burlington Deliver Squishmallows?

Burlington, at present, does not sell squishmallows online. Naturally, they do not deliver. However, there is always a possibility that in the future, they might sell squishmallows online; and you can most certainly expect to get your squishies delivered to you.

Does Burlington Have Cow Squishmallows?

Squishmallows come in many different designs. Burlington stocks up on these different kinds of squishmallows; however, a few designs go out quicker than the rest. Animal designs like cow and pig squishmallows and fruit and vegetable designs are quite trendy.

What Is It About Squishmallows?

Squishmallows are stirring an equal amount of craze among the 10 years olds as well as the adults who are kids by heart. They are the perfect amount of silent comfort and company as you sleep or travel.

They are equal amounts of comfort and aesthetic, thus making them a perfect option for home decor as well as for simply embracing. Apart from that, their cute embroidered character faces and colors are the reason kids are completely crazy about Squishmallows.

For adults like us, the craze is primarily about collecting the different types of squishmallows and making our own army. There are rare squishmallows like ‘Jack the Black Cat’ that are difficult to come by and are very much sought after.

Need Reasons To Defend Your Squishmallow Collection?

Squishmallows became widely popular via viral internet videos and their adorable squish factor. To this day, they are growing in popularity among kids and young adults alike. While cuteness is a factor for instant attraction in children, adults’ inclination towards squishmallows is mainly because they are collectibles.

Here are three reasons for you to keep loving squishmallows without any guilt!

  1. Primarily, they are perfect for both you and your kids! You don’t have to spend time shopping for cute plushies for your kids/nephews/nieces and then look for something for yourself.
  1. Second, squishmallows are super squishy- squishmallows are so loved because they are fun to squash and crush. No matter how many times you squish them, they always return to their original shape. What better way to relieve stress?
  1. Thirdly, if you’re secretly a fangirl and love to collect things related to your favorite fictional characters, you can make a collection out of squishmallows! Need I say more?

Wrapping Up

Squishmallows, the newest craze among today’s young is here to say. The allure of comfort and companionship from these squishy plushies is so strong that you cannot help but give in.

Apart from being perfect for both kids and young adults, they are also suitable for pets, as they are squishy, and pets love to play with such things. They’ll suit pets who especially feel lonely or like to have company while they sleep.

Even though not on the official list for retailing squishmallows, Burlington is a reliable place to treat yourself to some squishies when you can. So when you have enough time for it, find your nearest store to go squishing!