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Are Crisco Candles Toxic? Let’s Analyze The Ingredients

Want to know whether Crisco candles are toxic or not? Well, look no further as I answer your query related to this.

Some might be aware of Crisco candles if they’re into DIYs. Or else most people know Crisco as a brand that sells various cooking products, including shortening, cooking oils, and cooking sprays. 

Crisco’s shortening product is used for making candles and is surprisingly good. But is it toxin free? Continue reading to know more. 

Key Takeaways 

  • Crisco candles are non-toxic and safe to use.
  • Crisco shortening is used as candle wax which is made of vegetable oils. 
  • Avoid using synthetic fragrance oil to make scented Crisco candles. 
  • Cotton-based wicks are mostly used in homemade Crisco candles. 

What’s Crisco Shortening?

Let’s get to know about Crisco shortening first! A shortening is a fat type in solid form made from either animal fats or vegetable oil.

Crisco shortening is made of vegetable oils, including hydrogenated rapeseed, soybean, or cottonseed oil. 

Using Crisco shortening as a candle wax seems odd as it’s primarily for cooking. Regardless, many people have used this product to make DIY candles. Even better if you’re on a budget as it is cost-efficient. It’s cheaper compared to ready-made candles. 

Besides, it’s not highly flammable. You can use it as a candle wax since burning a Crisco candle in normal conditions isn’t strong enough to cause a significant burn

Ingredients in Crisco Shortening
Hydrogenated palm oil
Soyabean oil
Palm oil
Mono And Diglycerides

Crisco Candles: Toxic Or Not?

Crisco candles are not toxic. Since it’s a vegetable-based fat, these candles are less likely to produce toxins, unlike candles made out of paraffin wax. Unless you infuse scented ingredients into your homemade candles, Crisco candles are safe to use.

Most candles found in stores are made of cheaper paraffin wax. However, it releases toxins that may harm your health. Burning candles release fumes, a natural process, but the level of toxicity is lower in vegetable-based wax candles. 

A scented paraffin wax candle contains harmful chemical elements, including:

  • Carcinogens: It’s a chemical element in paraffin and fragrant candles, which may lead to the potential risk of cancer.
  • Phthalates: It’s a plasticizer present in fragrant candles to make the smell stronger. The presence of this element may cause harm to your health, especially for kids. 
  • Volatile Organic Compound (VOC): Most people might not know, but toxins and chemicals are found in our cleaning, body, and candle products. These are usually clubbed into a category called Volatile Organic Compounds. Scented and paraffin wax-based candles release Toluene and Benzene, two known VOCs, that are very harmful.

Going through the ingredient list in Crisco shortening hints that candles made of this fat are natural extracts. It’s safe to say that Crisco candles are non-toxic because of the absence of these harmful elements. 

In addition, it’s eco-friendly and safe for children unless you add synthetic fragrance oil, which is equally harmful to your health. It would be better to use natural essential oils.

are crisco candles toxic

Are Crisco Candles Safe For Cats, Birds, And Dogs?

Crisco candles are safe for cats, birds, and dogs, given the room is well-ventilated, and your pets are intelligent enough to not get themselves near a burning flame 🙂

Correct Way To Use Crisco Candles

Here are some of the correct and safe ways to use Crisco candles:

  • Crisco candles are less likely to produce toxins, but keeping your room ventilated would still be better. 
  • Avoid flammable things or objects near a burning candle, as chances are likely to catch fire. It’s always better to be careful than to feel sorry at the end. 
  • Use cotton-based wicks instead of lead to avoid releasing toxic fumes. 
  • If you plan to make scented Crisco candles, use natural essential oil instead of synthetic fragrance.

How Do I Know Crisco Candles Are Bad For Me?

These are the symptoms you may get if Crisco candles don’t agree with you:

  • Headache
  • Eye inflammation
  • Breathing problem
  • Nausea

Do Crisco Candles Use Leads In The Wicks?

Since Crisco candles are homemade, the choice of wicks is entirely on you. The use of lead in candle wicks is not as prevalent today as it was a few years ago. 

Lead wicks illuminate better. However, it has proved to cause harm to our health. The CPSC (Consumer Product Safety Commission) has called for the ban of this chemical element due to its adverse effects on health, especially for young children.

Most people use cotton-based wicks for their homemade Crisco candles, which are safer and eco-friendly.


I hope this post was helpful and clarified your doubts about Crisco candles. These candles are devoid of toxic chemical elements since the fat used as candle wax is made of vegetable oils. Crisco candles may not be long-lasting like regular candles, but it is excellent for emergency use and cost-efficient. 






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