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Does Ace Hardware Cut Glass? Your One-Stop Guide

Ace Hardware Corporation is known for being one of the top contenders in the hardware industry. They are the world’s largest hardware retail cooperatives based in the US, and they offer tools like paint, plumbing supplies, hardware, different types of tools, and more. 

Today Ace Hardware Corporation boasts more than 5,000 retail outlets across the entire United States and has more than 400 stores across 62 countries worldwide.

In addition to their excellent customer services, Ace Hardware also offers services like key cutting, propane refill, pipe cutting, and more to their customers but does Ace Hardware cut glass? In short, yes. You can easily go to the nearest outlet and cut your glass for a minimal fee.

In this article, we let you get an in-depth understanding of how Ace Hardware operates and everything you need to know about Ace Hardware.

Types of Glass Ace Hardware Can Cut for You

In short, Ace Hardware will cut any type of glass for you as long as you give them the proper measurements and for a minimal fee. You can even purchase their already cut glass or buy yourself the tools to cut your glass safely at home.

Here are some of the types of glasses Ace Hardware will cut for you:

Type Of GlassDoes Ace Hardware Cut It?
Mirror GlassYes
Acrylic SheetsYes
Tempered and Non-Tempered glassYes

Can I Bring My Own Glass to Ace Hardware for Cutting?

I’m glad you asked. Ace Hardware is famous for the different types of services they provide for their customers, such as yourself, and among them is cutting glass. You can easily drive to one of their stores and seek their expert glass cutting services. You can bring your own glass to cut the way you want it.

The only thing you need to do is provide them the accurate measurements on the glass to cut however you want it, and their expert glass cutting employees will handle the rest. You can also opt for the pre-cut glass pieces at the store in different sizes, types, and designs for your various needs and purchase them. Their services are not only limited to this; and they will cut your glass and replace any glass for any windows as well. 

As mentioned above, Ace Hardware also offers their customers tools for a DIY glass cutting session in the comfort of their own homes. If you’re on a tight budget, you can go for that, but the safest route would be to let them cut it if you have no experience in cutting glass.

does ace hardware cut glass
does ace hardware cut glass

Does Ace Hardware Cut Glass to Size? 

Ace Hardware isn’t limited in providing their customers with satisfaction. So if you’re questioning yourself, “Does Ace Hardware custom cut glass?” or “Does Ace Hardware cut plexiglass to size?” The answer is yes, yes to all. 

Ace Hardware can completely cut the exact and specific size you’re looking for as long as you provide them with the correct measurements, or you can purchase the already available pre-cut glasses they sell at the store.

The glasses are cut with various types of machines at Ace Hardware, and since the services they offer may vary from different locations, sometimes it may not be possible to cut the exact dimension and shape of the glass you’re looking for. 

But fear not, you can ask the outlets near you before moving on to the store. The employees are ever ready to help answer any of your questions and assist you with cutting your glass as per your requirements.

Does Ace Hardware Cut Window Glass? 

As mentioned above, Ace hardware cuts any type of glass, and they are completely capable of doing custom cuts for you, which means they can cut it as per your requirements. So yes, Ace Hardware can cut window glass for you.

Not only do they cut the glass for your window, but Ace Hardware can and will even replace the panels of your window as long as you bring one with you. But if not, you can ask them to cut it according to your specification, and you can install the window yourself. 

But wait, there’s more. The top-notch services that Ace Hardware provides are unmatched, so it’s not only cutting the glass for your windows, but they can also cut glass for picture frames and tabletops. So before you ask, “Does Ace Hardware cut glass for picture frames?” or “Does Ace Hardware cut glass for table tops?” Yes, they do.

How Much Does It Cost to Get a Piece of Glass Cut at Ace Hardware? 

Generally speaking, the majority of the Ace Hardware stores avail glass cutting services for their customers. Still, since Ace Hardware is a cooperative, its stores around the United States and in different countries are owned and operated independently by different owners. Hence, some stores do not offer glass cutting services.

However, it is reported that the Ace Hardware glass cutting cost is at a reasonably cheap rate of $2 per cut. You can cut glass, acrylic sheets, and plexiglass in the store at the same rate. 

Other Things You Should Know About Ace Hardware

Does Ace Hardware Cut Mirror Glass?

Yes, they cut mirror glass.

Does Ace Hardware Cut Plexiglass? 

Yes, they do cut plexiglass.

Does Ace Hardware Cut Plexiglass to Size?

Yes, according to the measurements you provide.

Does Ace Hardware Sell Glass?

Yes. In different shapes, sizes, and designs.

Does Ace Hardware Cut Acrylic Sheets?

Yes they do cut acrylic sheets.

Does Ace Hardware Cut Tempered Glass?

Yes, Ace Hardware cuts tempered glass.

Does Ace Hardware Replace Glass?

They usually do, but you should check with your local store on their services.

TL;DR – Does Ace Hardware Cut Glass

Ace Hardware is globally known for its different types of services, and the most popular service that customers seek expert help with is cutting glasses. They provide excellent glass cutting services, but you can also purchase tools for a DIY glass cutting session or purchase the pre-cut glass available at the store.


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