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Does Ace Hardware Cut Wood? 2022 Store Policies For Lumber

Ace hardware is one of America’s most loved hardware stores today. They have over 5000 stores spread worldwide, which, I gotta say, is an impressive feat.

One thing that sets Ace hardware apart from other brands is that almost all of its stores are independently owned and managed by local businessmen. So wherever the brand goes, it always takes care of the local people in that community.

One of the services Ace Hardware offers to its customers is professional woodcutting, which is a common need when building or repairing your home.

This Has Gotten Plenty of Folks Wondering, Will Ace Hardware Cut Wood You Bring In?

And the answer is yes; they do cut wood that you bring in. However, it all depends on whether they have the particular tools needed to cut the type of wood you’re carrying. You can always call ahead and tell them the type of wood you have, and they’ll let you know if it’s possible.

Generally, they should be able to cut any type of wood that they already sell in the store. Anything other than that which requires a specific tool-set may not be possible for them to deal with.

Ace Hardware should most likely be able to cut the types of wood mentioned in the chart below.

Types of WoodWill Ace Hardware Cut It for Me?
Cedar woodYes
Oak woodYes
Pine woodYes
White birchYes
White MapleYes

Does Ace Hardware Sell Lumber

Of course, they do. Apart from providing home repair and hardware services, Ace Hardware also functions as a full-time lumber store. They sell over 60 types of lumber from established and popular brands like Alexandria Moulding, Band-it, Midwest products and Cedar safe.

So, the next time you need lumber, head on over to your local Ace hardware store, and they’ll hook you up with some fine and high-quality lumber.

What Is the Ace Hardware Wood Cutting Price? Will They Cut Wood For Free?

I keep hearing a lot of people asking one question over and over again, how much does it cost for Ace hardware to cut my wood?

They usually don’t charge you anything for cutting if you’ve bought the wood from their store.

So, does ace hardware cut wood for you for free? Not quite.

If you’ve brought your own wood to the store, they’ll probably cut the first few pieces for free. However, there’s going to be a limit to the free service.

It seems rather unfair to bring your own wood from outside the store and expect it to be cut for free. I know we all love freebies, but there has got to be a limit on it, folks. So it shouldn’t surprise you to hear that they charge for their wood-cutting services.

In my estimate, they usually charge a small fee per piece after the first ten or twelve pieces. Although I’m not sure exactly how much they charge, it should generally be around 25 to 50 cents per piece.

does ace hardware cut wood
does ace hardware cut wood

Other Places That Will Cut Wood for You

You can get wood-cutting service at most hardware stores like Lowe’s or Home Depot. Lowe’s and Home Depot are both well-known hardware stores like Ace and offer free woodcutting services.

In fact, we’ve already covered two stores that cut wood in the past. Take a look here:

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Will Lowe’s Cut Wood For You? 2022 Policy Changes Explained

If you buy wood from these stores, they will cut it free of charge. However, they’ll probably charge you a small fee after the first ten pieces if you’ve brought the wood from outside.

Alternatively, you could try your luck at your local lumber yard or woodshop, but those places will charge you a fee.

If you still find a place to cut your wood, your best bet would be the local carpenter or the local handyman.

Will Ace Hardware Cut Boards for You

Again, that depends on the store. If the particular store you visit has a large wood cutting area, it shouldn’t be a problem.

However, if the Ace Hardware store in your locality is a small outlet, they probably won’t have the required space.

Other Questions People Have About Ace Hardware and Lumber

Does Ace Hardware Cut Wood to Size?

Yes. Most Ace hardware stores should have a saw in their inventory for cutting wood to size.

Will Ace Hardware Cut Wood at An Angle?

Yes, most outlets should generally have a circular saw do that.

Will Ace Hardware Cut Wood in A Circle?

That depends on the skill of their carpenter. They should not deny this service, but it is best to communicate your requirements to the store.

Does Ace Hardware Cut Plywood?

Ace hardware usually doesn’t sell plywood, but they should be able to cut it if you’ve brought your own.

Does Ace Hardware Pre-Cut Wood for You?

Ace hardware will sell you pre-cut wood, provided you’re a regular customer and have called ahead.

Will Ace Hardware Cut Wood for Pickup?

Yes, they will cut the wood according to the size of your pickup truck.

Will Ace Hardware Cut Wood Lattice for You?

This is not part of their service, so it depends on the individual store.

Will Ace Hardware Cut Holes in Wood for You?

If the outlet has a hole saw, then sure.

TL;DR – Does Ace Hardware Cut Wood

If you’ve bought a particular kind of wood from an Ace Hardware store, they should be able to cut it.

Most Ace stores keep tools and equipment to cut and handle the wood they sell. However, it doesn’t necessarily mean that they can cut any type of wood in the world. So, always call ahead and ask whether or not they’ll be able to cut the kind of wood you have.