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Does Ace Hardware Make Keys? Sort Out All Your ‘Key’ Issues

Are you someone who has more than once misplaced or lost your keys? Or have you ever needed to duplicate keys and couldn’t find an appropriate place to get it done?

Ace Hardware might be the place for you to get all your ‘key’ issues sorted! Ace Hardware is a hardware retail cooperative based in the United States.

They deal in various hardware items like garden tools, home improvement hardware devices, grills, etc. They are also the world’s largest hardware retail cooperative.

Ace Hardware is well known for making keys and duplicating them as well. They make and duplicate all standard keys, and they also have a wide range of blanks to choose from. Apart from these services, they also carry key accessories for people who are interested in them.

Ace Hardware offers to duplicate and can program keys as well. They also offer replacements for previous keys. However, depending on the key type, the prices differ significantly. So the next time you get locked out of your mailbox or lose your keys, you know exactly where to run to.

Type Of Keys Ace Hardware Can Make For You

Ace Hardware provides excellent key-cutting services to their customers at very reasonable prices. They can make keys for all types of locks, including car keys , mailbox keys, etc. Ace hardware also offers replacement keys and can duplicate keys as well.

In the case of mailbox keys, Ace hardware will recommend you to get new mailbox locks rather than providing you with a replacement of the previous key. They usually have an on-site locksmith at all store locations that offer re-keying and key replacement services.

Ace can provide a solution for your key issues without too much stress over the process and in no time. However, it is always advised to keep a duplicate key in case of emergencies or when you don’t have time to go to a hardware store.

Below is a table indicating different types of keys and if Ace hardware offers to make them.

Type Of KeyDoes Ace Hardware Make It?
Mailbox KeysYes
Door KeysYes
Car KeysYes
House KeysYes
Replacement KeysYes
Motorcycle KeysYes
Transponder KeysYes
Master Lock KeysYes

Ace’s Pricing To Make or Duplicate Keys

Depending on the key type, there are different prices for the key services at Ace Hardware. Their prices range from $1.50 to $5 for standard keys.

For a single side key, it can cost from $1.50 to $2.75; for a double-sided key, it can cost you $2.50 to $4. House and door keys can cost you around $5, and in the case of transponder keys, it can cost you around $8 if you have the key in hand.

Duplicating a key can require anything from $2 to $5 at Ace Hardware. Also, if you decide to go for any kind of customization, extra charges will be added to your bill.

does ace hardware make keys

How Much Time Do They Take To Make Keys

At Ace Hardware, the time taken to copy a key can be anywhere from 10 minutes to a half-hour. It depends entirely on the type of key you wish to make and any customization that you wish to get for your keys.

Regarding car keys, some modern cars have fobs with unique transponder chips that require programming to replace and can take up to an hour. The number of pending orders for the locksmith also matters in case of issues regarding your keys.

Is It Worth Getting Keys Made At Ace Hardware? What Is The Quality Of The Keys?

Depending on the store’s location and the people serving you, there may be a difference in the keys you get made from Ace. However, on a general basis, consumers who have fixed their key issues from Ace have had positive reviews.

Ace trains their employees very well regarding key cutting, duplication, and other aspects. The majority of an issue regarding a key is addressed during key cutting; they also have a good range of blanks that you can choose from for your keys.

The convenient thing would be to read reviews or ask anyone who has gotten their key services to get an idea of the service at your local Ace hardware. Majorly, it depends on the skillset of the person handling your key, instead of the machinery or technique.

Does Ace Hardware Make Key Fobs

Ace hardware does make Key Fobs. Their licensed in-store technicians are skilled and trained to give you the best key replacement experience.

Fobs are a hardware token; they are like a one-factor authentication to ensure access to a car or any system or device. While the car key slides into the car, the fob is usually made out of plastic and remains on top of the key.

Ace can replace the car key fob, but it depends on the car’s make, model, and year and the type of program used in the fob. The process of programming the fob of a new car key may take a while. It takes a specific combination that allows the transponder to respond to your vehicle.

What Is A Transponder Key? Does Ace Hardware Make Transponder Keys?

Transponder keys have an RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) chip situated inside the key of modern keys. The RFID chip is like an added layer of protection to your vehicle’s security.

They are also becoming a new industry standard for modern vehicles. Ace hardware can very well program your transponder keys.

The process might take longer than it takes for making standard keys; however, Ace does not compromise on quality.

Other Things You Should Know About Ace and Keys

Does Ace Hardware Laser Cut Keys? Does Ace Hardware Cut Keys For Honda And BMW?

In addition to making standard keys and program transponder keys, Ace Hardware also can laser-cut keys. Ace hardware cuts and makes keys for almost all vehicle and standard types, including Honda and BMW. Price ranges may differ for different vehicles.

Does Ace Hardware Make Master Lock Keys

Yes, Ace Hardware does make Master Lock Keys. They are in addition to their services of making standard keys like house keys or vehicle keys.

Pricing At Ace For Key Copies

For a car key and fob, Ace can copy the key and program the fob as well without you supplying the key. The price can vary depending on your local Ace hardware; however, it will be at par with the other hardware stores.

TL;DR – Does Ace Hardware Make Keys

Ace Hardware is a well-known retail cooperative that deals in hardware items and home improvement items like paints. They also provide services like key replacements and key fob reprogramming.

They can also duplicate standard keys like house keys. Also, Ace hardware usually has an in-staff locksmith or technician for key cutting and programming the key fob. The process for these keys differs depending on the key and customizations, if any.

Ace is an excellent option to run to when you have any key-related issues or when you have an essential package in the mail but can’t find your mailbox key.