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Does Aldi Sell Squishmallows? No Perfect Time To Go Squishing!

If you are someone who likes cute and fuzzy things, you have probably heard of Squishmallows!

Squishmallows are soft plush toys manufactured by the Kellytoy company, launched in 2017. They are incredibly soft because of their polyester fiber stuffing that resembles marshmallows. This is how they came to be known as Squishmallows.

I believe another reason they are loved is that no matter how much you try to crush or squish them, they always return to their original shape. Cuteness and comfort factors are the main reasons behind their popularity.

Does Aldi Sell Squishmallows?

They definitely do! Aldi is a discount supermarket chain that sells these squishmallows in their SpecialBuy range. These squishmallows sell out as soon as they get stocked- so you can safely say that it is one of their most sought-after products.

When Do They Restock The Most Popular Squishmallows At Aldi, And What Are They?

The most popular squishmallows among kids have to be the animal squishies. Though many kids look out for their favorite cartoon characters, most are happy with animal ones. Disney character squishmallows like Mickey and Minnie mouse are also quite popular.

Another trendy squishmallow line was the Star Wars-themed one, and they went out as soon as they came in. If you are a Star Wars fan, good luck getting your favorites before they stock out.

Retail stores like Aldi order these squishies as soon as they stock out, depending on their demand. They keep restocking them frequently owing to the supply from the factory.

Wondering Where Else You Can Buy Squishmallows?

CVS || Costco || Walmart

GameStop || Hallmark || Kroger

Meijer || Target || Michaels

Burlington Coat Factory || Walgreens

What Are The Sizes And Prices Of Squishmallows at Aldi?

Aldi stocks up on squishmallows of various kinds for their customers. Unless you are looking for a limited edition squishy, you will find their usual stocks of squishmallows very appealing!

The Squishmallows’ size starts from 5” and can go upto 24” depending on the type and design. The mini-sized Squishies are usually sold in packs of four or eight, and the larger ones are sold solo.

Their price ranges for Squishmallows at Aldi differ for every piece. The lowest price of a Squishmallow at Aldi can start from $13, which was for their recent Disney collection. You might notice that the prices differ by type of squishie, seasonal discounts, or other types of celebratory offers.

does aldi sell squishmallows
does aldi sell squishmallows

Does Aldi Sell Squishmallows In 2022 Or Are They Out Of Stock?

Squishmallows go out of shelves as soon as they hit them at Aldi, owing to their popularity and comfort factor. Check their availability before you rush to get your hands on a squishie.

Aldi recently announced in February that they are restocking the popular Squishmallows in March 2022. These squishmallows are both available online and in the stores.

Most of the time, in the case of Squishmallows, it is about the demand being more than the supply. New squishmallows are released every month, yet the demand doesn’t decrease. So you can expect newer designs of squishmallows in the coming months; however, getting your hands on them before stocks go out is a different story.

Other Things You Should Know About Aldi and Squishmallows

Does Aldi Sell Squishmallows Online? Do They Deliver?

Aldi does sell squishmallows online, and their prices start from as low as $3.99 for keyrings, while the other Squishmallows are priced from $8.99. You can expect to get your order delivered to you on the same day if you go by Instacart.

Does Aldi Have Christmas, Easter, And Other Festive Squishmallows?

Aldi stocks up on the festive-themed Squishmallows as soon as they are released and near the festive days.

There are also more squishmallow lines themed after Disney, Halloween, ‘Night Before Christmas,’ etc. On average days, their regular squishies- like cow squishmallows sell out pretty quick.

What Squishmallows Does Aldi Have, and Are They Getting New Squishmallows?

In the non-festive season, Aldi usually stocks up on the fruit and vegetable squishmallows, and animal-themed squishies like cow, pig and octopus.

Aldi announces their newest squishmallows before they stock them in their stores; with new designs getting made frequently, Aldi will stock up on them as soon as they leave the factory!

What Is So Special About Squishmallows? Are They Worth The Hype?

Squishmallows are the new teddy bears- or so it seems. I think Squishmallows are an easy source of comfort and can make the best companion for sleep or traveling.

Super aesthetic, Squishmallows make great additions to your bedroom decor- giving a vibe of both cute and comfort. Squishmallows are also a type of Collectibles now. People are going crazy over collecting new designs and character based squishmallows and showing them off over their social media.

They are perfect for gift giving for your kid or your nephews and nieces- kids love anything colorful and cute. And if you can find the one based on their favorite cartoons or TV characters, safe to say that you would become their favorite in no time.

Wrapping Up – Does Aldi Have Squishmallows?

Aldi being a known name in the retail industry, it is no surprise that they are one of the places you would go to buy Squishmallows. Since authentic Squishmallows aren’t available at many places, you and I depend on retail stores like Aldi to get our squishies.

Depending on your love of plush toys and the amount of length you would go for collecting your favorite character squishies, Aldi is a good choice for getting quality squishmallows.


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