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Does Canadian Tire Blow up Balloons? 2022 Policy for Filling Helium

Canadian Tire is one of the top departmental stores that sell products ranging from kitchen products to party items. They sell all kinds of balloons like helium and air-filled balloons.

These balloons are made of different materials like latex and foil with varying designs to give more options for your party event. You can also buy many other accessories to help you fill the balloons, like ribbon and helium tanks. The question arises – does Canadian Tire blow up balloons?

Canadian Tire will help you blow up balloons if you buy them from the store. If you ordered it online, you have to show the receipt to get your balloons filled up.

You have to buy the balloons from their stores if you want them to blow up your balloons. The balloons can also come pre-inflated if you want them delivered to your home.

Does Canadian Tire Blow up Balloons?

TypeWill Canadian Tire Blow It Up
Store bought balloonsYes
Bought ElsewhereYes, at a price

Does Canadian Tire Sell Helium Balloons?

Canadian Tire is a supplier of a variety of helium balloons. They sell all kinds of helium balloons made from latex to foil materials.

You can buy them at the store or order them online according to your preference. Canadian Tire also helps get your balloons inflated if you want them to.

Does Canadian Tire Sell Helium Canisters?

Canadian Tire sells helium canisters which can be used to fill your balloons. These helium tanks are portable, so you can buy and use them at home whenever required.

The tanks come in two sizes – small and large.

  • The small tank can fill up to 30 9-inch balloons.
  • The large tank can fill around 50 9-inch balloons.
  • The tank comes with a 1-year warranty which you can redeem in the store if it is malfunctioning.

Operating their helium canisters is incredibly simple. However, it is not refillable at the store once it gets over.

does canadian tire blow up balloons
does canadian tire blow up balloons

Does Canadian Tire Blow up Balloons Bought at Their Store?

Canadian Tire blows up balloons bought at their store. You can produce the receipt as proof when you go to the store to fill up the balloons.

Canadian Tire has a Party City desk in their stores. They will fill your balloons for you. If you order it online, they will inflate the balloons for you if you request them to do so.

Does Canadian Tire Blow up Balloons Bought Elsewhere?

Canadian Tire will blow up balloons bought elsewhere, but they will come with a price. It all depends on the policy of the individual stores.

Before you make a trip to the store, you should call them in advance to ask about the prices. Since helium prices differ according to locations, there will be a variation in the prices.

Foil balloons can cost you $2 to $16, depending on the size. Latex balloons will cost you about $1.30 a piece.

What Does Canadian Tire Charge to Blow up Helium Balloons?

When you buy balloons from Canadian Tire stores, they will blow up your balloons with helium gas for free. For latex balloons, they will charge a minimal amount as a service fee.

Foil balloons are filled for free; latex balloons will cost around 1 to 1.30 dollars. However, the prices can differ according to your location also.

Does Canadian Tire Have Helium Balloons?

Canadian Tire has a wide selection of helium balloons for all kinds of events. You can order them for birthdays, anniversaries, office parties, etc.

They sell both latex and foil balloons that come in different designs and combinations. They have Number bouquets, balloon bouquets, confetti balloons, etc., that you can choose from.

Does Canadian Tire Air Fill Balloons?

Canadian Tire does not air-fill balloons at its stores but sells air-filled balloons. You can buy their air-filled balloons for birthdays and anniversaries.

You can get deflated ones to be delivered to your home and inflate air using the straw that comes with the balloon package. You should not use helium for air-fill balloons as they are not recommended.

Does Canadian Tire Rent Helium Tanks?

Canadian Tire does not rent helium tanks. You can purchase helium canisters instead and take them home for future use.


What Is the Price of Helium Tanks at Canadian Tire?

The small helium tank will cost around $45, and the large tank around $60.

Does Canadian Tire Blow up Word Balloons?

Yes, Canadian Tire will blow up word balloons for free if you produce the purchase bill from the store.

Does Canadian Tire Blow up Banner Balloons?

Yes, Canadian Tire will blow up banner balloons in their store.

Wrapping Up

Canadian Tire does blow up balloons with helium gas in their stores. You can also request them to inflate the balloons before they get delivered if you order them online.

You can also purchase balloons from other stores and fill them at Canadian Tire stores for a fee.

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