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Does Costco Sell Squishmallows? Find Out The Cost, Restock Dates + More

Costco is a genuine retailer known for selling an extensive range of cute and unique toys, and since you’re here, you probably want to know, does Costco sell Squishmallows?

Well, yes! We can tell you that Costco sells Squishmallows online and in-store and offers the best deals. 

So whether you are one of those Squishmallows fanatics who love collecting these squashy pillow pets to cuddle or looking to gift them to your children, you can get them in Costco.

Costco has Squishmallows ranging in different styles, colors, themes, and sizes. 

Without much ado, let’s take you through this article and answer your question on whether Costo sells Squishmallows by providing you with the desired information.

Also, we will answer some of the most frequently asked questions on Costco’s Squishmallows.

Does Costco Have Squishmallows?

Absolutely yes! Costco has Squishmallows of all kinds and offers plenty of options from mini size to jumbo size in different designs, themes, colors, and sizes. 

Costco currently has jumbo-sized 24″ Squishmallows in their various warehouses and online. The soft gigantic size Squishmallows are high in demand and priced at $32.99 each. 

Costco has these Squishmallows for sale in-store and online. 

Does Costco Sell Squishmallows in Store?

Yes, Costco sells Squishmallows in-store! Costco also sells directly to customers in stores at excellent prices. 

So, if you want to purchase those super cute Squishmallows, head to the store quickly as Costco sells out the latest Squishmallows as soon as they are launched.

Some select Costco warehouse offer a discount on Squishmallows, so hurry and grab your favorite before they are sold out!

Does Costco Sell Squishmallows Online?

Costco also sells Squishmallows online at and offers incredible deals to its customers. All the new Squishmallows are available online, including the 20″ Hello Kitty Squishmallows.

However, the price may somewhat differ from in-store prices, and purchasing them online costs more by a few dollars.

does costco sell squishmallows
does costco sell squishmallows

Which Aisle Is Squishmallows in Costco?

The Squishmallows aisle may differ from one Costco store to another. Typically, you will find the Squishmallows in the Christmas stuff and toy aisle.

It shouldn’t be hard to locate those colorful Squishmallows in the store as they come neatly stacked on the shelves.

On, find your favorite Squishmallows in the Stuffed Animals and Plush Toys aisle

Does Costco Not Sell Squishmallows Anymore?

Costco continues to sell tons of new Squishmallows online and in-store. So while at Costco, take a look around, and you’ll discover that Costco still has a vast collection of these huggable stuffed toy animals for sale. 

Costco replenish new Squishmallows every season to keep their customers in high spirits. So, look out for any upcoming new arrivals and collect as much Squishmallows as you can.

Does Costco Sell 2022 Squishmallows?

Yes, Costco sells 2022 Squishmallows, which are jumbo-sized, 24-inch Squishmallows! These are all available for sale in-store and online till stocks last.

Costco has Ronnie the Cow and 20″, 24″ Hello Kitty Squishmallows. has the 2022 Squishmallows, including Miles the Dragon at $36.99 with delivery charges, Kelina the Koala, Aina the Unicorn, Lakely the Dinosaur, and Caeli the Cat.

What Squishmallows Does Costco Have?

Costco has Squishmallows that come in fun designs such as unicorns, dragon, ladybug, butterfly, lion, owl, dinosaur, elephant, cat, koala, zebra, cheetah, cow, fox, sea animals, Star Wars characters, Disney characters, etc.

Costco also has seasonal Squishmallows of different themes that suit every season like Christmas, Halloween, Birthdays, Easter, etc. 

What Prices Are the Squishmallows Available at Costco?

The prices for Squishmallows available at Costco are a steal deal. The 16-inch Squishmallows cost $9.99, the 24-inch at $24.99, and the 24-inch costs $32.99, while some designs may cost about $34.99 for the same size.

Please note that prices may vary in-store and online and may be higher online.

Either way, given the high-quality details of the Squishmallows, it is worth purchasing from Costco.

Are Squishmallows Out Of Stock at Costco?

Squishmallows are popular stuffed toys, and due to the high demand, they run out of stock at Costco within a few hours of launching. 

However, Costco restocks every time they sell out Squishmallows, so check out Costo weekly ad to see if they have refilled more.

Wondering Where Else You Can Buy Squishmallows?

CVS || Walmart || Aldi

GameStop || Hallmark || Kroger

Meijer || Target || Michaels

Burlington Coat Factory || Walgreens

FAQs About Costco and Squishmallows

Does Costco Sell Halloween Squishmallows?

Costco sells Squishmallows in various themes, and they have Halloween-themed Squishmallows, including owls, cats, dragons, bulldogs, koalas, dinosaurs and more.

Does Costco Have Nightmare Before Christmas Squishmallows?

As of now, Costco doesn’t have Nightmare before Christmas Squishmallows. Be sure to check out Costco Hot Finds for new arrivals.

Does Costco Have Easter Squishmallows?

Costco has Easter Squishmallows, including a unicorn and owl Squishmallows, etc. Watch out for new Easter Squishmallows and quickly go on a hunt during this time.

Does Costco Have Disney Squishmallows?

Yes, Costco has Disney Squishmallows including the Star Wars Squishmallows, including Baby Yoda, BB8, R2D2 and Chewie, and the Hello Kitty Squishmellows, like Keroppi, Tuxedo Sam and Pineapple.

You can still buy Disney Star Wars Squishmallows online for less than 30 USD.

Does Costco Have Cow Squishmallows?

Yes, Costco has cow Squishmallows! It has Ronnie the Cow Squishmallows that comes in a 24-inch size which is recently becoming popular among Squishmallows enthusiasts.

Does Costco Have Christmas Squishmallows?

Yes, Costco has Christmas-themed Squishmallows during this festive season.
So, check out Costco newsletter for any new Christmas Squishmallows around this period.

What Sizes Are Squishmallows Available at Costco?

Costco has adorable Squishmallows of all sizes to match every individual’s taste. They can be as little as 8, 12 inches to as big as 16, 20, and 24 inches. 

Does Costco Deliver Squishmallows?

Yes, Costco delivers Squishmallows. Costco offers standard shipping with or without delivery charges depending upon the product and your location.
Costco also ships to Puerto Rico, Alaska and Hawaii with additional handling charges.

When Does Costco Restock Squishmallows? 

We can’t tell for sure when Costco will restock Squishmallows. There’s no specific date and time when Costco will refill them, so look out for any replenishing by checking out the Costco Weekly Ad frequently. 

Is Costco Getting New Squishmallows?

Costco will be getting new Squishmallows, although we aren’t sure when they will be available in-store or online.
However, you can check the Costco Weekly newsletter for any upcoming Squishmallows.

Does Costco Sell Fake Squishmallows?

No, Costco sells authentic Squishmallows. The Squishmallows at Costco come in original tags and has a soft texture with excellent details and tight stitches. 
Costco thus is a genuine Squishmallows seller that deals in high-quality Squishmallows, so you don’t need to fret about being scammed.  

About Squishmallows

Squishmallows are recently becoming increasingly popular among people of all ages. They are plush, squishy pillow pets designed in different colors, themes, sizes, and styles to suit anybody’s taste. 

Its versatility allows for use as toys during playtime, travel pillows, or pillow buddies. The puffy Squishmallows animal pillows are also a perfect option for people who have an allergic reaction to real animals. 

Squishmallows make an excellent gift for Christmas, Valentine’s, Easter holiday, Birthday, graduation, or any other special occasion.

Best yet, you can machine wash them.

Wrapping Up

Costco is thus well-known for selling a wide range of adorable Squishmallows. Therefore, if you are a die-hard Squishmallows fan and want to add more to your collection, watch out for new Costco Squishmallows regularly and rush to buy before they run out of stock.