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Does Dollarama Blow up Balloons? 2022 Policy For Filling Helium

Dollarama is a Canadian variety store selling different products at reasonable prices. From grocery to cleaning supplies, it sells various items under a roof.

You can purchase party supplies, including balloons for different events. It’s available in different shapes and materials. If you plan to get affordable and attractive balloons, Dollarama would be perfect.

Some of you might be wondering now: does Dollarama blow up balloons? Does Dollarama inflate balloons for their customers? And the answer is yes.

TypesWill Dollarama Blow It Up?
Store-bought balloonsYes
Balloons bought from other storesNo
Air-filled balloonsYes
Helium balloonsIt depends on the stores

Perhaps you should continue reading the article to know more.

Does Dollarama Blow up Balloons Bought at Their Store?

Yes, Dollarama blows up balloons for those who purchase from their store. It has different balloon types suitable for any occasion. Whether birthday parties or other events, this store has it all.

This Canadian-based dollar store was founded in 1992 and has grown massively. It has many stores over the cities, thus providing goods at affordable prices.

If you’re busy, you can purchase the balloons online. Online buyers can also inflate their balloon by visiting the store and show the receipt.

Balloon inflation is done free of cost in most stores. Even if they charge, it will not cost more than a dollar.

Does Dollarama Blow up Balloons Bought Elsewhere?

Dollarama doesn’t inflate balloons bought from other stores. It applies only to those who have bought it from their store.

This type of condition applies to almost all the party stores, since Helium is not really a cheap resource.

Additionally, some stores don’t provide this service. Thus, resorting to a helium supplier or buying a balloon pump is your next best option.

does dollarama blow up balloons

Therefore, while purchasing balloons, ensure that the store offers balloon filling service so that you don’t have to rent one. If you have a balloon pump or a helium tank, then it’s okay. But it would be pretty troublesome for those who don’t have one of these items.

Does Dollarama Air Fill Balloons?

Dollarama doesn’t charge for inflation of air balloons. If you have bought it from the store, you can let the staff blow it up for free.

And if you don’t like to wait around, perhaps getting a balloon pump would be great. You can purchase one from the store. It’s reasonably priced allowing you to use it any time.

It’s convenient, and you don’t have to go to the store every time to fill up. If you have money to spare, it would be great to get one, especially if you have kids.

Does Dollarama Sell or Have Helium Balloons?

Dollarama sells different balloon types suitable for various events. The store has helium-filled balloons made of multiple materials.

Apart from balloons, it sells helium tanks and canisters. If you like to inflate balloons from home, these items would be great.

In most stores, inflating helium balloons is done free as a part of the service. However, some stores may charge a small amount as a fee.

Does Dollarama Sell Helium Canisters?

Yes, Dollarama sells helium canisters at reasonable prices. It’s available in different quantities and sizes. If you’re constantly throwing parties, purchasing this product would be more convenient.

You don’t have to visit the store often to blow up balloons if you have a helium canister. Additionally, the store has helium tanks that you can opt for instead of the canister.

Does Dollarama Rent Helium Tanks?

Unfortunately, Dollarama doesn’t rent helium tanks. But helium suppliers or some other party stores offer this service. We recommend purchasing a helium tank if you constantly throw party events.

You don’t have to pay money to hire a helium tank every time. Instead, buy one and use it when required without paying cash.

What Does Dollarama Charge to Blow up Helium Balloons?

Usually, it’s free of cost, but it may vary. Some stores charge a small amount for availing of this service. While some stores blow up helium balloons for their customers for free.

What Is the Price of Helium Tanks at Dollarama?

The price of helium tanks at Dollarama may vary according to sizes and quantities. Small ones are cheaper than larger tanks and so forth. It’s not that costly, and you will get it within a range of $10-$60

Does Dollarama Blow up Word and Banner Balloons?

In most stores, Dollarama inflates word and banner balloons. However, in some stores, the service may not be available. It varies, and we would recommend checking the store near your area.

Wrapping Up

Before purchasing balloons from a party store, you should see if it inflates balloons for their customers or not. It’s crucial, especially if you opt for helium types, as it requires helium gas to float in the air.

Fortunately, Dollarama blows up balloons for their customers, and you avail it by showing the receipt.