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Does Hallmark Have Squishmallows? Cost, Restock Dates, +More

Squishmallows are super cute and soft stuffed animals that have gained popularity in recent years. These squish stuffed toys are well-loved among the masses, whether kids or adults.

It’s an award-winning toy created by Kellytoy in 2017. Before, the company used to cater to a limited number of customers. But thanks to TikTok, this stuffed toy went viral and rose to popularity.

Squishmallows are available in different variations, and you can get them from stores both online and offline. Now, the question is- does Hallmark sell squishmallows? Perhaps, reading this article answers your query. So, let’s dive in!

Does Hallmark Have Squishmallows?

Hallmark is a renowned family store known for selling greeting cards, gift wraps, stationary, and party goods.

So, does Hallmark have squishmallows or sell online? Currently, it doesn’t sell online on its official website. You may get them at Gold Crown stores spread over the cities.

Some of the Gold Crown stores to purchase these super soft toys include Trudy’s and Steve’s Hallmark. You can visit the store to buy or get it online.

What Prices Are the Squishmallows Available at Hallmark?

Squishmallow’s price at Hallmark may be slightly higher than other retail stores but not as pricey as Party City. An 8-inch squishmallow would cost $13; in contrast, the same would charge only $5 at other stores.

It’s not overpriced, but better alternatives are available at a lower price if you’re on a budget.

What Squishmallows Does Hallmark Have?

According to the New York Times, more than 800 characters of these squishy soft toys are available.

Hallmark has various characters of squishmallows that you can opt for. At Trudy’s Hallmark, some of the squishmallows you can get are:

  • Willy the Wolf
  • Rodina the unicorn
  • Xenia, the fox
  • Hila, the hedgehog
  • Disney snitch
  • Disney piglet

Steve’s Hallmark also sells different characters of squishmallows, and some popular ones are:

  • Disney Dumbo
  • Christmas Nick the Santa Claus
  • Chip the beaver
  • Maurice the moose
  • Yasmin, the hedgehog
  • Laura, the pink cat

All stores have different collections of these super-soft stuffed toys in various sizes. You can browse online or visit the store to purchase these toys.

does hallmark sell squishmallows
does hallmark sell squishmallows

Does Hallmark Sell Halloween Squishmallows?

Yes, some stores like Steve’s Hallmark sell Halloween squishmallows. Here are the characters you will get:

  • Hershey’s chocolate Vlad the Dracula
  • Paxton the Jack-O-Lantern Pumpkin
  • Petey, the pirate

Does Hallmark Have Easter Squishmallows?

Yes, Hallmark has various easter squishmallows that you can choose from. Some of the easter squishmallows found at Trudy’s Hallmark are:

  • Aimee, the Easter chick
  • Bop the Easter bunny
  • Eliana the Easter bunny
  • Bexley the Easter unicorn

Does Hallmark Have Disney Squishmallows?

Some Hallmark stores like Trudy’s and Steve’s have collections of Disney squishmallows. For instance, Trudy’s Hallmark has Piglet, Stitch, Monster inc. Sulley, Winnie the pooh, etc.

Steve’s Hallmark only has Dumbo currently. Perhaps they may add new characters in the future.

Does Hallmark Have Cow Squishmallows?

Unfortunately, most Hallmark stores may not have cow squishmallows. Steve’s Hallmark has Wilfred, the highland cow you can purchase if you’re interested. You can order online and deliver it if the store is not in your area.

Wondering Where Else You Can Buy Squishmallows?

CVS || Walmart || Aldi

GameStop ||  Costco || Kroger

Meijer || Target || Michaels

Burlington Coat Factory || Walgreens

Does Hallmark Have Christmas Squishmallows?

Yes, most of the Hallmark stores have Christmas squishmallows. Nick, the Santa Claus, is available in most stores, including Steve’s and Trudy’s.

Christmas squishmallows found in Hallmark are:

  • Bartie, the boy elf
  • Nick the Santa Claus with eyeglasses
  • Manny the snowman with turquoise gingham scarf

FAQ About Hallmark and Squishmallows

Which Aisle Is Squishmallows in Hallmark?

There is no definitive answer to this as it’s subjected to change. Perhaps, the best way would be to ask the salesperson or staff at Hallmark, as they would know better.

It depends on the stores, but most stores sell the popular ones. But yes, they are updated with the characters and may add accordingly.

Are Squishmallows Out Of Stock at Hallmark?

It may vary but tends to be out of stock sooner than the usual times when there is a sale. However, it’s mostly in stock as they restock weekly on Tuesdays.

What Size Squishmallows Are Available at Hallmark?

The size of squishmallows available in Hallmark mostly ranges from 5-inch to 18-inch.

When Does Hallmark Restock Squishmallows?

Hallmark restocks squishmallows on Tuesdays every week. In addition, they add newer characters while restocking.

Is Hallmark Getting New Squishmallows?

Some Hallmark stores do add new squishamallows while restocking. It may vary, but most are updated with the new characters.

How Much Do Squishmallows Cost at Hallmark?

It depends on the stores, but the price would typically range between $9.99- $40.00. And when there is a sale, it may come as low as $4.00

Does Hallmark Sell Fake Squishmallows?

No, Hallmark doesn’t sell fake squishmallows in their stores. They sell the original ones created by Kellytoy.

Does Hallmark Not Sell Squishmallows Anymore?

Currently, it’s not available on their official website, but you can get it on Trudy’s and Steve’s Hallmark. You can also visit the Gold Crown stores to purchase them.

Does Hallmark Deliver Squishmallows?

Yes, it delivers the products online, or you can visit one of the Gold Crown stores and get them.

Does Hallmark Have a Nightmare Before Christmas Squishmallows?

Unfortunately, Hallmark doesn’t have a nightmare before Christmas squishmallows.

Wrapping Up

As we end the article, we hope this answers your query about Hallmark and whether it sells squishmallows.

Although Hallmark’s official site doesn’t sell these stuffed toys, their Gold Crown stores do. You can check out the stores online or visit them if it’s near your area to purchase squishmallows.