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Does Home Bargains Blow up Balloons for Free? 2022 Policy For Filling Helium

Whether birthday parties or any events, balloons make an excellent party décor. It is available in different variations, from helium to word balloons.

And Home Bargains is no stranger to selling different balloon types plus blow up for their customers. This discounted variety store is UK-based and has over 500 plus branches spread all over the country.

If you have an upcoming event that requires balloons for decor, Home Bargains would be excellent. More so, if you’re on a budget as it’s available at reasonable prices.

Does Home Bargains Blow up Balloons Bought at Their Store?

You’d be glad to know that Home Bargains blow up balloons for their store. However, you need to purchase from their store to avail this service. You need to show the receipt to prove to get your balloons blown.

Most variety stores offer this service to their customers free of cost, or they may charge a small amount.

If you don’t have a balloon pump or helium tank, you fill it in from the store itself. The store also sells these items, including a helium canister. You can purchase these instead and blow up the balloon for more convenience.

Does Home Bargains Blow up Balloons Bought Elsewhere?

Home Bargains doesn’t blow up balloons bought from other variety stores. Therefore, if you like to avail of this service, purchase the balloons from the store itself.

Show the receipts to the staff to get your balloons to blow up at the store. Without it, you cannot avail this service. So, if you plan to blow the balloons from the store, keep the receipt safe.

Does Home Bargains Blow up Balloons?

TypesWill Home Bargains Blow It Up?
Store-bought balloonsYes
Balloons bought elsewhereNo
Word balloonsYes
Helium balloonsYes
Banner balloonsYes

does home bargains blow up balloons

Does Home Bargains Sell Helium Balloons?

Yes, Home Bargains sell helium balloons at reasonable prices. Whether heart or star-shaped, there are multiple types to opt for. Additionally, it is pre-filled with helium and comes tied.

The store also sells helium canisters and tanks. Opting for these items would be great if you like to blow up balloons at home instead. It’s more convenient, and you won’t have to spend an extra amount on blowing up balloons.

Furthermore, it’d be challenging to put blow up balloons at the back of your car. If it’s one or two balloons, that would be manageable. However, a bouquet of helium balloons would be inconvenient to carry around the store.

So, if you have money to spare, perhaps purchasing a helium canister or tanks would be brilliant.

What Does Home Bargains Charge to Blow up Helium Balloons?

Some stores may do it for free if it’s not more than two or three. But if it’s more than that, they will charge you a few cents. It charges per balloon, and it will not cost more than a pound.

The prices may vary depending on the stores in your area. You can check with the staff and do it accordingly.

Does Home Bargains Rent Helium Tanks?

Home Bargains doesn’t rent helium tanks, but they sell them instead. You can either purchase the tank or avail of the rent service from a party supply where it’s available.

And we recommend purchasing a helium tank instead as it costs less. Renting a helium tank will cost more if the balloons are in large numbers. And getting a tank allows you to blow up balloons anywhere at any time.

Other Queries You May Have

Does Home Bargains Air-Fill Balloons?

The answer may vary depending on the stores. But for air balloons, it’s primarily free, while you may have to pay a small amount per balloon for helium types.

Does Home Bargains Sell Helium Canisters?

Home Bargains sells helium canisters at reasonable prices. It’s compact and allows you to use it anytime to blow up balloons. The price of Helium tanks at Home Bargains may vary as per the size of the tank. Smaller size tanks cost less than larger ones. Source

Does Home Bargains Blow up Word and Banner Balloons?

In most Home Bargains stores, it does blow up word and banner balloons. Additionally, some stores may charge you per balloon to blow these balloon types.

Wrapping Up

Home Bargains is a variety store selling all items, including party supplies, food, fragrances etc. It’s a discounted store where all products are available at reasonable prices.

And one of the items that are pretty in demand is balloons, which are available in different types. The store blows up the balloon for its customers free of cost or may charge a small amount, costing less than a pound.

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