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Will Kohl’s Price Match Amazon, CVS, Target?

Kohl’s is a retail company in the United States estimated to have the largest departmental store chain in the country. They sell all kinds of clothing, from high-end to affordable, to home décor, kitchen appliances, gadgets, housewares, etc.

Kohl’s adopts many strategies to stay competitive in the market and sell products for the best prices. Among the many tactics involved, they put a lot of focus on price-matching.

Price-matching is basically a policy set up by brands guaranteeing to sell products at a lower price or match the price if customers find other brands selling the same products at a lower price elsewhere. Similarly, interested customers often wonder – does Kohls price match?

The answer is yes, Kohl’s does price-match but for identical products. However, there are exceptions to this policy.

Store NameWill Kohl’s Price Match

What Is Kohls Price Match Policy?

Kohl’s does price-match, but our policy does not include all the competitors or brands. We will only price-match between the brands that are in-store.

There is no chance we will price-match products that are different from one another. We only price-match products that are available in the store.

Will Kohls Price Match Online?

The products sold in-store may sometimes vary in price compared to the products sold on its website or online store.

In such cases, Kohl’s allows its customers to price match the products. It is important to know that the customers should produce proof of the price on the online store so that the in-store associate can verify it.

Will Kohls Price Match After Purchase?

Yes, Kohl’s will price match after you make a purchase online or in-store. However, there is a deadline for that policy too.

Kohl’s allows its customers to price match two weeks from the date of purchase. If you request a price match within that stipulated time, they will accept your request. The same cannot be processed after the end of those two weeks.

Some Kohl’s stores may not price match after purchase because it depends on the store’s manager. However, most Kohl’s stores will price match after purchase.

What Stores Will Kohl’s Price Match?

Kohl’s will price-match any brands that will operate in its in-store. Any brands that sell their products on Kohl’s in-store or online store will be able to price match themselves.

However, there are exceptions to this rule. All in-store brands may be able to price match themselves, but not all types of merchandise can be allowed for price matching, like premium sunglasses, toys, sports items, etc.

Here are some popular stores and whether Kohl’s will price match them or not.


Presently, Kohl’s does not entertain price-matching online stores of rival retail stores.

That being said, Kohl’s does price-matching with Amazon. Amazon is the only online store that is given an exception by Kohl’s but also does not price-match products sold by third parties on Amazon.

Sam’s Club

Kohl’s will not price match with Sam’s Club. Sam’s Club is a wholesale retail store that does not have any connections with Kohl’s.

Kohl’s does not do price matching for products sold by its competitors, be it online stores or physical stores. They will only price match the products sold by brands that they allow in-store.


Kohl’s allows its customers to price match the products that are sold at the physical Walmart stores. The product from Walmart that you want to price match at Kohl’s should be the same.

Although the in-store products of Walmart are allowed to be price matched, the same cannot be said about Walmart’s online store. Kohl’s will not price match products sold in Walmart’s online store. This is because the prices set on online platforms differ from in-store prices.


No, Kohl’s does not price match CVS. That is because CVS does not have this policy of price matching.

CVS does not price match even its own products. Instead, it offers other reward schemes or discounts in its stores and online stores.


Kohl’s will price match products that are sold at Target’s online stores. A year back, Target released the names of top retailers in the United States with whom they would price match on their online stores.

Kohl’s was also included on that list. If you find any item that is lower than the other’s price, you can price match.

Home Depot

Home Depot will price-match any products sold by its competitors. All you have to do is produce the proof of the price to one of Home Depot’s associates.

The associate or manager will then contact the rival store to verify the prices. However, it is unsure if Kohl’s does the same for Home Depot’s products.


Kohl’s might price match Lowes as Lowes states that it will price-match any competitors – in-stores or online.

As long as you find the same products sold at Lowes with a lower price at other retail or online stores, Lowes will price match the products. You need to produce the evidence that their competitor’s physical or online stores are selling for a lower price.

Best Buy

No, Kohl’s will not price match Best Buy.


Yes, Kohl’s will gladly price match Costco products.


Yes, Kohl’s will price match Carters as Carters products are sold on Kohl’s in-stores and online stores.

Bed, Bath & Beyond

Kohls will price match Bed, Bath & Beyond. Bed, Bath & Beyond will price-match any items sold by competitors that have physical and online stores.


No, Kohl’s will not price match Newegg because Newegg only price matches online pricing, and Kohl’s does not price match their competitor’s online prices.

Will Kohls Price Match

What Items Are Excluded from Price Matching?

There are a few guidelines that you must know in order to price match an item at Kohl’s. It is not possible to price match all the items.

  • You can compare the price of a product with only in-store products. It is not possible to price match a product with that of an identical product sold online as online products follow different pricing policies.
  • You cannot price match when there is a sale going on. The price at the time of purchase cannot be compared to the price when a sale is going on.
  • Products that do not include coupons cannot be price matched. The list of brands that are included in this category is vast.
  • You cannot price match by adding coupons on those products. Coupons that help get discounts cannot be added to a product to price match.

Will Kohls Price Match Toys?

Kohl’s will not price match Toys. This is because they do not price match products without coupons that are sold in online stores or physical stores.

Many products are excluded from price matching at Kohl’s, and it is not only limited to toys.

Can I Apply Further Discounts After Price Match

When you price match a product, Kohl’s will either match the price of the other retail store or sell you at an even lower price.

However, you can also apply for further discounts after a price match. If you have a coupon, you can use it for the product, and the price will be lowered even more.

Process to Avail Price Match at Kohls

You must put up a request to Kohl’s store manager if you want to avail price match. Kohl’s will price match a competitor’s in-store price, but not their online prices.

The best way to get a price match at Kohl’s is to go to your nearest Kohl’s store and ask them for a price match. For that, you need to produce proof of the competitor’s pricing and the details of the product.

Remember that Kohl’s will only price match items that are currently in stock.

Other Things To Know About Kohl’s Price Matching

Will Kohls price match on Black Friday?

Yes, Kohl’s will price match products during Black Friday.

Will Kohls price match themselves?

Yes, Kohl’s will price match themselves if the item is available in-store.

Will Kohls price match its online store?

Yes, Kohl’s will price match its online store.