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Does Kroger Sell Squishmallows? Cost, Restock Dates, +More

Every decade has its own unique craze for a certain toy, from Cabbage Patch dolls to Beanie Baby. The new generation has also found its own version of Beanie babies with the all-new cuddly and adorable Squishmallows.

Almost every store has them, and at the same time, there is never enough. Most Squishmallows get sold out as soon as they hit the shelf.

They have become collectibles, and then the re-selling market is booming. While many people just love buying them to add to their collection or just want a nice plushie toy.

Does Kroger Sell Squishmallows? 

Yes, Kroger is now selling Squishmallows. These little squishy marshmallows come in different prices and sizes, so there’s something for everyone. With a wide variety of designs, you’re sure to find the perfect Squishmallows for your loved one. 

Each Squishmallow has its own name and a unique storyline. There are over 480 Squishmallow characters to choose from.

The selection of Squishmallows at Kroger’s ranges from beloved Disney characters like Mickey Mouse and Goofy to collections like Easter edition, Sea Life, and even Food. 

You can also head to their website and order a Squishmallow from the Mystery Bag edition.

The Squishmallows from the Mystery Bag include Carrot, Cactus Unicorn Squishmallow, and many more. All Squishmallow in the Mystery Bag comes in the size of 8 inches. 

What Squishmallows Are Available at Kroger? 

Kroger has you covered whether you’re looking for a small treat or a significant gift. Squishmallows are perfect for any occasion- getting a birthday gift, a nice addition to a gift basket, or a get-well doll. 

While Kroger does offer a selection for every budget, they have limited stock in their online store. You would fare better if you could check out the Squishmallows at their store. 

An individual item can vary from $6.99- $83.28 depending upon the sizes. You can also get a multipack (a set of 8) for $50 and upwards.

Does Kroger Have Squishmallows?

Are Squishmallows at Kroger Good?

Kroger has a good variety and selection of Squishmallows. They are charming and beautiful toys, and they stock good quality products at almost every price range. 

However, if you are looking for an item in terms of being rare and valuable, I suggest taking your business elsewhere. While they have a great selection, most of them are generic and your everyday plush toys, and you might not get very lucky finding a collector’s item. 

They provide a good enough service in terms of getting good old Squishmallows. Even if you cannot go to the store, you can head on to their website and look at their collection.

Kroger’s is not messing around with customer satisfaction, and all products mentioned and photographed on the online store fit the bill. 

Let’s Look at The Pros and Cons of Buying a Squishmallow at Kroger


  • Available in different sizes. 
  • Budget-friendly prices.
  • Cute and attractive designs.
  • Includes a money saver multi-set pack.


  • Limited stock on most items.
  • Store and online selection vary.
  • Bestsellers are usually out of stock and take time to restock. 

Wondering Where Else You Can Buy Squishmallows?

CVS || Walmart || Aldi

GameStop || Hallmark || Costco

Meijer || Target || Michaels

Burlington Coat Factory || Walgreens

Other Things To Know About Kroger and Squishmallows

What Are Squishmallows Filled With? 

Squishmallows are filled with polyester fiber and soft spandex. Since the stuffing is made from polyester, care should be taken while washing them. They can be washed on cold and gentle mode and tumble dry on low and gentle. You can also spot clean with a wet cloth or a spot remover pen.

Why Is It Hard to Find Squishmallows?

Squishmallows hit the market in 2017 and were already doing great in sales, and you could find tons of them at many stores. The product is so loveable, so the sale was never an issue. However, the re-seller market jacked up prices, and many people started bulk buying to re-sell them for a profit. 

While old and first edition Squishmallows are still hard to find, you won’t have much problem getting your hands on all the latest Squishmallows. 

What Is the Rarest Squishmallow?

The rarest Squishmallow would have to be Jack the Black Cat to date. It is hard to get your hands on one, and this iconic Black cat with white eyes and whisker has found its way on every collector’s must-have list. Even when Kelly Toys re-sold a limited edition in 2020, it was completely sold out within two hours.

If you happen to stumble across a Jack the Black Cat Squishmallow, be ready to shell out a hefty amount. Third-party sellers list this Squishmallow for upwards of $2000. 

What are Squishmallows?

Squishmallows are plush toys and are the latest toy craze among kids. Why? Because despite their zany and creative appearance, these delightful little pillows (which also happen to be fruits) arrive precisely as you might imagine them, super soft and huggable. 

They are the best companions for your bed, couch, and travel buddy. Many people love and keep bringing home more Squishmallows because, just like its name sounds, they are like squishy marshmallows, and who wouldn’t love to hug one. 

Wrapping Up – Does Kroger Have Squishmallows?

Yes, Kroger has squishmallows available at their stores, and they are also available for sale online.

Kelly Toys launched Squishmallows to bring home the American version of the cute ‘kawaii’ Japanese plush toys, and they were able to do just that and more. Now, Squishmallow has a wide customer base of every age and gender.

They are a nice treat and indeed the cutest indulgence for all. Whether you have been shopping for Squishmallow for some time now or recently joined the gang, one thing is for sure- you will always feel you never have enough Squishmallows.