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Does Menards Cut Wood? 2022 Policies Explained

Menards is a company that provides all kinds of products for home improvement. This includes doors, windows, flooring, wood, hardware, grocery, electrical appliances, tools, etc.

When you go to Menards to buy wood, some lengths of wood may be too long to put inside your car. It may be heavy for you to the parking lot if you are not using a cart.

In that case, you can always ask the employees at Menards if you can cut the wood. However, there are different policies at different stores across the country. So, it is essential to know how those policies work if you are thinking of cutting wood at Menards.

You can check out the table below to see the types of wood cut by Menards.

TypeWill Menards Cut It?
Hardwood LumberYes
Treated WoodYes
Pine BoardsYes
Plastic LumberYes

Do Different Menards Stores Have Different Policies?

Menards is a home improvement company that has branches all over the country. All the stores sell different products, so it is not only restricted to only selling one item.

So, if you look at it logically, it would make no sense for a Menards store that sells grocery or flooring products to have wood-cutting equipment. Even if they do have the equipment, it may not be suitable to cut all types of wood.

Hence, there are different policies for cutting wood in different Menards stores.

Will Menards Cut Wood?

As mentioned above, Menards will cut wood, but it depends entirely on the policies of the store you are visiting. Let us look at some of these policies to determine the chances of cutting wood at Menards.

  • Menards will not perform exquisite cuts for you. You can only request simple cuts to help you fit those wood in your vehicle.
  • Menards does not cut plywood as they already come with different shapes and dimensions.
  • Some stores offer to cut your wood for free; however, some will charge you after a few free cuts.
  • There may be instances where the employees will not be well-trained to cut the wood.

Before you purchase wood, you should know their policies if you intend to cut wood from the Menards store.

does menards cut wood?
does menards cut wood?

Preparing For Getting Wood Cut At Menards

Here’s some points you need to keep in mind before heading out to your nearest Menards for getting wood cut:

  • It is crucial to know the exact dimensions of wood that you need. If you do not know the measurements, you will lose more money than what you intended to pay, as you will pay for entire boards.
  • Menards will not cut small wood that already fits in your vehicle. If the wood is short enough, the employees will imply that you already have the tools you require to cut it at home.
  • If you bring wood from a different store, they will charge a service fee to cut wood at Menards.
  • When there is no possibility to cut wood at the store, you can always rent cutting tools from Menards to take home and cut them yourself. If there is no equipment, you also have the option to rent a truck from the store.

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Ace Hardware

About Menards Wood Cutting Policies

Does Menards Cut Wood to Size?

Some Menards stores will only cut wood with some limitations in size. They can only cut wood that is eight inches long.

The equipment in the store is not compatible enough to cut long and thick wood.

Will Menards Cut Outside Wood?

Some stores will agree to cut wood you bring from outside or other stores.

As long as their equipment can handle the size and dimensions you require, you can cut wood brought from outside at Menards. However, you will be charged a service fee.

Will Menard Cut Wood when You Buy It?

If you purchase wood from the Menards store, you can cut it. Most stores offer to cut it for free for the first few cuts.

After the free-cut limit is met, they will charge you a specific amount according to the number of cuts.

Does Menards Cut Wood for Free?

Some stores will offer to cut wood for free as long as the existing measurement conditions are met. Wood from other sources can also be cut for free.

The only problem would be if the wood is too thick, they will decline your request.

How Much Does Menards Charge to Cut Wood?

The wood-cutting at Menards is free for the first few cuts. After that, the store will charge you according to the type of wood and your size requirements.

The cost of cutting wood at Menards typically ranges from 1 to 2 dollars per cut. This can differ from store to store.

Will Menards Cut Lumber for You?

Menards will cut lumber for you as long as you pay for the cuts. They charge the same amount of 1 to 2 dollars per cut, even for lumber.

Some stores will also cut lumber for free if they are not thick.

Will Menards Cut Board?

Every Menards store will cut boards, but you can only cut them in the permitted measurements.

You cannot cut them according to your specifications. They will only make rough cuts to help you carry your wood in your car.

Does Menards Pre Cut Wood?

Menards have pre-cut wood in their stores. You can find a lot of pre-cut wood, which helps you save time if they have the required measurements.

Wrapping Up

Menards will cut wood for you as long as they have the equipment or employees that can handle the equipment.

One thing to understand is that they cannot make professional cuts as the employees are not experts. They will cut wood for you if they are comfortable with it.

In some stores, you will get free cuts at absolutely zero cost. However, you will have to pay a specific fee in most stores after the complimentary limit is over.