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Does Michaels Blow up Balloons? 2022 Policy For Filling Helium

No party or event is complete without the addition of balloons to the venue. There are different types of balloons that are used in these events. Among these balloons, helium-filled balloons are one of the most popular.

Michaels is a big chain of arts and crafts stores that sell products for home decor, including party items. They sell helium balloons that come in different sizes and designs.

Being a supplier of helium balloons, one would assume that the store offers services where we can blow up balloons in the store. So does Michaels blow up balloons? Unfortunately no, Michaels does not fill balloons with helium for their customers in the store.

Instead, you can buy helium tanks to fill up the balloons yourself at home. They come in different sizes, and you can buy them online or at their stores.

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Does Michaels Blow Up Balloons

TypeWill Michaels Inflate The Balloons?
Store-bought balloonsNo
Bought elsewhereNo

Does Michaels Sell Helium Balloons

Michaels sells a wide selection of helium balloons that come in different colors, numbers, shapes, and sizes. They are made of latex, foil, and mylar materials.

You can decorate the venue with these helium balloons which will give a colorful vibe to the party. Although they sell helium balloons, you will only be able to buy deflated balloons. They do not sell helium-inflated balloons for reasons best known to them.

There is another option where you can buy helium tanks to fill the balloons yourself at home.

Does Michaels Sell Helium Canisters

There are helium canisters that are available for purchase at Michaels. Here’s a great one available online from Michaels. They offer canisters that come in large and standard sizes.

  • Standard size – These standard tanks can fill around 30 balloons which are 9 inches long. This is enough for a normal party event.
  • Large Size – If you are hosting a bigger event, it is better to purchase a jumbo-sized tank that will fill at least 50 latex balloons. This saves you time and money.

If you are not ready to purchase a helium tank then you can rent one by finding out a helium vendor near you.

Does Michaels Blow up Balloons Bought at Their Store

Michaels does not blow up balloons bought at their store. They are very strict about this policy. Even buying inflated balloons in their stores is discouraged.

They have inflated balloons in their store just for showcase purposes. When you buy them, they will deflate the balloons at the counter before you check out of the store.

does michaels blow up balloons
does michaels blow up balloons

Does Michaels Blow up Balloons Bought Elsewhere

Michaels has a strict policy that prevents its customers from getting their balloons filled with helium at the store, whether they are store-bought or from elsewhere.

There are three alternative methods you can use to blow up balloons with helium:

  1. You can purchase helium tanks from Michaels and fill the balloons with helium at your convenient time.
  2. Find other stores that allow customers to fill balloons with helium.
  3. The third option is to rent a helium tank from helium vendors around your area.

What Does Michaels Charge to Blow up Helium Balloons

Michaels does not blow up helium balloons at its stores. There is no option where you can pay and fill balloons with helium too.

Michaels only sells balloons and helium tanks. So, when you buy the helium balloons, you can add a helium tank to go along with it.

Does Michaels Have Helium Balloons

Michaels sells a wide array of helium balloons. They have word balloons, banner balloons, balloon bouquets, and many more balloon assortments in the store. You can also purchase them online on their official website.

The prices depend on the size, designs and material of the balloons. Foil balloons will cost you more than latex balloons.

You can buy latex balloons for as low as 4 dollars per pack, whereas foil balloons will cost you around 3 dollars per piece.

Does Michaels Air Fill Balloons

Michaels does not air-fill balloons at their store, but you can buy balloon pumps and fill your balloons yourselves.

They have balloon hand pumps and even electric air balloon pumps. The balloon hand pump will cost around 6 dollars, whereas the electric air pump will cost around 33 dollars.

Our Readers Asked

Does Michaels Rent Helium Tanks

No, Michaels does not rent helium tanks. They, however, sell helium tanks which you can use at home for filling your balloons.

What Is the Price of Helium Tanks at Michaels

Michaels sells helium tanks according to their sizes. The standard size sells for 40 dollars and the jumbo tank sells for 50 dollars.

Does Michaels Blow up Word Balloons

Michaels does not blow up word balloons. They do not offer the service where a customer can fill their balloons with helium gas.

Does Michaels Blow up Banner Balloons

No, Michaels does not blow up banner balloons in its stores.

Wrapping Up

Michaels is a large retail chain that sells all kinds of general merchandise including balloons and helium tanks.

However, it does not blow up balloons for the customers in its stores.