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Does Palmolive Kill Fleas In Pets? (Right Way To Use)

If you’re here, you probably know the reason why. You’re looking for the answer to does Palmolive kill fleas?

We all know that pet shampoos are getting more and more expensive by the day. So, are you thinking of using one of the most popular and pocket-friendly dish soaps? Palmolive does not leave your wallet dry.

Does Palmolive Kill Fleas in Pets, and Is It Safe?

Yes, Palmolive can kill and get rid of fleas. It works by destroying the flea’s exoskeletons. But don’t be quick to keep this as your permanent pet shampoo. While occasional use of Palmolive is alright, daily use can be a bad thing. Palmolive can make your pet’s skin dry and irritated. Palmolive is not a permanent replacement for pet friendly shampoos.

Whether you own a dog or a cat, or even some other pet, safety is a priority. Flea shampoos are definitely not the cheapest.

I have seen a lot of my friends use Palmolive as a pet shampoo. So, can Palmolive be an alternative?

In this short yet detailed guide, I am going to tell you why Palmolive might actually be a good idea to use occasionally.

Keep reading to find out whether Palmolive can kill fleas and even more! I am going to spill everything you need to know about Palmolive dish soap and pets.

Are you Considering Palmolive As A Pet Shampoo?

Some pet owners just can’t help their need for a better deal. Who wants to keep paying more and more money for pet shampoos every other week, right? If you find yourself in such a situation, you’re not alone and it’s totally understandable to consider cheaper options.

And what could be better than the infamous, cheap, and common dish soap, Palmolive?

For the longest time, before pet-specific shampoos were even a thing, people were using any soap they could get.

But is this a good idea to try? Occasionally, yes. Using Palmolive as a shampoo regularly however will invite more problems since it is very harsh on your pet’s skin.

One great use of Palmolive is to get rid of fleas.

Fleas are one of the most annoying things you can find on your pets. The fact that they can easily spread from one pet to the other, or even to you, makes them even more of a health risk.

But sadly, not everyone is in a position to shell out huge amounts to buy pet-specific flea shampoos. In such cases, you may wash your pet with Palmolive for immediate relief.

Does palmolive kill fleas in dogs and cat?

Why You Should Give Palmolive A Try

Would it not be great if you could just grab your dish soap to bathe your pets? I am here to tell you that Palmolive is absolutely safe for pets, including dogs and cats.

But wait. Should you use it daily? Is Palmolive a good choice for the long run? Or you might even be wondering, does Palmolive dish soap kill flea eggs? I am going to give you the answer to all these questions.

It kills fleas

Palmolive is designed to remove oil and dirt from dishes. But it works great on dogs and cats too. The bonus is that it even targets and can easily kill fleas.

So, if you notice your pooch or your cat scratching themselves or smelling bad, grabbing a bottle of this dish soap might just do the trick.

So if you are wondering like so many others, does Palmolive kill fleas on dogs, or does Palmolive kill fleas on cats? The answer is a yes.

It Removes Dirt and Soil

There’s a reason why some vets and pet experts recommend the use of Palmolive. This everyday household dish soap has the ability to easily remove dirt and soil from your pet’s coat and skin.

Palmolive dish soap can make for an excellent, shiny, and clean coat for your pet. I have also found out that so many other pet owners do not shy away from this product.

A Word Of Caution When Using Palmolive As a Pet Shampoo

Yes, Palmolive can clean and even get rid of fleas. But don’t be quick to keep this as your permanent pet shampoo.

While occasional use is alright, daily use can be a bad thing. Are you wondering why? It’s simple.

Regularly cleaning your pooch or cat with Palmolive can remove the excess and much-needed oil from their skin. This means that with continuous use, your pet’s skin will lose all the important surface oil, causing the skin to become dry.

Additionally, the presence of harsh chemicals, dyes, and even fragrances can affect the skin and coat.

It’s no secret that Palmolive is a harsh and stronger shampoo than your normal pet shampoo. If you own a pet with sensitive skin, it’s better to spend the extra bucks and get a pet-specific shampoo.

Using Palmolive on pets with sensitive skin can lead to unwanted problems in the long run.

So use it only if you’re out of your regular pet shampoo, or in times of emergencies like fleas.

Even the vets who recommend this product always advise people to use it with caution and restraint. If one or two washes with Palmolive do not help, it is always better to take your pet to your local vet for an actual treatment plan.

Other Dish Soaps To Try

Since Palmolive can effectively kill fleas, you must be wondering, will any dish soap kill fleas? That’s a great question.

Fortunately, most dish soaps that lather and are also capable of creating surface tension can kill fleas.

So, what other dish soaps kill fleas?

Dawn Dish Soap

One of my personal favorite dish soaps to use on pets in times of emergencies is dawn dish soap.

It has a refreshing smell and works like a charm in removing dirt and soil. But wait. Does dawn dish soap kill fleas?

Yes, if you have dawn dish soap at home, you can use it as an alternative to a flea shampoo. Dawn dish soap easily lathers and creates surface tension, and drowns the fleas.

Wrapping Up

Like it or not, it happens sometimes. We run out of pet products like shampoos and forget to order them ahead of time. If you’re battling with a pet who has fleas, you have good news coming your way!

Not only are dish soaps effective at removing dirt, but they can also easily kill fleas on your pets.

Whether you own a cat or a dog, you can go ahead and use either Dawn or Palmolive dish soap. In simple words, these common and inexpensive dish soaps are excellent at killing fleas.