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Duracell vs Amazon Batteries – Best Bang For Your Buck

Time and again, it keeps happening – your wireless mouse stops working, and your clock hasn’t moved from 2:00 AM since last week, meaning it’s time for a battery change. 

If only batteries could last forever, right? Unfortunately, it doesn’t, and if it did, we simply wouldn’t be here today. 

That brings us to the matter at hand. A comparison between two top players in the battery game: Duracell vs Amazon batteries, aka AmazonBasics batteries. It’s the battle between an emerging name and a well-known name.

Interested to know the end? Stick around to find out all there is to these brands and decide for yourself. From reliability to pricing, we’ll be providing all the deets. Let’s get started! 

Best AA Batteries – Amazon Basics vs Duracell Review 

When we think of powerful batteries, Duracell is a popular name but not one that leaves without denting your pockets. 

This is possibly where Amazon Basics can break the costly battery market occupied by big names. But how good are the batteries? Let’s find out. 

AmazonBasics Battery Review 

Forever seems like a far reach, but how about 10 years? Yes, that’s right. 

Word on the street is that the AA 1.5 Volt batteries from AmazonBasics come with a lifespan of 10 years under regular use. This makes it a pretty good option for emergency use and everyday gadgets. 

Not only that, but unlike many of the alkaline batteries available on the market, this one has a claim of heat resistance, leak-free, and rust resistance. This is a plus one for the brand as leakage is pretty common in alkaline batteries. 

However, in contrast to its 10-year lifespan under regular use, its shelf life stands at an average of just 3-5 years. 


  • Adaptability to power flow
  • Leak-proof design 
  • Adaptive performance with high-drain devices 
  • Good value for money 
  • Free shipping with Amazon Prime 
  • Great design structure 


  • Mainly ideal for low-drain devices like flashlights, toys, clocks, etc. 
  • It does not feature a rechargeable option. 

The alkaline batteries from AmazonBasics definitely come under an affordable price tag with great value. But that doesn’t mean it doesn’t have any limitations.

However, if you’re willing to overlook what it lacks in terms of heavy-duty performance, then you’re looking at a great deal from AmazonBasics AA batteries.

Duracell Battery Review

Duracells all-purpose alkaline double-A batteries are not very far off from AmazonBasics. The two go head to head in the longevity section of the item as Duracell also provides a 10-year guarantee for its alkaline AA.

The battery packs enough power on all kinds of everyday appliances, making it useable all year round. So, it doesn’t matter if it’s a stormy season or for medical needs; this one can pretty much back you up for any use. 

Duracells AA batteries are also recyclable and do not come in three types – the all popular alkaline and silver and copper top. 


  • Designed for use against any household items
  • The batteries are guaranteed against defect 
  • Gives a long-lasting performance
  • 10 years storage guarantee
  • Leak-resistant 


  • A little costly

Duracell batteries have always been pretty strong in their battery game, and it doesn’t fail to hit the mark even today. The batteries are still leak-resistant and perform really well in the long-lasting category.

Of course, this is only a preview of the Double-A alkaline batteries from both the brands. And there’s still a lot more to look into and compare between the two. 

So, let’s move on and compare common battery sizes of both Amazon and Duracell.

duracell vs amazon batteries

How Do Amazon Batteries Compare to Duracell? 

First of all, when it comes to comparing products, many people tend to rope in and look into the pricing first. So, for that, we’ll definitely give the plus score to Amazon as the batteries are a lot more affordable than Duracell. 

Duracell’s 28-pack AA batteries come at around $18.95, while Amazon’s 48 pack comes at approximately $14.99. Both the batteries are eligible for free shipping on Prime if ordered through Amazon. 

As far as pricing goes, even the rechargeable batteries from Amazon stand as a tough competition for Duracell. Duracell’s rechargeable 8-pack Double-A goes for $26.99, which is about $4 higher compared to Amazon’s $22.99 16-pack.

Not to say that Duracell is costly for no reason. It certainly lives up to its promise of high performance, but the costly tag may push specific audiences away. 

That said, below is a table providing a pricing overview on Duracell & AmazonBasics:

TypeSizePricePowerShelf-lifeRecommended use
Duracell AA10 Count$101.5V12 YearsMulti-use (Camera, clocks, toys, etc.)
Duracell AAA20 Count$199V10 YearsHousehold items (Remote, toys, etc.)
Duracell 9V4 Count$169V5 YearsAll-purpose
AmazonBasics AA10 Count$81.5V10 YearsCamera, Controllers, clocks, etc.
AmazonBasics AAA20 Count$91.5V10 YearsHousehold items (clocks, remote, etc.)
AmazonBasics 9V4 Count$119V5 YearsHousehold Items (Radio, Smoke detectors, etc.)

Down the line, there will always be a big debate on the price differences between Amazon and more prominent names like Duracell. 

However, when it comes to longevity, we’ve found out that costly batteries such as Duracell do outlast the more affordable ones such as AmazonBasics. 

So, the extent of which item is better ultimately falls on you. While we do agree that Duracell can still overpower Amazon batteries, is it really worth paying almost double the amount of Amazon? 

If you’re not looking for a battery that leans towards the more heavy-duty side, then, yes, Duracell is a great option. If not, then, AmazonBasics will get the job done equally. 

…More Questions

Are Amazon Basics Batteries Any Good? 

Made under Amazon’s private label Amazon Basics, the batteries produced are actually considered to be one of their most popular items. In fact, the AA batteries alone take up nearly 4% of sales under AmazonBasics. 

This is a pretty good indication that, although not the best, AmazonBasics batteries are pretty good, especially considering their price. 

Are There Better Batteries than Duracell? 

Yes, but also no. The thing is, there are no perfect products. Although items from big brands like Duracell give a high-quality performance, there are other big names like Energizer that go head to head with Duracell. 

So, yes, there are better batteries than Duracell, but that doesn’t mean it completely overtakes the brand. 

Is Duracell Battery Safe?

Batteries, in general, are hazardous when mishandled. But, that said, among the many battery manufacturers, Duracell is widely known for its safe design and leak-free batteries. 

This makes the batteries relatively safe and durable as well. Additionally, the brand is also known for its recycling efforts, which is a plus point. 

How Long Do Batteries from AmazonBasics last? 

The durability of Amazon batteries is not exactly set in stone, meaning it depends on the usage. The longevity of the item will normally depend on which product it’s used on.

For example, machinery, remote, etc. Double-A batteries also tend to last shorter when used on high-drain items but last longer when used on low-drain items. 

Wrapping Up

When it’s time for the final verdict between Duracell and AmazonBasics, there’s really no picking sides, and we’ll tell you why. 

Although there’s a huge gap in terms of brand name, both Amazon and Duracell offer fair play in terms of performance and quality. So, the final pick remains completely subjective at the end of the day. 

Of course, we have presented some of the differences associated with both brands, such as pricing and longevity. And we hope it can be of use in picking the right battery for you.