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Does Family Dollar Sell Soy Sauce? (Taco, Marinara, & Others)

Does Family Dollar sell soy sauce? It’s a query that may come to your mind if the store is nearby and you need the ingredient. The store sells many goods, including spices, condiments, and others, with soy sauce being one of them.

Most of the times, you would find soy sauces The store stocks several brands, but the items can sell out fast most of the time. The last time I checked online, I noticed just one product from Chestnut Hill.

Besides soy sauce, the company sells many other products, as mentioned above. I will provide you with the details below so that you don’t have to waste much time doing much research.

Types of SaucesDoes Family Dollar Carry It?
Soy sauceYes
Cocktail sauceNo
Taco seasoningYes
Marinara sauceYes
Pizza sauceYes
Caramel sauceNo
Cranberry sauceNo
Worcestershire sauceYes
Alfredo sauceYes
Enchilada sauceNo
Tartar sauceNo
A 1 sauceYes
Spaghetti sauceYes
Sweet and sour sauceYes
Buffalo sauceYes

Does Family Dollar Sell Caramel Sauce?

Sadly, I didn’t see any product in that category when I searched online.

But what exactly is caramel sauce? To put it simply, it’s a dessert sauce that contains white refined sugar and water or corn syrup and heavy whipping cream or unsalted butter.

You can have a thick or thin caramel sauce according to your preference. You can use the sauce in many items, including cheesecake, brownies, apple caramel, ice cream, etc.

Does Family Dollar Sell Cranberry Sauce?

I saw several products labeled “cranberry juice” when I searched the company’s online store but not the sauce. It’s likely that the stock ran out.

Cranberry sauce is a delicious condiment and also used as a side dish. Its main ingredients include cranberries, water, and sugar. You will find two types; European, which is tangier, and American, which is sweeter. It’s compatible with different items, including meat, poultry, pork, and ham.

Cranberry sauce is tasty whether you serve it hot or cold. Its flavor, however, enhances when served at room temperature. It’s also one of those sauces which can provide health benefits, including maintaining blood pressure.


Does Family Dollar Sell A1 Sauce?

You can find the original A1 sauce in 10 oz bottles at the Family Dollar store. Also called the steak sauce, it’s one of the oldest sauces sold.

According to records, a chef to King George IV, Henderson William Brand, created the sauce in 1824. The A1 sauce is based on the ingredients of that original sauce.

Though introduced for game meat, it’s pretty versatile, and you can use it in many dishes. It contains several ingredients, including

  • Tomato puree
  • Spirit vinegar
  • Raisin paste
  • Corn syrup
  • Crushed orange puree
  • Dried garlic and onions
  • Caramel color
  • Potassium sorbate
  • Celery seed
  • Spices
  • Xanthan gum

Does Family Dollar Sell Spaghetti Sauce?

First of all, what is spaghetti sauce? In simple terms, it is any sauce you can put on spaghetti. It may also refer to any tomato-based sauce which contains meat, herbs, and spices. You can also call spaghetti sauce pasta sauce.

For the main question, Family Dollar has several products that you can use as spaghetti sauce. They include products from

  • Ragu
  • Heinz
  • Prego
  • Hunt’s
  • Pace Medium

You can find both vegan and non-veg varieties, so you can select according to requirements and convenience. Spaghetti is pretty versatile, so you can add most sauces to your dish, and it will still taste amazing.

Does Family Dollar Sell Buffalo Sauce?

Before answering this question, let’s see what buffalo sauce is. It’s a sauce that contains hot sauce, vinegar, butter, and Worcestershire sauce. Some people may confuse buffalo and hot sauce, but the former is smoother, and the latter doesn’t have any butter.

The name has nothing to do with buffalos and bison. It got its name from a family restaurant in Buffalo, New York, where it’s believed that the delicious sauce was first served.

While the exact buffalo sauce wasn’t available when I searched, I noticed three hot sauces; Texas Pete Original Hot Sauce, Sriracha Hot Chili Sauce, and Tabasco Red Pepper Sauce.

Since you know the ingredients, you can also create your version at home.

Other Sauces That Family Dollar Carries

Cocktail Sauce

Unfortunately, the cocktail sauce isn’t available right now at Family Dollar, but the company may restock soon.

Taco Seasoning

Yes, you can find the McCormick taco seasoning packets for $1.00 at the company’s store.

Marinara Sauce

You may find products from Ragu and Prego in this category.

Pizza Sauce

Yes, Family Dollar also keeps pizza sauce.

Worcestershire Sauce

You can find Chestnut Hill Worcestershire sauce at the company’s store online.

Alfredo Sauce

Yes, you can get Alfredo sauce from Ragu at the store.

Enchilada Sauce

I didn’t notice any product under the category when I searched at the company’s online outlet.

Tartar Sauce

Once again, I didn’t see any product, but it may be because it’s out of stock.

Sweet and Sour Sauce

While there is no exact product under this name, I saw a Sweet Baby Ray’s Barbeque Sauce at the online store. I mention this because it has a sweet and tangy flavor.

Wrapping Up

Family Dollar has most of the sauces, as mentioned above. The store also sells top-quality products at reasonable prices. Besides, you can grab some great deals from time to time.

Even if you can’t get some sauces, you can substitute one for the other in most cases. Unless a recipe calls for the exact product, it’s easy to replace one sauce with another, and you can still create a great dish.

Any store runs out of stock, so you can check the regular store in your area or online store to buy your items.