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Floor and Decor vs The Tile Shop: Which One Is Better in 2022?

We all love a warm and cozy home with beautiful interiors. One of the many interior designs in a house that allures eyes is our floors.

You cannot mess things up when it comes to the color coordination and material of the flooring. A well-loved choice for giving the floor a new look is the installation of tiles.

From marble and stone to ceramic and porcelain, there are a wide variety of options when picking out tiles for your home. You can have the same tiles in every room or different types for different rooms.

While Porcelain, Marble, and Quartz tiles give the room a more elegant, light, and cool appearance, Travertine, and Slate tiles have a deeper and darker tone which can bring warmth to the room.

All of these types of tiles and more interior décor materials can be found in shopping spaces like Floor & Decor and The Tile Shop. These two companies produce a wide choice of flooring materials that you can use to electrify your home and enhance its beauty.

Today, we will give you a detailed comparison of Floor and Décor vs. The Tile Shop and answer some of your most frequently asked questions on tiles.

Floor and Decor vs The Tile Shop

Let’s have a look at the differences between Floor & Décor and The Tile Shop with regards to price, delivery time, tile variance, etc.

Floor & DecorThe Tile Shop
Delivery Time3-5 days7-10 days
Tile Cutting ServiceUnavailableUnavailable
Tile VarietyDiverseComparatively limited
Tile QualityGoodHigh-quality
DIY Installation ProcessDifficultEasy with on-call advisors
Tile Installation ServiceUnavailableUnavailable
floor and decor vs the tile shop

Pricing: Floor & Decor vs The Tile Shop

When preparing to give your home a makeover, the first thing to keep in mind is a budget. Though it would be nice to be able to buy expensive tiles for our floors to wear, most people like to search for more affordable options.

If you are either of the two types of people, you would probably wonder, “Is Floor and Decor expensive?” or “Is The Tile Shop Expensive?”. Today, we are here to inform you about how The Tile Shop compares to Floor and Decor in terms of pricing.

For very similar porcelain tiles per square foot, F&D’s price is $1.49, while The Tile Shop’s was $7.89. Here, we see the appalling difference between the two regarding pricing.

Mainly, The Tile Shop’s high quality is to blame for the high pricing, and despite having the same style and material, Floor & Decor has a more affordable price.

“Why Is Floor and Decor So Cheap?”, you ask? Well, it is one of the four legs on which Floor & Decor stand. The other three include satisfying customer needs and, like The Tile Shop, finding excellent stores and the best areas to open these stores.

floor and decor vs the tile shop

Tile Delivery Services: Who Does It Better?

Perhaps you live away from all the commotion of the town, far from the market. Tile manufacturers would be harder to reach, and you may think you cannot purchase your favorite tiles. Questions like, “Does Floor and Decor Deliver Tiles” or “Does The Tile Shop deliver tiles?” may arise.

Today we will discuss whether either of these tile companies provides delivery services. And if they can bring home your desired products easily with the click of a button.

Thankfully, both Floor & Decor and The Tile Shop offer third-party shipping with several delivery options.

Floor and Decor, however, does not ship overseas and in particular states in the US, including AK, HI, GU, PR, and VI. If you’re within the area of delivery, F&D will handle your package with care and deliver your products in 7-10 days. Shipping charges will be added to the bill along with the item cost.

The Tile Shop charges a minimum of $12 for shipping and takes 3-5 business days to reach your area. Like Floor & Decor, they do not ship internationally and to places like Hawaii and Alaska.

Tile Cutting and Installation: The Tile Shop vs Floor and Decor

After the delivery process, you may receive broken tiles. Returning them is not much of a hassle; you simply need to contact them immediately.

But if you’ve got your hands full with the beautiful tiles you wanted, you may wonder how you will fix them to your floors.

You’d probably think, “Will Floor and Decor cut and install tile?” or “Will The Tile Shop cut and install tile?”. Don’t worry, we will tell you whether the tile manufacturers provide services for cutting tiles as well as tile installations.

The Tile Shop does not offer installation services, but they do have a list of partners on their Pro Network who can assist you. With various cutting tools, from cutters to grout, you can precisely make clean cuts on the tiles. With them comes one-on-one installation guidance from their workers.

Floor and Decor, unfortunately, do not offer cutting services or installation services. However, they do have a variety of cutting and installation tools in their store that you can use, such as the Rubi Mixer and DeWalt Cut-Out Tool.

So, if you’ve purchased tiles from F&D but don’t know how to install them, you can always contact a professional.


Floor and Decor Review

Starting in the year 2000, Floor & Decor became a sensational and fast-growing retailer of interior housing products. It opened in several locations and grew its revenue massively.

Many professionals have recommended it because of their care in delivering products. Even with multiple projects, little to no issues are faced when F&D products are used.


  • Affordable Price
  • Good Reputation
  • Variance In Tiles Comparatively Greater


  • Difficult Tile Installation Process

The Tile Shop Review

The company was founded in 1985 and has dedicated itself to inspiring home decor and a trustable customer relationship.

Contractors swear by the products from The Tile Shop, but usually because of the discounts they receive. However, the high prices are accountable for the excellent quality of every product they serve.


  • High-Quality Tiles
  • Excellent Customer Service
  • Negotiable Price for Contractors


  • Overly Pricey


Who Has Better Shower Tiles: Floor & Decor or The Tile Shop?

Floor and Decor have a lot more variety comparatively, but The Tile Shop will have better quality tiles despite the high prices.
If you are looking for a cheaper option, you should try F&D. Both companies have knowledgeable and pretty helpful advisors, so you can always gain more input before deciding.

Is Floor and Decor Owned by Home Depot?

No, Floor & Decor is not owned by Home Depot. However, it is headed by Thomas Taylor, the former executive of Home Depot Inc.
He joined Home Depot when he was 16 years old, and at 22, he was the youngest store manager. He then took over as the CEO of Floor and Decor in 2012.

Who Are the Competitors of Floor and Decor?

Floor & Decor is one of the champions in the floor and home decor industry because of its affordability and good quality products.
It does, however, have competitors trying to get ahead of the game; these include The Home Depot as well as Lowe’s Home Improvement.

Wrapping Up Our Post on Floor and Decor vs The Tile Shop

Despite the two stores being similar in nature, like having good delivery services & customer care and lacking in installation services, they also have significant differences when it comes to pricing.

In this article, the faceoff between Floor and Decor and The Tile Shop has been broken down in detail, and hopefully, it was able to help you decide which one to choose.