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Frisco vs Plano: What’s the Better Choice for You? (Schools, Crime, COL, +more)

Frisco and Plano are probably the top two suburbs in Dallas, Texas, which is why we’re seeing an influx of people relocating there. Both cities have great neighborhoods, great schools, and tons of greenery.

So that leaves the question, which city is the better choice for you?

Well, the truth is, it really depends on what you want. Both cities are high in demand right now and come with their own pros and cons. You could say they’re two peas from the same pod, with only some minor differences.

However, people seem to hype Frisco way more than Plano when it comes to popularity. Some even say that the city is overhyped and doesn’t deserve the attention.

Today, we’re gonna get to the bottom of the Frisco vs. Plano debate, and find out for ourselves which city deserves more praise.

But first, let’s take a look at a broad comparison of the two cities.

Frisco vs Plano

Cost of Living1 % lower than the National Average7% higher than the National Average
Median Home Price$418,641$419,176
Average School Ratings9391
Violent Crime Rate9.813
Property Crime Rate2629.6

As you can see, there’s not a lot of difference between the two on a general scale. However, we do come across some major differences once we dig deeper.

For example, if you look at the school ratings, you might think that they’re both kinda similar in performance, right?

But what the numbers won’t tell you, is that there’s a huge difference in the ‘quality’ of education between these two cities.

Only eight Frisco schools scored a B during the Texas Education Agency’s scoring; meanwhile, a whopping 33 Plano schools scored a B.

That’s not all; Frisco’s top school has around 593 students from Kindergarten to fifth grade. Meanwhile, Plano’s top school has around 1,044 students ranging from sixth to eighth grade.

Yet when it comes to the student-teacher ratio, Frisco’s school has a ratio of 1 teacher for every 14 students. Meanwhile, Plano’s school has 1 teacher for every 17 students.

Plano’s education system might only be 2 points below Frisco on paper, but the difference on the ground level is much more impactful.

Frisco vs Plano, What’s the Major Difference Between the Two Cities?

Frisco is one of the fastest-growing cities in the US right now and it’s seeing a lot of development projects. So you can expect to see a lot of new and shiny neighborhoods and high-rise buildings springing up everywhere.

Frisco is also known as an athlete city; it is the home to six American sports teams. What’s more, it’s considered the best place in America to raise an athlete.

Another thing to point out is that the city has been named one of the best places to live in America by Money magazine.

Meanwhile, most of the houses in Plano were constructed back in the 90s, so you might have to do some redevelopment on your own. What’s more, most of the development in Plano has already been done, so you won’t see many new projects here.

But the bright side here is that you get the chance to live in a more mature neighborhood with plenty of old-growth trees. In fact, Plano has over 4,300 acres of parks, so if you love nature, you’re gonna love living in Plano.

frisco vs plano
frisco vs plano

Is It Cheaper to Live in Frisco or Plano?

In our opinion, it’s cheaper to live in Frisco if you look at housing prices. However, it’s important to note that employees working in Frisco are paid less compared to those working in Plano.

Statistics show that the cost of living in Frisco is 0.6 % lower than in Plano, but then again, you’ll get paid 0.9 % less for a job in Frisco as compared to Plano.

By the way, we aren’t talking about different jobs here, you will legit get paid less for the same job, just because you’re living in Frisco, so go figure.

Frisco or Plano: Which City Has Better Schools?

When it comes to schools, we think Frisco is the better choice. The city has taken a lot of measures to provide a good quality of education, and it definitely shows in their scores. Moreover, Frisco schools are just better staffed when compared to Plano schools.

Another thing to note is the economic status of the students living in both cities. We don’t want to sound classist, but we’d say Frisco students are slightly more well-to-do than Plano students.

Studies show that 1.5 % of Frisco students are economically disadvantaged, while the number is 6 % for Plano students.

Although the numbers aren’t that far apart, there have been rare incidents of students being bullied in Frisco schools because of their economic status.

We’re not saying that all Frisco students are evil snotty rich kids, but we wouldn’t be surprised if you find that one kid who likes showing off his new fancy sneakers.

On the other hand, personal testimonies portray Plano students as being more friendly. This comes from several Frisco students who moved to Plano later on.

If You’re Working in Dallas, Does It Make More Sense to Live in Plano or Frisco?

The answer here is definitely Plano. Plano is just a 25-minute drive away from downtown Dallas. Meanwhile, if you’re living in Frisco, you’re gonna have to drive for at least 45 minutes to get there.

When it comes to commute options between Frisco and Plano, it’s shockingly one-sided. Although you’ll find plenty of transportation options in Plano, we can’t say the same for Frisco.

Frisco is a new city, so it’ll take some time before viable modes of transportation are available here.

Other Things You Should Know About Frisco and Plano

What Is Plano Known For?

Plano is known for its mature neighborhoods and amazing nature parks. It’s got great outdoors and plenty of biking trails that can impress any nature-lover.

What is Frisco Known for?

Frisco is known for its booming job market and new development projects. It is a city on the rise, so you can expect a lot of new and shiny infrastructure dotting the landscape.

Is Plano, Tx a Rich Area?

Plano is one of the most affluent big cities in the U.S. The median household income is about $96,348. Moreover, Plano has the lowest poverty rate among U.S cities.

Is Frisco, Tx a Rich Area?

Hell yeah! Even more so than Plano.

The average household in Frisco earns about $124,829 a year, twice the national median income.

However, the class divide is higher in Frisco, with the poverty rate being 3.9%.

Is Frisco a Good Place to Live?

Frisco is great if you love the smell of new buildings. You’ll find new projects springing up around every corner.

Is Plano a Good Place to Live?

If you love living in a city with plenty of fresh trees and green parks, Plano is the place for you.

Frisco vs Plano Crime

Both cities have a low crime rate and are relatively safe to live in for families. You’ll find plenty of friendly people with polite manners.


Plano receives about 1.5 inches of snowfall every year.

Frisco sees about 1.4 inches of snowfall per year.

How Far Apart Are Frisco and Plano?

The two cities are 19 miles apart, so it would take you a 22-minute drive to get from one city to the other.

The distance between Dallas and Plano/Frisco is 20 miles and 28 miles, respectively. So you’re looking at a 24-minute and 30-minute drive on average.

Wrapping Up Frisco vs Plano – TL;DR and Our Thoughts

Both Frisco and Plano are great cities to move into, with little distinction between the two. They both have friendly neighborhoods, good schools, and excellent quality of life.

The key difference would be the type of infrastructure found in both cities.

Frisco is a master-planned superb, which means a lot of thought has been put into how the city is laid out. Meanwhile, Plano was developed back in the 90s, so you won’t find the same quality of infrastructure here.

Final verdict? If you want to move into a place that gives off a big city vibe, choose Frisco. If you want to move into a place with a lot of culture and old-rooted neighborhoods, choose Plano.