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Goose Creek Candles vs Yankee: Battle Between the Best Candles

We can all agree that candles are a blessing since they uplift moods and give a dashing aroma all over our desired room. Not to mention, candles are exceptionally swell to use as centerpieces. 

Scented candles also have a way to relieve stress, lower blood pressure and heart rate, and promote high relaxation for your body. 

With thousands of candles to choose from, a tip from us would be to narrow it down to the purpose of the candle you opt to buy. In the end, it’s all about the signature fragrance wafting throughout the house, matching your aesthetics, or simply giving off a clean scent for your kitchen or bathroom. Either way, choosing the right candle is quite the hassle.

Two of the heavyweight contenders in the candle industry would be Goose Creek candles and the Yankee candles. Yankee vs Goose Creek candles has always been a difficult choice for most of us since the differences between these two brands are often unnoticed. They even come with similar jars and logos.

Lucky for you, we make sure you buy only the best candle suited to your taste. So which one should you go for? 

In this article, we talk about the differences between these two heavyweight brands and all you need to know about Goose Creek candles vs. Yankee candles. 

Comparison Between Goose Creek Candles vs Yankee Candles

Goose Creek CandlesYankee Candles
SizeGoose Creek candles offer their customers 4 different sizes, generally 24 oz, 16 oz, 14.5 oz, or 7 oz.Yankee candles are known for the wide range of sizes they offer their customers.

Starts from 22 oz, 19.5 oz, 18 oz, 14.5 oz, 12 oz, 7 oz, 3.7 oz, 1.75 oz, 1.3 oz and 0.35 oz.
FragrancesGoose Creek candles are famous for their food-related type of fragrances.

They offer strong scented candles, and they are not limited to food types of fragrances, but it is one of their most popular choices.
Yankee candles do not have a specific type of fragrance with their candles but offer a wide range of fragrances to choose from.

The scent appears to be stronger than Goose Creek candles.
Burn timeThe 24oz Goose Creek candles come with two wicks giving the surface a clean and even burn.

The 24oz candles’ average burn time is 150 hours.
The average burn time for a classic large jar Yankee candle is 110-150 hours.
PriceThe price for Goose Creek candles are affordable and relatively cheaper compared to its counterpart.

They focus on candles with great fragrance that doesn’t cost you a fortune.
The price for Yankee candles is not extremely pricey compared to the Goose Creek candles but is more costly considering the difference in oz its counterpart offers for cheaper.

Best Goose Creek Fragrances, and Are They Worth It?

Candle enthusiasts globally know Goose Creek candles, and the fragrances they offer are second to none. This family-owned company started its business in the year 1998 and has been flourishing ever since. 

Some of the best Goose Creek fragrances, like the Sugared Donut candle, are well known for their premium donut-like fragrance and not forgetting to mention how affordable it is. Their products offer powerful scents, and Goose Creek being Goose Creek, you will find hardly a bad review on their fabulous candles.

Another customer’s favorite Goose Creek candle would be the Carnival apple candle. Would you hate it if your house smelled like green apples dipped in warm caramel? I wouldn’t and I have a feeling you wouldn’t either. Its proved to be 100percent lead-free and you get 3 wicks which means, you get the cleanest and an even burn mixed with a strong fragrance.

You can also find candles that offer 3 wicks at Goose Creek, like the Carnival apple candle, giving you the best of everything in times 3. So are Goose Creek candles good? Our answer is a simple uppercase, YES.

goose creek candles vs yankee
goose creek candles vs yankee

The Best Yankee Candle Fragrances, and Are They Worth It?

Yankee candles are well known for their wide variety of fragrances and are made with premium paraffin wax, so you can assume that the scent throw is extremely strong. Also, Yankee is famous for its scent combination, mixing two or more scents together to create a more beautiful and complex aroma.

To be clear, our judgments on the best Yankee candles are based on in-depth research and reviews. Choosing the best candle fragrance is more of a personal taste rather than anyone’s opinion.

Now, some of the most common Yankee scent categories are


Mostly based on classic scents like vanilla and cookies. These types of candles would be a good choice for all the dessert fans.


These candles are based on fruits and are incredibly refreshing.

A good choice in this category would be the Mango Peach Salsa. The tropical scent is all you need to recreate a very holiday-like experience in the comfort of your own house. 


Ah, the festive season. The touch of cinnamon and clove scents brings the feeling of warmth and Christmas right to your room. A popular choice in this category would be the Sparkling cinnamon. This Yankee candle comes with just the right amount of sweetness and spice, giving you 150 hours of burn time with a strong fragrance.


A more popular choice among the minimalist. Yankee candles provide a variety of clean fragrances like Clean cotton or the Fresh cut roses. These types of candles come smelling like floral and have a touch of fruity essence. You can also get candles from the clean fragrances category that smells like freshly washed fabric.

With Yankee, candles come in a wide variety of fragrances, as seen in the above bit, and are made of high-quality wax to ensure even burning qualities, and they provide some of the most robust scent features. 

Considered seasonal purchases, Yankee candles are pretty expensive. But as per the quality and the beautiful fragrances it offers, it seems worth it, and you will not be disappointed buying a candle from Yankee.

What Are the Similarities Between Yankee and Goose Creek Candles?

As mentioned in the intro, both these brands, Goose Creek candles vs. Yankee, have a lot of similarities, to begin with. They both offer 150 hours of burn time with the larger candles, and both Yankee and Goose Creek candles use a wax known as paraffin wax and artificial fragrance oil for their long-lasting and favorable scents.

One of the clearest similarities between these two brands is the large glass jars with a lid that the candles come in. Not only is the jar similar, but the logo or the labels of the brand and the style they put in the name, and the picture of the fragrances are the same.

Despite the similarities, Yankee vs. Goose Creek candles comes with; these two top brands come with their own style of amazing and unique fragrances infused in their high-quality candles. 

Other Things You Should Know About Goose Creek and Yankee Candles

Who Makes Goose Creek Candles?

Goose Creek Candles are made by Goose Creek, run and operated by the founder and owner of Goose Creek, the Meece family.

Who Makes Yankee Candles?

Founded by Mike Kittredge in 1969, Yankee candles are now generally made by master chandlers (candle makers) that are based in Massachusetts and expanding with over 600 fragrances to choose from.

Where Are Goose Creek Candles Made?

Goose Creek Candles are made in the US in the safest and most comfortable work environment with top-notch, safe ingredients.

Where Are Yankee Candles Made?

As mentioned above, Yankee candles are made mainly by the master chandlers of Massachusetts, ensuring the best quality products for their customers.

Is Goose Creek Candles Legit?

Goose Creek is most definitely legit. Founded in 1998, the Meece family has been running the business for over 23 years while producing some of the best fragrances in the market of candles today, and their customers love it. 

TL;DR – Are Goose Creek Candles Better than Yankee Candles?

Both these brands often go neck to neck in the candle market. Goose Creek candle sizes are a prominent feature that customers seem to love. The strength and variety of delicious fragrances that come with their candles, like the Sugared Donut candle for a minimal price, can get you satisfied with your purchase.

While the Yankee candles offer a wide range of fragrances to choose from and give you the option to choose from various sizes of their candles, it is slightly more expensive than the Goose Creek candles. Even though it is costly, Yankee candles tend to have more strong fragrances than Goose Creek candles.

Choosing the right candle for your beautiful home depends on the features that you are looking for, whether it’d be to lighten the mood or to keep it as a centerpiece for your home decor. Both these brands are more than capable of fulfilling your every needs and it comes down to your personal preference when choosing any products of these brands.