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Graber vs Hunter Douglas: The Better Option in 2022

When is the first time your house starts feeling like a part of you? When you start lending your personality to it! In other words, customize your space to make it more comfortable and familiar for you.

But looking through numerous options of blinds, shutters, and drapes can be stressful and draining. Thankfully, companies like Graber blinds and Hunter Douglas exist to lessen the pressure of things.

There are numerous companies and local places that offer to help customize your space, but some of these outweigh others in terms of services. Graber Blinds is a USA-based company specializing in window blinds, drapes, and shutters.

It is a well-trusted name that people turn to when they need expert solutions for their home settings.

Hunter Douglas, a Dutch multinational corporation, is known for its expertise in window blinds and shutters. They are also the world’s leading manufacturer of blinds, drapes, and other architectural products.

If you compare Graber vs. Hunter Douglas, you will see that Graber is more affordable for most people. However, Hunter Douglas boasts of premium and top-notch quality products that stay durable for years to come.

The Better Option

The first thing that makes a difference when you set out for customization is your personal preference. With slight differences in quality and pricing between the companies, Graber and Hunter Douglas are worth your trust and time.

Both companies have a wide range of selections for you to choose from; they have different lines like honeycomb, pleated and roller shades, etc. Graber is a more affordable, budget-friendly option for people who wish to spend minimal on interior setup while also getting good quality products.

Hunter Douglas also comes with a wide range of selections for you to choose from- however, they are a little more expensive than other options. Hunter Douglas’ products are more refined and luxurious and have higher durability than others.

Being the world’s top interior product manufacturer, they ensure to keep your interior space needs in check while also giving you high-quality options. With their headquarters being in the Netherlands and over 50 manufacturing plants for production over the world, they use the best raw materials to make your finished products.

Both these companies provide modern customizations on their products, and you are free to add your personal touch. They also provide complimentary freebies along with every product or service you avail of.

Here is a comparison table between Hunter Douglas and Graber for your better understanding:

GraberHunter Douglas
ProductsWindow Blinds, Shutters, Shades and DrapesWindow Blinds, Shutters, Shades and Drapes
Manufactured inMexico and USAUSA
MotorizationOne Touch Virtual Cord ControlMobile Device, REmote and Wand Control
AffordabilityVery AffordableExpensive
CustomizationHighly CustomizableHighly Customizable.
Environmentally FriendlyYesYes
FreebiesFree SwatchesFree Window Designing Brochure

Is Graber As Good As Hunter Douglas

It all depends on personal choice; however, Graber is the place most people turn to when they need help with interior customization. The main reason is that it is more affordable than Hunter Douglas.

Graber blinds is a company continuously looking for better methods of sustainable production. They try to manufacture finished products with good quality natural raw materials.

They use 100% North American hardwood for their products and ensure that those products can be reused and recycled.

While Hunter Douglas also ensures that their products are eco-friendly, they aren’t as environmentally friendly as Graber. They also support charity works and social causes while being a part of Green policies; however, Graber trumps them in this field.

While Hunter Douglas has around 70 years of experience and expertise in window treatments, Graber has stayed around for a decade longer. All in all, it is completely up to you to choose between the two.

However, if you aren’t staying in one place for the long term, I’d suggest you choose Graber for your window solutions.

graber vs hunter douglas

Are Bali And Graber The Same Company

Both Bali and Graber came from the same parent conglomerate. While Bali is a subsidiary of the Springs Window Fashions, Graber is also from the same parent company.

Springs Window Fashions was created by John N. Graber, who is also responsible for the accolades that his company got for quality window treatment solutions.

The company gave out multiple brands like Graber, Bali, SunSetter, Mecho, Horizons etc.

Bali and Graber are both offsprings of the same company. However, while Graber is more inclined towards dealers, Bali is more retail-oriented. If you wish to buy Graber products, you have to be purchasing them through a dealership.

However, you can avail of Bali products via retail, which means they have better customer access, and you can list your decisions after browsing through products personally. Also, Bali’s customer service is much busier than Graber’s.

The products and services offered by both are almost the same quality, but buying through Graber’s takes a little more time than Bali’s.

Does Costco Own Graber Blinds

Costco does seem to provide Graber products and window treatments on its website. However, most reviews do not do justice to the name of Graber.

Costco doesn’t actually go through selling Graber products directly. Rather, they sell through many different smaller companies to install them. So unless you have actually purchased any Graber products via Costco, you wouldn’t know which company you are dealing with unless they come for installation.

Graber products are also available at other retail stores like Lowes. But the service charge may differ from Costco. There have been consumers who fume at the unnecessary difference in their bills when they bought from Costco and Lowes.

The difference in billing amount might even reach $1000 with different retail stores for products from the same company. Do check on the difference in installation services and other things before you buy Graber products from retail stores.

Graber Or Hunter Douglas For Honeycomb Shades

Honeycomb shades are an excellent way to keep your windows insulated and save energy too. Honeycomb shades are also suitable for filtering the light that seeps in through your windows, and are also effective in blocking them out (in the case of darker shades).

Graber’s honeycomb cellular shades are fully customizable and come with many designer-select colors and textures that you’ll have fun choosing from. Also, Graber cellular shades come with a coating that is responsible for keeping away mold and bacteria.

You also have the option to add a light-blocking strip or a room-darkening side channel for added privacy and light control. Graber offers four opacity levels to meet your light-control needs and four-cell sizes for the shades. So many choices!

Hunter Douglas also has a variety of features in their honeycomb Duette design. Duette comes with a LightLock feature that prevents light from seeping into the room by absorbing and deflecting it. You can be at your screens throughout different times of the day without having to face harsh glares.

You can also avail of their honeycomb with Duette Duolite, which gives you ultimate control, combining two fabrics for light filtering and room darkening into a single shade. Both Graber and Hunter Douglas will give you the option for ultimate control.

For Plantation Shutters

Both Graber and Hunter Douglas use good quality materials for their shutters. While most of these raw materials are sourced from China, the finished products are assembled in the USA (partly in the USA for Graber).

The quality of the shutters is more or less the same; however, Hunter Douglas will provide a richer product than Graber. If you were wondering, there are no illegal or dangerous substances in their products either. Both the companies produce shutters that are safe for you and the environment.

Plantation shutters can be used to manipulate the light and provide you privacy with the control of your remote. However, they are also more expensive than other window solutions and come with added disadvantages. However, depending on your style, you can choose a shutter style that suits your taste and makes your purchase worth it.

Graber shutters come in at least 7 styles to suit any of your window designs. They come in both natural and faux wood options. Also, they use environmentally-friendly water-based dyes to give a sustainable outlook to your space.

Hunter Douglas also manufactures shutters with high-quality hardwood in different styles and colors and can be fitted for different window shapes. Three different Louver sizes are available to choose from at Hunter Douglas, along with faux wood and hybrid options.

Comparing Quality

When you buy products for your windows, quality is the biggest thing that matters to you. No one likes to use low-quality products in their living space.

Both Graber and Hunter Douglas are well-acclaimed in the quality department. They both use fine quality raw materials sourced from China for making their products, and both give good installation and warranty services.

However, Graber is known to match the level of Hunter Douglas’ products without their consumers having to spend a lot. They also provide a free virtual sampling of their products on your windows.

Hunter Douglas will be preferable for people looking for more permanent or long-lasting solutions for their personal space because of its durability. Otherwise, regarding quality, both these companies have almost the same level of grip on customers.

For Motorized Shades

Today, everyone wants the best home solutions for their home, and the best, today, means more modern and hi-tech. We feel like there should be more ways to control drapes and blinds without having to walk over from our lounging space and do it manually.

Thankfully, Graber and Hunter Douglas provide motorized window products that don’t require too much manual fussing. These smart shades can be controlled by more than one device and give you more control.

Graber Virtual Cord and the Hunter Douglas Powerview are both excellent competitors in the fight for absolute control over home space and lighting.

Which Is More Expensive

Hunter Douglas is comparatively more expensive than Graber. Their products are top-notch quality and top-of-the-line, compared to Graber, whose products are more affordable for the masses.

What’s The Difference Between Their Solar Shades

Graber shades require the slightest touch to lift and lower and come with cordless control options. Hunter Douglas shades and rollers give a more contemporary look along with many designer customizable options to control the incoming light. Solar shades provide UV protection, are energy efficient, and come in many exclusive colors and fabrics for you to choose from.

Is There a PDF of The Price List of Hunter Douglas’ Services?

Hunter Douglas services and products differ in price and range depending on what services you avail of and the customizations you get. Take a look at this Hunter Douglas Cost Sheet to compare and understand the price and rates at Hunter Douglas.

Where Are Graber Shades And Shutters Manufactured

Graber products are mostly manufactured in the USA itself. However, the shutters at Graber aren’t made in the US. Instead, they are made in Mexico, where there are lesser labor costs and are assembled after arriving in the US. In the case of Graber shades, they seem to be manufactured in the state of Colorado.

Wrapping Up

Customizing your living space can sometimes be a headache; however, it can also be fun, depending on the type of products, color palettes, and fabrics you choose.

Both Graber and Hunter Douglas are well-known, trusted companies that deal in high-quality window solutions and treatments. While Graber is more cost-friendly, Hunter Douglas is more durable and top-of-the-line. Graber also comes up with rebates occasionally, and their products come with cordless control.

Hunter Douglas is a company that focuses more on fine quality than affordability while making its products more hi-tech and top-notch than others. You are guaranteed excellent quality service and products, no matter which company you choose for customizing your living space.