Benefits Of Drinking Water In Copper Bottle (+Side Effects)

There is an emerging trend of storing or drinking water from a copper bottle. It has been on the rise due to the “say no to plastic” movement. Drinking from copper bottles can be beneficial for your health and the environment. 

So, do you want to start drinking water from copper bottles instead of plastic bottles?

This article will take you through the history of copper. It will also talk about the advantages and disadvantages of drinking from copper vessels. Furthermore, we will inform you of the correct way to drink water from copper bottles. 

So what is all the fuss about? You may be wondering about the benefits of drinking water in copper bottle. Read on to find out!

Benefits Of Drinking Water In Copper Bottle

Copper has played a vital role in shaping the history of medicine. It has immense benefits that can prove to be critical in human health. 

There is a rising trend to discard using plastic bottles to hold water. Plastic bottles can expose you to toxins like BPA, which are harmful. However, copper vessels will not. 

To sum up “What are the Benefits of Drinking Water in Copper Vessel?”, here you go:

  • Assists in the proper functioning of thyroid glands 
  • Promotes weight loss 
  • Induces good immunity
  • May lower the risk of cancer 
  • Helps in healing injuries
  • Lowers aging symptoms like wrinkles 
  • Reduces the risk of all cardiovascular diseases
  • It might cure anemia and prevent infection 
  • Stimulates neural systems 
  • Strengthens bone density 
  • Prevents the risk of seizures and strokes 
  • Relieves joint pain from arthritis

Benefits Of Drinking Water In A Copper Bottle

Health Benefits Of Trace Copper

Storing your drinking water in a copper bottle will infuse trace amounts of copper in it. 

This type of water ensures the healthy functioning of your body. It gives you access to immense energy. Furthermore, assisting in enhancing your neural and chemical connections. It can also strengthen and induce the healthy development of connective tissues. 

Improves Stomach Operations 

Drinking water from copper bottles can offer you optimum digestive functions. Moreover, Tamra Jal is the secret of many Ayurvedic techniques. 

This water will deal with your indigestion and treat acidity. It helps in relaxing the stomach muscles. In turn, enhancing the digestion process. Copper-infused water eliminates bacteria from your stomach and reduces inflammation. 

It has detoxifying effects that keep your stomach clean and healthy. Furthermore, reducing the chances of infections and ulcers. In some cases, prolonged consumption leads to proper functionality in your organs. 

Kills Harmful Bacteria 

Some areas of the world fail to procure safe and sterilized drinking water. So, copper bottles can come in handy! 

These vessels can detoxify the water by killing harmful bacteria. These bacteria can cause diarrhea which may lead to death. Therefore, making copper an essential element for survival. 

Scientists refer to this as “contact killing.” Storing tap water in such bottles will destroy the bacteria and make it safe for drinking. 

Researches have proven that dry copper surfaces can eliminate bacteria. It happens because copper exposes these cells to antibacterial effects. 

All of these benefits are possible just because the water is stored in a copper container – nothing else.

Once you store your drinking water in copper vessel, trace copper elements will infuse with it. Therefore, giving rise to water that is full of anti-inflammatory, anti-convulsive, anti-microbial properties.

Side Effects of Drinking from a Copper Bottle

As with everything, overdoing or drinking incorrectly from a copper bottle may have some side effects.

  • The amount of copper humans need is just 0.9 mg. You can get this amount in your daily diet. Therefore, copper deficiency is relatively uncommon.
  • Using a low quality copper bottle will infuse a large amount of Copper. It can also happen if the water is in the bottle for a long time. An excess of this copper water can be harmful to your health.
  • Drinking too much of water stored in Copper bottles could lead to digestive discomfort and vomiting.

Is it good to drink water in copper bottle?


You will have access to immense health benefits, but minimal side effects if you are diligent about the use of copper bottles. There is little known evidence that alludes to the harmfulness of these disadvantages. 

Tip: Want to save yourself from such troubles? Then, you need to ensure your high-end copper bottle remains clean. 

Do you want to ensure that you have access to all the benefits of copper bottles? Then, take a look at the steps involved in using them correctly: 

Using Copper Bottles Correctly

Use High Quality Copper Bottles

Buy a copper vessel or bottle made from pure copper. It might be expensive depending on the high-end brand.

Proper Way To Clean Copper Bottles

Wash the copper bottle with lemon and room temperature water. However, make sure not to scrub the inside or use detergent in the process. Let the bottle dry for a few hours.

Storing Copper Bottles

Once bottle is filled with water, store it in a cool place and away from the sunlight. Don’t place it into the fridge though

Time To Wait Before Drinking

Let the water sit in the bottle for six hours. Ensure not to keep it in the bottle for more than eight hours.

benefits of drinking water in copper bottle

Use of Copper throughout History 

The first remains of a copper pendant date back to about 8700 BC. This means Copper is a 10,000-year-old ductile metal. For over five millennia, copper has been the only metal known to humanity.

Healers from antiquity knew the importance of copper. Excavators found a lot of copper utensil remains from ancient civilizations. 

We can trace the emergence of copper utensils back to ancient Egypt. The Egyptians used it to maintain and support good health for their Pharaohs. They did that by using it to sterilize water. In scriptures found from that era, there were mentions of copper being the cure for headaches. 

In 400 BC Greece, Hippocrates proved copper’s innate abilities to treat diseases. Furthermore, in ancient India and Rome, drinking water contained traces of copper. 

The physicians from that era believed copper to be rich in antioxidants. Even the Aztec civilization used copper to treat sore throats and eye diseases. Then, in 19th century France, researchers found it to be excellent for the immune system. 

In the early 20th century, physicians used copper to treat arthritis, fever, and dysentery. Finally, in recent years, studies explored the theory about copper content in red wine. These suggest that copper infusion reduces heart attack rates. 


Take a look at the frequently asked questions about copper bottles. These will help you better understand the benefits of using such bottles. 

  1. Is drinking water in copper bottle good for health?

    Yes, drinking from high-end copper bottles is beneficial for your health. Copper has antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties. Therefore, providing you with a proper digestive function.

  2. What are the advantages of drinking water in copper vessel? 

    Drinking water from copper bottles will improve your immune system. Moreover, it will aid digestion. It can also boost the healthy circulation of antioxidants in your body. It can even enhance your healing abilities by improving iron absorption.

  3. Is drinking water in copper bottle safe? 

    Drinking water stored in a copper bottle for 8 hours is safe! Anything more than that can have disruptive effects to your digestive system. Humans require 0.8 mg of copper in their diet. Therefore, a few hours of storing the water in such a vessel will be ideal.

  4. What happens if you drink water in copper vessel? 

    Water stored in copper vessels charges and infuses it with health benefits. Therefore, a few hours in the bottle will ensure proper infusion of copper. Make sure to drink it no more than twice a day to witness the benefits. Also, keeping it clean should be a top priority.

Summing Up

Copper utensils have been in existence since the dawn of civilization. Drinking from copper bottles can be beneficial for your health. 

The benefits of drinking water in copper bottle include proper stomach operations. It also improves your immunity. However, it has some disadvantages and side effects that you should be aware of. 

Using such bottles requires proper care and usage. So, ensure to keep your bottle clean and indulge in water infused with the benefits of copper.