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How Long Do Bath And Body Works Candles Last? (& Tips For Best Use)

Are you also a fan of Bath And Body Works candles and have been wondering how long do they all last? Well, pat yourself on the back because you have come to the right place to find out the answer. 

Bath and Body Works is a renowned personal care brand across the globe that manufactures a wide range of aromatic candles. This is probably the reason why you’ll hardly ever see any person who dislikes them. What makes them so popular is their first-rate quality and the wide range of flavors.

No matter how great a product is, in this case aromatic, it is always good to find out first how good the products are. You can do that by checking out reviews or reading blog posts like this one and make your judgments accordingly. 

Since there aren’t many good blogs talking about the durability of these candles, I decided to create one for all the Bath and Body Works candle lovers out there.

Before I get into the details of the Bath and Body Works candle burn time, here’s a table mentioning the burn time for each type of candle. Have a quick glance at the table and move forward to the main article!

How long do Bath and Body Works candles last?

Number of WicksBurn time
3 wick25-30 hours
Single wick25-45 hours

In general, the burn time of candles differs depending on the usage. But to simply put it, a standard 14.5 oz or 411 g Bath and Body Works candle lasts between 25 to 45 hours. Burning continuously for 25 hours is not recommended. The brand recommends burning the candles at 4 hours intervals.

How Long Do Bath and Body Works 1 Wick Candles Last?

Although Bath and Body Works promotes the burn time for both their candles as 25-45 hours, there have been reviews that the single wick burns longer than the triple wick. 

Deciding on a single wick candle rather than three can be a better choice. The former will burn for longer but will have less of an impact on the scent coming from your candle.

How long do Bath And Body Works Candles Last?

How Long Do Bath and Body Works 3 Wicks Candles Last?

Bath & Body Works candles with 3 wicks that burn down faster, anywhere between 25-45 hours.

Bath and Body Works’ 3 wick candle is a most-loved product by many interior decors and homeowners. The main reason why people love it more than the single wick is the strong scent intensity. Although the fragrance is intense, it generally doesn’t overpower. However, there have been a few people complaining of headaches because the smell is too strong for their liking. 

When to Stop Burning a Bath and Body Works Candle?

The one thing you have to keep in mind while using Bath and Body Works candles in your homes is that you never burn them for more than straight 4 hours. You need to also ensure that the candles are extinguished before you leave your room. 

Do Bath and Body Works Candles Self-Extinguish?

The candles from BBW or any candle can be left for self-extinguishing, but my personal recommendation would be not to do so. When you let candles self-extinguish, you invite danger and fire hazards to yourself and the room. It is much safer to stop burning the candle even if there’s a little wax left at the bottom.

Not to mention, it is wasteful to leave a candle burning all the time when you are not even present to enjoy the aroma.

How Long Do Bath and Body Works Car Scents Last?

The BBW car scents usually last for 4-6 weeks, but a few things may affect the longevity of these scents. These include weather changes, air conditioning, heat in the car, high altitude climates and other temperature-related issues.

How to Make Bath and Body Works Candles Last Longer?

One concern that I often see with BBW users is: Bath and Body Works candles burn too fast – What to do?I have listed down these few tips to help you make your BBW candles last longer.

  • Freeze your candles for a couple of hours before you burn them.
  • Trim your wick before you burn your candle. Bigger the wick, bigger the flame, faster the candle burns.
  • Keep your candles away from ACs, fans and open windows.
  • Place your candle under the light for a while until the top layer of wax is melted or you’ll melt all of the wax in one spot
  • Always use a lid or candle snuffer to put out a candle.
  • Maintain a cool-off period before lighting the candle again.

What Are Some of The Most Popular Bbw Candles?

BBW has a long list of customer favorites which I also personally love. Here are a few of those which you should get for yourself:

  • Mahogany Teakwood High Intensity
  • Japanese Cherry Blossom
  • Eucalyptus Spearmint
  • Aromatherapy Rose and Vanilla
  • Orange Ginger
  • Warm Vanilla Sugar
  • White Barn Champagne Toast
  • Black Cherry Merlot
  • Pumpkin Pecan Waffles
  • Vanilla Balsam
  • Lavender and Cedarwood


  1. Do 3 wick candles burn faster?

    Yes, they do, although the company claims otherwise. The more wicks in a candle, the more flames and faster the pace of burn. Three wick candles usually come in larger volumes and require multiple wicks to burn. If the same volume candle came with a single wick, it would burn slower.

  2. How long do White Barn candles last?

    Out of the different ranges of candles that Bath & Body has, White Barn is one of my favorites. Their burn time is around 30 to 40 hours.

  3. Do Bath and Body Works candles expire?

    Yes, the brand quotes a shelf time of 3 years for its candles. The wax of a candle does not generally expire, but it loses its scent and color over time.

  4. What are the different Bath and Body Works candle lines?

    Bath and Body Works has three popular candle lines – White Barn, Stress Relief and New Home. While White Barn offers an elegant feel, New Home has a long range of scents for each person’s need. On the other hand, Stress Relief focuses on aromatherapy.

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