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How Long Do Wallflowers Last? Here’s Our Test Results

Everyone loves a good scent. Good fragrances uplift your mood and keep you going through the day. And the same is applicable when people visit our homes.

You would not want your living room or bathroom to stink. It takes more than constant cleaning and maintenance to make everything fresh. But when you put on a good room freshener, everything falls into place.

Typical room fresheners like those in spray cans only work for a few minutes. This is why you need a Wallflower scent to keep your rooms smelling fresh 24/7.

Let’s learn more about Wallflowers and their efficiency below.


What Are Wallflowers?

Wallflowers are self-ejecting and automatic room fresheners. They eliminate the task of carrying a spray can and spraying it in different parts of the room.

Unlike spray can fragrances, you can hang Wallflowers in a particular area. It consists of the plug or diffuser unit you connect to a socket and the scent bottle. Once you turn it on, the fragrance starts spreading all around, keeping your rooms smelling fresh.

How Long Do Wallflower Plugs Last?

Wallflower plugs are fun and functional at the same time. They do much more than fill the surroundings with aromatic scents.

These plugins also act as room decor because they are available in various designs and features. Some of them also come with LEDs to light up your room.

But are they sturdy enough to last long? The average lifespan of wallflower plugins is two years. If you use them carefully, you won’t need to replace them.

Plus, many Wallflower plugs come with a built-in safety mechanism that disables the whole device to prevent overheating. Many stores, especially Bath & Body Works, will offer a replacement in case your Wallflower plugs get damaged.

Below is a table for a few Wallflower plugs and how long they last:

TypeDurability (in years)
Bath and Body Works White Flare Plug2
Bath and Body Works GEM Topper NIGHTLIGHT plug2
Bath and Body Works Brushed Metallic Flare Plug2
Bath and Body Works Taupe Flare Plug2
Bath and Body Works RED CARDINAL plug2

That said, the durability also depends on how you handle them. Ensure to check them now and then to avoid damage to these units.

how long do wallflowers last

How Long Does Wallflower Refill Last?

A typical Wallflower refill can last about thirty days or 4 to 6 weeks. But it can depend from brand to brand and their content. The fragrance’s concentration also matters to determine how long-lasting the refill is.

Each bulb contains scented oil inside. Keep track of how much oil remains. This way, you will know how long a wallflower bulb lasts. After that, you can buy a refill.

Let’s look at a few of them and compare how long each one lasts.

Bath and Body Works CEREAL & CARTOONS4-6 weeks
Bath and Body Works Endless Weekend4-6 weeks
The White Barn Candle Co Blissful Blackberry6-8 weeks
Wallflowers Home Fragrances Sweet Pea6-8 weeks
Airwick Scented Oil Magnolia6-7 weeks
AmbiPur 3 Volution Frosted Pine11-12 weeks
Slatkin&Co. Cinnamon Stick6-8 weeks
Glade Plugins Apple Cinnamon20-21 weeks

How Long Does a Bath & Body Works Wallflower Scent Last?

Bath & Body Works is one of the top brands that sell Wallflower room fragrances. According to BBW, each of their Wallflower scents lasts for thirty days. Most users have also stated that they smell great up to four to six weeks.

BBW is also innovative and creative with their scent or plug designs. Some of their most beloved scents include:

  • Sweet Cinnamon Pumpkin
  • Be Daring Spiced Saffron Redwood
  • Alpine Cheer
  • Sparkling Amber
  • Fresh Balsam
  • In The Stars
  • Pumpkin Pecan Waffles

How Long Do Bath and Body Works Wallflowers Last Unopened?

Bath and Body Works Wallflowers will remain fresh as long as they stay sealed. These scents contain essential oils that help preserve the fragrance.

Unless there is an expiration date, they can last up to 2-3 years. However, it is best not to go beyond or overdo; otherwise, the product can lose its scent.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Much Energy Do Wallflowers Plugs Consume?

Wallflower plugs use less than 5% current as a 60-watt bulb.

How Do Wallflowers Work?

The rod inside the bulb gets warm and activates the scent when we plug in the Wallflower. This way, it spreads the scent via the vents at the top of the plug.

How Long Does a Wallflower Bulb Last?

Most Wallflower bulbs or refills last up to a month or more. It also depends on the content, fragrance concentration, and the manufacturer.

What Is the Best Place to Install Your Wallflower Plug?

You can install your Wallflower plug anywhere in your room where there is a power outlet. But for maximum fragrance dispersion, plug it somewhere around the center of the room.

Are Bath and Body Works Wallflowers Eco-Friendly?

BBW Wallflowers contain toxins and chemicals that can be harmful to pets. So, their products are not 100% safe.

How Long Do Wallflowers Last in The Garden?

Wallflower scents are made for indoor use only. If you install them outdoors in your garden, they will lose their scent quickly due to factors like wind and dust.

Wrapping Up

Wallflower scents are your best bet if you want maximum freshness at home. Yes, they are costlier than a spray can freshener. But you can get the most value for money out of a good Wallflower scent.

Plus, they come in various shapes and designs. Hence, they add a bit of decor to your homes as well. And who can forget the ones that have lights attached to them?

We hope this article helps you know everything you need to know about Wallflowers and their usability.