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How to Clean Microfiber Couch with Vinegar

Vinegar is a helpful solution, and it has many uses. But did you know that it works excellent for cleaning microfiber couches? If you haven’t tried or heard of it, then perfect! This article is for you! Let’s learn how to clean microfiber couch with vinegar correctly.

How to Clean Microfiber Couch with Vinegar?

For cleaning your microfiber couch, vinegar is excellent, and it does not require too much effort. Typically, I would make a solution as follows:

  • ¼ measure vinegar
  • 1 tablespoon of dish soap (or Castile oil, whichever is handy)
  • ¾ measure warm water

I would then put the mixture in a spray can and apply it to the areas that need cleaning.

Scrub the area gently with a clean cloth, until the stain disappears.

What Type of Vinegar Is Needed?

There are different types of vinegar, and it’s easy to get confused if you don’t know which works best for fabrics. But I would advise using distilled vinegar for two good reasons:

  1. It is not expensive
  2. It does not have natural plant dyes (tannins) to leave stains

Does Vinegar Ruin the Microfiber Couch?

Generally, you can’t go wrong with vinegar if you want to clean your microfiber couch. However, the solution can ruin your fabric if you use too much over the upholstery with multiple colors. Because of the stain-removing properties, it could lead to bleeding. I always advise a patch test on a small inconspicuous area of the couch.

Another reason why you shouldn’t use too much vinegar to clean your couch is it can lead to mold growth. You should use vinegar only on spots where the stain is.

So I would advise using the vinegar judiciously when you clean your microfiber couch.

How to clean microfiber couch with vinegar

Are There Alternative Ways to Clean the Microfiber Couch?

There are some excellent alternatives if you want some ideas to clean your microfiber couch apart from vinegar. So here’s what you can do.

1. Use alcohol

Alcohol is a fantastic solution for removing stains from your couch. You can easily sprinkle it on the messy area and then wipe it off with a wet cloth or sponge. The best thing about alcohol is that it dries up quickly, so you don’t have to worry about a sticky residue being left behind.

2. Use Baking Powder Solution

The other alternative you can try is baking powder. Make a small paste using water and rub it on the stained area. It works for difficult stains like markers and pen marks. Apply the paste and rub it with your fingers or with a cloth. Once you see the stain disappear, use a dry cloth to wipe it off and leave the fabric to dry.

3. Use Baby wipes

Water spots don’t dry fast on a microfiber couch, and it can get annoying at times because you can’t sit on it. However, baby wipes can take care of it, and it’s a fantastic solution. It can absorb all the moisture fast, so wipe the area with the baby wipes and dry it.

4. Use Dry Baking Soda

Foul odor from your couch can get annoying. So if you sense any foul smell from the couch, grab some dry baking soda and sprinkle it over it. You can leave it for some time (about an hour) and use a vacuum to clean it.

Can You Clean the Microfiber Couch Yourself?

Cleaning couches is not an easy job because it requires extra care and you risk ruining the fabric if you don’t know what to do. Different fabrics require different cleaning methods, so you need to know which solutions you can use, how to apply, how much to apply and many more.

Typically, most people would let trained professionals with proper cleaning tools and equipment handle the job. But don’t worry. You can save up on the cleaning expenses and do it yourself!

Some Important Things to Check Before Cleaning Your Microfiber Couch

Fabrics have different properties and cleaning guidelines. So before you start cleaning, it’s best to check the label and see what it says. Typically, the cleaning instructions will have four labels.

  • Solvent-based only (S)
  • Water-based only (W)
  • Vacuum only (X)
  • Either water or solvent (SW)

So make sure that you know this before you apply anything.

Common Questions

How to Clean the Suede Couch with Vinegar?

You can clean a suede couch with vinegar by following the steps mentioned above. Most of the microfiber upholstery on furniture is suede. So you can apply the same cleaning methods. But I would advise you to always check the labels for cleaning instructions before starting.

How Do You Clean a Heavily Soiled Microfiber Couch?

A heavily soiled microfiber couch will require more effort to clean. It gets even more complicated if the stains are strong. However, it’s doable. For instance, if you use the vinegar solution, you can keep rubbing the area longer or apply more vinegar solution to clean.

Does Vinegar Stain the Fabric?

Vinegar doesn’t leave a stain when used. However, it’s an acidic solution. So you should not apply it directly to the fabric. That’s why diluting it with water is crucial. Patch tests are always recommended.

Can I Use Upholstery Cleaner for The Microfiber Couch?

No, Upholstery cleaner is not suitable for microfiber couches. Other solutions to avoid are acetone, carpet cleaners and bleach.

What Home Remedy Can I Use to Clean a Microfiber Couch?

Baking soda and vinegar is the best home remedy for cleaning microfiber couch.

What Is a Microfiber Couch?

Microfiber is a stain-resistant material made from polyester fabric. It has multiple uses, but it works excellent for a couch. It’s soft comfortable, and you get multiple variations of color and textures. So it’s a piece of fantastic upholstery fabric, and you probably have them already on your furniture!

Wrapping Up

So there you have it; the perfect solution to your furniture maintenance problems. If you had the question “How to clean microfiber couch with vinegar?” now you know that it’s a quick and easy way to remove the stains for good.

You can also try some of the other alternatives if you feel like them, but the vinegar solution will be enough to take care of it.